Thug, 27-year-old who attacked a disabled 3-year-old girl for not eating her lunch was sentenced to 11 years in jail

  • Paul Marsh (27), inflicted severe head injuries to Jessica Dalgleish. 
  • Her face was bruised, suggesting that he assaulted her previously 
  • He dialed 999 to claim he found Jessica lying on the ground in a dazed state. 

An 11-year sentence has been given to the care worker who killed his girlfriend’s three-year-old disabled daughter because she wouldn’t eat her sandwich lunch.

A court heard Paul Marsh, 27, inflicted catastrophic head injuries on Jessica Dalgleish at her home in Sandgate, near Folkestone, on 21 December, 2019, after he reacted ‘in anger and frustration’ while he was trying to watch football scores on Sky Sports.

The ‘extremely fragile’ teenager was taken upstairs by the father. He then threw the girl forcefully and recklessly onto the bed. This caused her to bang her head on a hard surface.

In the days leading to Jessica’s death, Marsh became increasingly dissatisfied with caring for Jessica. On her head and face, bruising was found. This suggests that Marsh had previously assaulted Jessica on other occasions. Police were unaware of this.

After the toddler refused to eat her lunch, witness evidence proved that the attacker carried out his fatal attack.

Paul Marsh, 27, was seen outside the courtroom today. He inflicted severe head injuries to Jessica Dalgleish’s home in Sandgate near Folkestone on 21/12/2019, Kent Police stated.

On the morning of the murder, at 3.10pm, the victim called 911 claiming that Jessica was lying unconscious on the floor. The paramedics responded and made arrangements for Jessica to be flown by helicopter to London. However, she succumbed in hospital the following day on Christmas Eve 2019.

Marsh said Marsh might have fallen down stairs as she was playing. However, his explanation of the event wasn’t clear. Kent Police detectives are now investigating.

Jessica suffered injuries more commonly from an impact than she was thrown against her headboard.

Marsh was accused of Jessica’s manslaughter, child cruelty, and was found guilty following trial.

Marsh (pictured) had grown increasingly frustrated with looking after Jessica in the weeks leading up to her death

Marsh (pictured below) was growing increasingly tired of caring for Jessica during the weeks that led up to Jessica’s death.

The 27-year old, who was formerly from Lydd, was sentenced to 11 years in Maidstone Crown Court Monday.

Neil Kimber is Senior Investigator for Kent and Essex Serious Crime Directorate. He said that this was a sad case where a little girl had been taken from her home.

“Marsh refused to seek medical attention for Jessica the day that he caused these injuries. He has sought to avoid justice ever since by lying and changing his story about what really happened.

Marsh was found guilty by manslaughter after a meticulous investigation of my team. This included sensitive interviews with a variety of witnesses.

“I trust Jessica’s family will feel some closure from the verdict and sentence of the jury today. They continue to grieve her tragic passing.”