TikTok Video: What is it like for your pet to be in the hold? TikTok video shows how pets are carried in plane luggage bags. Viewers call it terrifying.

  • The video, shared by an employee at Vancouver Airport, has 7 million views
  • This was in response to a question about dog cages on airplanes
  • Many viewers responded to the horror with horror, calling it scary and terrifying.
  • Some said that they were airline pilots and took good care of the animals. 

Video showing pets being transported by planes is criticized by animal lovers. 

A baggage handler Vancouver International Airport, known as Deeej, Shared a TikTok Video showing a dog trapped in a carrier under the commercial plane, while the suitcases were on the opposite side. 

A fabric partition screen was used to protect the dog’s cage. Straps were attached to each side of the hold. 

The video showed how dogs are transported on planes, with them kept in crates, which are strapped to the floor of the hold

This video shows how dogs can be transported by planes with their crates attached to the ground.

The TikTok video, which has garnered more than 7 million views, was created by an airport worker. They showed the hold of the plane containing suitcases and a dog

An airport worker created the TikTok video that has been viewed more than 7,000,000 times. They displayed the cargo hold, which contained suitcases and a pet dog.

Deej, a well-known blogger who shares behind-the-scenes footage of his airport work, uploaded the TikTok video in response to an inquiry from someone who wanted to see how pets were transported. 

Some viewers labeled the video ‘terrifying,’ after it was viewed more than seven million times. 

For the majority of commentators, seeing the way animals are treated on aeroplanes was upsetting, with one describing the process as 'terrifying'

The majority of commentators found it disturbing to see animals treated in aeroplanes. One even described the experience as terrifying.

Are dogs allowed to fly in cargo?

RSPCA says that pets can experience distress during long flights, such as when they have to travel to and from airports and wait in hold areas.

“Although most aircraft are kept in a heated and ventilated hold, it may be cold when they land on the ground. 

There are delays in flights and the regulations might not permit the hold to open on the tarmac. This is even when temperatures rise. This information should be considered when you decide to use this type of transport.

The charity advises people to contact the airline prior to arranging travel to find out what its ‘pet travel’ policy is. 

“By law, the International Air Transport Association Live Animals Regulations have to be respected in order to transport animal by plane,” it states.

“These standards specify the design, ventilation, size and dimensions of containers that can be used to transport dogs or cats. Also, arrangements for providing water and food. It also states that some animals cannot be transported by air.  

One person commented, “No way in hell would I ever place my dog, who’s a member of our family, in such a situation.”

One wrote, “I would never do that to my dog.” Knowing how scared and lonely he is, I would be crying on the plane.

One third stated that it gives her anxiety thinking of how the dog must feel.

Other airport employees supported the video and explained that pets are treated with care while travelling. 

TikTok users also agreed that it was an acceptable way to ship pets. 

One wrote: “The animals are fine and safe. It is safe and secure because it has been pressurized. Our animal services staff will be able to confirm.

One wrote, “People only want to find excuses to be offended.” People who carry the baggage take care of their pets. 

One third said: “Most people commenting on this are extremely close-minded. Because they cannot leave their pet, some people must travel with them.    

You may be able to bring your pet along with you on certain airlines, depending on how big they are.

Some allow assistance dogs to be transported in this area, but not all canines. 

According to the Airline Transportation Association, more than 5,000 animals die, are injured or go missing each year on commercial flights.

RSPCA says that pets can experience distress during long flights, such as when they have to travel to and from airports and wait in hold areas.