Thousands of eager music fans have queued in traffic since dawn for the first day of Glastonbury after the chaotic rail strike forced many to camp overnight at the four-day Somerset festival.

Fans were told by organizers that parking could be started at the site as soon as Tuesday afternoon trains and Tube services are disrupted. 

On Friday, the festival’s main stage is closed. Billie Eilish headlines the Pyramid Stage. Sir Paul McCartney will follow on Saturday. Kendrick Lama concludes the weekend.

Live music and DJs are planned for those who arrive early to Glastonbury. This is because more than 200 000 people will be arriving at Glastonbury in the coming days.

Michael Eavis is the founder and chief executive of Somerset Festival. He was photographed opening Glastonbury’s gates this morning, marking the official beginning of the four-day music festival.

After a three year hiatus caused by Covid-19, the festival will be back for its 50th birthday. 

Eavis, his daughter Emily and others stood at the Festival’s entry points. They clapped when the first visitors entered the site.

Eavis (86) told the crowd that this was going to be the most spectacular show in town.

“Wait, and see.” You better believe it.’

As they waited to get in, huge crowds of revellers were seen seated on metal railings and camping chairs as they sat down.

Fans armed with cool boxes and camping gear, eager fans patiently waited in line to gain entry to this UK-most-anticipated music festival of the year. The sunny day brought a refreshing change from the normal rain to welcome them to the event. 

Thousands of eager festivalgoers arrive at Worthy Farm this morning for the official start of Glastonbury Festival 2022

For the official launch of Glastonbury Festival 2022, thousands of festivalgoers will gather at Worthy Farm today.

Armed with camping gear and cool boxes, excited fans waited patiently as they queued to get in to the UK's most-anticipated music event of the year

Excited fans queued patiently with their camping gear and cooler boxes as they waited to be admitted to one of the UK’s most anticipated music events.

Motorists were pictured arriving early at the music extravaganza to beat the rush today amid ongoing rail strikes

To beat the traffic today, motorists were seen arriving at the music extravaganza early.  

Festivalgoers arrived at the site carrying their camping supplies and coolboxes filled with their favourite beverages

Festivalgoers arrived with camping equipment and their chilled beverages in coolers. 

Revellers were met with glorious 19C (66F) sunshine - a pleasant change from the usual rain that marks the start of the muddy festival

The Revellers received glorious 19C (66F sunshine) – an unexpected change from the rainy start to the festival.

The founder of the Somerset festival Michael Eavis was pictured opening the gate to Glastonbury this morning marking the official start of the four-day music spectacular

Michael Eavis, the founder of Somerset’s festival was seen opening Glastonbury’s gate this morning to mark the start of four-day musical spectacle.

A woman with pink hair extensions and matching hued sunglasses was pictured queuing for entry on the first day of the Glastonbury Festival at Worthy Farm in Somerset today

On the opening day of Glastonbury Festival, Worthy Farm, Somerset, a woman was seen queuing to be admitted with matching shades and pink hair extensions. 

Glastonbury festival today

Glastonbury festival today

This morning, the Glastonbury gates opened for music lovers who have been waiting since Tuesday due to ongoing rail strikes.

Music fans Simon Lampard, (left) 82-year-old Pat Brooks (middle) and Linda Brooks-Lampard (right) arrive on the first day of the Glastonbury Festival at Worthy Farm in Somerset

Simon Lampard (left), Pat Brooks (middle), Linda Brooks-Lampard and 82 year-old Linda Brooks-Lampard arrive at Worthy Farm in Somerset for the Glastonbury Festival’s first day.

One reveller posed for the camera wearing a multicolour long cardigan as she queued for the iconic festival

As she waited for her turn at the festival, one reveller was seen in a multicoloured long cardigan.

Huge crowds of revellers were pictured sitting on camping chairs by metal railings as they secured their spot in line to the entrance of the festival

Crowds of revellers enjoyed sitting in camping chairs with metal railings while waiting for their turn at the festival entrance.

