Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, presenters of This Morning were in complete shock when viewers called to tell them their worst stories. 

It comes after Prime Minister Boris Johnson was forced to shrug off questions about whether he is ‘OK’ yesterday following the bewildering address to the CBI, in which he spoke at length about his family trip to the popular theme park – complaining that the TV character looks like a ‘hair dryer’ and Daddy Pig is a bit stereotyped.  

Mandy from Bristol, who was a receptionist at the power station, recalls the moment she told everyone all about her fling. 

She replied, “I was out last night when I met this guy.” Vicky heard me telling Vicky the details of my encounter with this man. She didn’t know that I had thrown a file across her desk, and it reached the Tannoy buttons. It was broadcast to the entire thing nuclear power plant!

This Morning presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield were left in hysterics as viewers called in to share some of their most embarrassing stories (pictured)

Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, presenters of This Morning were in complete shock when viewers called to tell them their worst stories.

In a bewildering address to the CBI, the PM hailed his family trip to the popular theme park - despite complaining that the TV character looks like a 'hair dryer' and Daddy Pig is a bit stereotyped

The PM addressed the CBI in a bizarre address. He praised his family’s trip to the theme park – despite complaining about the TV character looking like a ‘hairdryer’ and Daddy Pig being a little stereotypical.

She made a joke about her boss coming running down the corridor looking like Usain bolt.   

Holly wanted to know what the next day was like. Mandy responded that all her friends ran into reception and started laughing. I took a bow.

Vanessa Feltz credited Mandy’s ‘perfect’ response – adding you 100% did right thing.

Rebecca, a second caller, explained that she had once submitted a photo of sex positions as an alternative to her CV.

“I had a book of every sex position every day for the entire year, and my friend just retired. I made a screen grab of that day and sent it back to my friend saying “Have fun with your husband, now you’re both at home. Let me know if you want!”

It was my phone. My CV was needed for the job of a care worker.

The presenters (pictured) listened in Mandy, from Bristol, who used to work at a power station on reception, recalled the time she accidentally told everyone about my fling

Mandy (pictured), a presenter from Bristol who once worked at reception in a power station, recalls the moment she told everyone accidentally about my fling

Because I am not technically proficient with digital phones or devices, I submitted my CV along with a brief description about me.

So I went and checked that my CV was there. It was my mistake that I accidentally sent it instead.

Rebecca confirmed that she had not been offered the job.  

Holly and Phil were left in shock when Carolyn told about the time that she called Phil’s father a “dirty old guy”. 

She said, “My friend was hiking in Lake District. It had been a gorgeous day. So we stopped at a dry stone wall and took a seat. He was wolf-whistling, waving, shouting as he passed.

She said that I didn’t just love the old dirty men, but it was her dad. 

Carolyn said that her friend had joked with Carolyn about Carolyn’s friendship, “it’s good for me to know you!”

Agony aunt Vanessa Feltz credited the people who phoned in for reacting in the

Vanessa Feltz was an afflicted aunt. She credited all those who called to respond in kind. 

One viewer was shocked when her pants stuck to her jacket on her first day at work.

“My first day of work, I was eight months pregnant. “I went to the shop and all eyes were on me,” she said. ‘I was shocked to discover that I still had my Velcro-attached hoodie on my pants.

She said, “I feel so sorry for that person behind me because they were worn!”

Meanwhile, a further said she was mortified when she re-gifted a present and it went very wrong.

“Last Christmas I wasn’t able to afford Christmas gifts so I started looking for gift ideas that I had used before but hadn’t opened. 

I found something that was perfect and thought it was great for my step-mum.

However, she was left red-faced after realising she’d wrapped up what her step-mum had given her for her birthday! 

Phil read out a few more humiliating stories including one sent in my Claire, which said: ‘I had carpet laid by a lovely older chap and the next day I was really pleased so I sent him a message saying “thanks for doing a lovely job.” Autocorrect corrected it to say “Thanks for having such a beautiful knob.”

He said, “Thanks so much for taking the time to notice!”

Holly also read out an entry by Kayleigh, who recalled: ‘I sent an email at work saying ‘please schedule below job’ – but turns out  missed the ‘e’ on the word ‘below!’