EXCLUSIVE “There is NOT an underground supply of hotwater”: After stars were accused of taking warm baths, using ciggies to heat their homes and enjoying central heating, I’m a Celeb boss discredits claims about behind-the scenes pampering at Castle Camp

ITV denies that celebs are given hot water, after being accused of offering campmates various luxuries while they were at the Welsh camp. 

Stars including Good Morning Britain host Richard Madeley, Emmerdale actor Danny  Miller and French football ace David Ginola have hunkered down at 19th century Gwrych Castle near Abergele for the next three weeks.  

To earn “lukewarm” water, they will need to burn wood and manage the water pump 40 minutes per day. 

ITV has reacted to claims that warm water can be turned on using a switch. This is one of many basic luxuries ITV claim they were afforded. 

MailOnline received this information from a source: “There is NO secret supply of hot-water.”  

False: ITV have rubbished claims that celebrities are supplied with hot water on camp, saying that they have to 'burn wood' and 'pump the pump for 40 minutes a day' to earn 'lukewarm water'

False. ITV denies that stars are provided with hot water at camp. Instead, they say that celebs must ‘burn wood’ or ‘pump on the pump for 40 min per day’ in order to obtain ‘lukewarm tap water.

MailOnline has been told by ITV chiefs that The Clink shower, the more basic, smaller camp, would be used. Contestants will need work to obtain warm water. 

They said: ‘It is a much smaller living space; they do get to sleep inside at least but there will be no beds for them – they will sleep on the floor. 

The Sun’s claims that warming water can be turned on via a “switch” are disputed by the channel. 

The shower camp is primitive, however, most of the day they will live in cramped quarters. They will cook, eat, wash up and do all other chores outside.

“They will be right on top of one another for the first few days.”

Eeek: ITV bosses previously told MailOnline that the shower in The Clink, the smaller, more bare camp, will be 'primitive' where contestants will have to work for their warm water

Eeek! ITV bosses have previously stated to MailOnline that The Clink’s shower, which is smaller and more barred, would be “primitive” where contestants must work hard for warm water.

According to the creator of the show, the main camp will be luxurious. In contrast, campmates will have the option to use hammocks or take two-person showers.  

The Sun also heard from an insider, that cigarettes were being given to VIPs. 

Sun source stated that Danny asked for one after only an hour had passed since the end of his entrance trial. David took two puffs within an hour. 

But, celebs have always been able to smoke in Australia or Wales. 

Wrong: The channel have disputed claims made by The Sun that warm water is turned on by a 'switch'

False: The Channel has disputed the claims of The Sun, that warm water can be turned on via a switch 

Smoking: An insider also told The Sun that the VIPs were being plied with cigarettes. However, celebrities have always had access to a smoking area in both Wales and Australia

The Sun also learned from an insider that smoking was a common practice among VIPs. But celebrities in Australia and Wales have always been able to smoke.

Producers have called this series “toughest yet” and say it has “one hard challenge each day”.   

These trials will also be recorded after ITV’s live program.

Campmates, therefore, will not eat their evening meal – if they win any food at all – until the early hours of the morning.

Tom said: ‘Trials always happen after the live show because obviously you have the votes within the live show and dinner is a direct result of the trial so depending on the number of stars they win if any… they will be eating dinner late.’

Oh no: This year's series has been dubbed the 'toughest ever' by producers and includes 'one tough challenge everyday'

Oh no! This series, which has a ‘one difficult challenge every day’ format and was dubbed the “toughest” by producers, is this year’s.