A 'beer drive thru' sign to mark the start of the festival was put up for Brits who are lined up in traffic

Brits who were lining up at traffic lights are greeted by a ‘beer driving thru’ sign.

Glastonbury opens its parking lots at 9pm on the night prior to the Music Extravaganza. However, the bosses permitted the cars to be opened yesterday afternoon, but the roads were jammed with traffic this morning.

Organisers said: ‘There will be no entertainment or facilities other than toilets in the car parks and festivalgoers will be expected to remain in their cars until the festival gates open.’

Great Western Railway hopes to keep trains running to Castle Cary, the closest station. However, it has advised passengers that they should check any amendments prior to travelling.

GWR spokesmen stated that they expect festival workers to be there, but the public will not have access until Wednesday.

“It was busy Monday, but many of those who came were expected to arrive early. The attendance has been very low compared with what you would expect on a festival travel day.

Emily Eavis said that it was an “amazing feeling” to be able to witness people return to Glastonbury Festival.

After being postponed due to the coronavirus epidemic, the music event has reopened its doors this morning.

Lauren Laverne spoke to her on 6 Music about the opening gates. She said, “I mean, still recovering. The buildup has just been such long. We’ve never had one as long as this.

“We have never collectively experienced such extreme times together. It’s amazing to be able see them and to welcome them in.

Laverne spoke to her about the planning for this year’s event. She said that while some original ideas were still in play this year, others are being merged into the one festival. It’s been so long since we had the chance to really think through this festival.

Wearing a sequinned hat that was dazzled with letters that spelt the word Glastonbury, revellers queued to enter the Somerset premises

Glastonbury revellers waited in line to be allowed into Somerset’s premises wearing a sequinned cap that featured letters spelling the word Glastonbury. 

Fans arrived at the event carrying huge rucksacks and cool bags, while wheeling their possessions to the site

The event attracted a lot of fans who brought huge cool bags and rucksacks, as well as their belongings. 

Fans carried their belongings and colourful outfits on their backs as they travelled to the gate to set up their tents

While they were en route to their campsites, many fans carried along their personal belongings.

Pictured: People queue for entry on the first day of the Glastonbury Festival at Worthy Farm in Somerset

Pictured: The first Glastonbury Festival day at Worthy Farm, Somerset.

This year's much-anticipated festival, running from Wednesday to Sunday, will host huge stars from Diana Ross and Sir Paul McCartney, to Billie Eilish, Kendrick Lamar and Olivia Rodrigo

Festival attendees include Sir Paul McCartney and Diana Ross as well as Billie Eilish, Kendrick lamar, and Olivia Rodrigo.

Dressed in shorts and wearing sunglasses and hats, music fans waited in line as they queued in glorious sunshine

Music fans queued up in the sunshine, wearing shorts and sunglasses. 

Traffic builds up around the site ahead of the Glastonbury Festival at Worthy Farm in Somerset today

Before the Glastonbury Festival at Worthy Farm (Saxony), today, traffic builds around the site

Thousands of revellers queued on Wednesday as they waited for the gates to open for the much-anticipated festival

As thousands waited to see the doors open, revellers lined up on Wednesday for this much-anticipated event

Traffic jams builds up around the famous Somerset site ahead of the Glastonbury Festival at Worthy Farm in Somerset

The famous Somerset location is the scene of congestion before the Glastonbury Festival at Worthy Farm.

A woman wearing a flower crown was pictured arriving on the first day of the Glastonbury Festival at Worthy Farm in Somerset

On the opening day of Glastonbury Festival, Worthy Farm, Somerset was photographed a woman in a flower crown.

“Everyone is appreciating the event so much… Everyone is still beaming from happiness because everyone is back, it’s such a unique atmosphere. I can’t wait for everyone to come in here.

Jo Whiley, a radio host, stated that Glastonbury was the “ultimate festival” and that Sir Paul McCartney’s Saturday evening headlining slot at the Pyramid Stage is an “incredibly important and significant performance”.

