Groom, 45 admits to murdering his bride, 52, four days after their wedding.

  • Thomas Nutt, 45 married Dawn Walker, October 27, in West Yorkshire 
  • Ms. Walker’s body was discovered in a suitcase at her family home on October 31
  • Nutt is charged with the murder of Ms Walker between October 27th and October 31
  • After a hearing at Bradford Crown Court, he was remanded into custody 

A husband whose wife had just been married was found in a suitcase and has now admitted to having killed her.

After Dawn Walker, 52,’s body was found at their marital home, Thomas Nutt (45), was taken into custody.

He appeared in Bradford Crown Court on a video connection to HMP Leeds this morning and is now being held in custody.

He is accused of murdering his bride, Mrs Walker. His body was discovered in a suitcase near their house.

When Nutt appeared before the court, he wore a grey round-necked sweatshirt.

Dawn Walker, left, married Thomas Nutt, right, four days before her body was found in a suitcase at the marital home in West Yorkshire on October 31

Dawn Walker, left was married to Thomas Nutt on October 31, 2004. Her body was discovered in a suitcase at the West Yorkshire marital home on October 31st.

Nutt is charged with murdering Ms Walker some time between October 27 - the day they were married - and October 31, when her body was found in a suitcase

Nutt was charged with the murder of Ms Walker sometime in October, which is the day they were married, and October 31, when her body turned up in a suitcase.

Bradford Crown Court heard this morning that Nutt admits killing Ms Walker but 'he did not intend to kill her or cause her really serious harm'

This morning, Bradford Crown Court heard that Nutt admitted to killing Ms Walker but that he didn’t intend to cause her any serious harm.

He is accused of murdering his grandmother between October 27, the day they got married, and October 31, Halloween the day her body was found.

Abigail Langford (defense counsel) stated that the defendant accepted the death of the deceased. The issue in this case will be whether he didn’t intend to kill her, or cause her severe harm.

She added, “He accepts unlawfully murdering his wife.”

Miss Langford said that Nutt agreed to be evaluated by psychiatrists because of the background and circumstances.

A seven-day trial was scheduled for July 25, next year. Nutt will be represented in court by Stephen Wood QC, the leading counsel.

Judge Richard Mansell QC was the Recorder for Bradford. He stated that the court would search elsewhere on the circuit to find a better date or an earlier date.

Nutt will be next appearing before the court on February 10, via a video connection to prison.

At today’s hearing, no bail application was made.

Judge Mansell placed Nutt in custody and remanded him until that date. 

Nutt was remanded in custody until February 10 for a plea and trial preparation hearing

Nutt was placed in custody and remanded until February 10th for a plea hearing and trial preparation hearing