After a World War Two bomb weighing 550 pounds explodes close to a Munich train station, three people are injured

A 550 lb World War Two bomb that exploded in the vicinity of Munich’s train station left three injured.

The blast happened during construction works near Donnersbergerbruecke station and trains have been suspended. 

One victim, who is believed to be seriously ill from the blast of sound, was heard several hundred miles away. 

According to police, there are no other dangers.

Police spokesman Peter Werthmann said: ‘At this time there is no evidence of criminal offenses. Initial findings indicate that there are three people injured, and the area of danger is heavily cordoned off. Train traffic on the main route is also blocked.

According to police, the explosion was due to an aerial bomb that had never been used before. 

Joachim Herrmann (Interior Minister) stated that an aircraft bomb with a weight of 250 kilograms was struck during drilling. Debris flew many kilometers. The entire area is being searched. 

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