When he steps on the stage, this Saturday, the former Beatle (80) will make the festival’s most senior solo headliner.

Whiley spoke to BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme and stated that Glastonbury was the best festival. It’s an event celebrating all arts, and all things human.

So yes, you will see all the bands, you’ll also find the main stage. People get very excited about it, but the point is to enjoy it. Over 100 stages are available, with many different performances. This allows you to try all the different types of acts.

“And everyone is just as friendly, so you can make lots of new friends. It’s just an amazing experience.

BBC Radio 2 Whiley, live from Pilton on Sunday, will broadcast highlights of Diana Ross’ performance on the Pyramid Stage.

BBC Radio 4 Sir Paul spoke out, saying that the performance is’very important’ and a significant one.

A man is pictured with a tent on his back for entry on the first day of the Glastonbury Festival at Worthy Farm in Somerset

For entry to the Glastonbury Festival, Worthy Farm, Somerset’s first day, a man is shown with a tent strapped on his back.

Emma Maggs and her daughter Daise  pictured on the first day of the Glastonbury Festival at Worthy Farm in Somerset

Emma Maggs and her daughter Daise  pictured on the first day of the Glastonbury Festival at Worthy Farm in Somerset

Revellers carry huge bags snd suitcases towards to gate os Glastonbury festival, which has opened today

Huge bags and suitcases are carried by Revellers to the gate of Glastonbury festival. It opened today 

One woman wearing Hunter wellington boots carries her suitcase as she arrives on the first day of the Glastonbury Festival at Worthy Farm in Somerset

As she arrives at Worthy Farm, Somerset’s Glastonbury Festival on Day 1, a woman in Hunter boots is carrying her bag.

Michael Eavis gestures next to his daughter Emily, as he opens the gate for Glastonbury Festival at Worthy Farm in Somerset

Michael Eavis makes gestures to Emily as he opens Glastonbury Festival’s gate at Worthy Farm, Somerset.

Traffic builds up around the site on Wednesday morning ahead of the Glastonbury Festival at Worthy Farm in Somerset

On Wednesday morning, traffic builds around the site in anticipation of the Glastonbury Festival at Worthy Farm (Salem)

Many Glastonbury fans had been waiting for hours to get in line with their bags, even before the official gates opened on Wednesday at 8 a.m.

Mark Lawrie, a 49-year old Reading resident who works at a charity for sports, stated that he was there at two o’clock in the morning with Bethan, 18 years, and had already arrived at festival.

According to him, he said that they slept for about an hour in their car before moving on to the PA news agency.

“This is the third time we have done it and they are always amazing. You feel a rush as soon as you see the tops the tents.

“It is always such a positive environment here, everybody’s just so kind to each other. But I think that after what we have been through over the past two years, it’s going be special.

Billie Eilish was Billie Lawrie’s favorite act, according to Ms Lawrie. Sir Paul McCartney is her father’s top priority.

His explanation was that he lived near McCartney, an East Sussex primary school teacher when he was his first teacher. He was out walking his dog one morning and I felt sick so I stayed in bed instead of going to see him.

“I know my parents would never forgive me for having not done this, and he will be amazed to see.”

The Met Office’s Tom Morgan, a meteorologist, told PA News Agency that this year’s outlook for weather will be “one of two halves” ahead of the event.

At the site’s 900-acres, temperatures could soar to 27C. This is 9C more than what was usual in the days leading up to this world-famous event.

Glastonbury’s mud is expected to return, though showers and thunderstorms are forecast for Friday.

Many festival-goers were dismayed to learn that this event occurred during planned major rail strikes. These rail strikes are over workers’ wages and will cause travel disruption for anyone making their way to Worthy Farm.

Only 60% of trains will be running on Wednesday. Walkouts are planned for Thursday, and Saturday.

It will feature a host of big stars, including Sir Paul McCartney and Diana Ross. The festival runs from Wednesday to Sunday.