What is the state of YOUR hairbrush? A Grimy TikTok video showing a woman cleaning her hairbrush goes viral, leaving many people horrified by the murky water.

  • This video by @everything_tidy in the UK has been viewed more than 3 million times 
  • It is where she soaks her shampoo- and hairbrushes in warm water.
  • The water turns a brownish color after soaking for about an hour.
  • The response from viewers was mixed. Many pledged to clean their brushes right away.

TikTok’s viral video of a hairbrush getting dirty has been viewed more than 3,000,000 times.

The clip, created by @everything_tidy, shows how much grime washed off her brushes after she left them to soak.

According to TikTokker she became inspired to wash her hair brushes when @unitfour, a later creator made a video explaining how dirty hair could be caused by using dirty hairbrushes.

The theory was tested by filling a basin full of hot water with shampoo. After soaking the brushes for some time, the woman returned home disgusted at what she had discovered.

A TikTok creator wanted to see if her innocuous looking hairbrushes could be harbouring some serious grime - so she put them in a basin full of hot water and shampoo for an hour

TikTok’s creator was curious to find out if the hairbrushes she thought were clean could have serious dirt. She put them in hot water for half an hour and then shampooed.

The clip’s narration is: “I saw a video last Wednesday and it was a woman who said that maybe the reason your hair gets greasy and oily fast is not because of the hair follicles. But, it’s actually due to the way you brush your hair.”

“So, I am going to test that. Now, I have all of my brushes in the sink. Let them sit for a few minutes. 

“I have used hot water, shampoo because she hasn’t stated what she used.”

When she returned to the basin, she said that: “So I have left them for an hour then come back to verify the water.

After a good soak, the TikTokker was disgusted to see that the water had turned brown - which she described as 'disgusting'

The TikTokker, after a long soak, was dismayed to discover that the water had become brown. She described it as “disgusting”.

It’s so disgusting! Do not forget to clean your hairbrushes, ladies. I had no idea that this was possible, but take a look at how it looks.

Mixed responses were received to the video, with many users promising to wash their tools immediately. One person wrote that he washed his hairbrushes immediately.

Another person was disappointed that they had another chore on their plate and asked: “Does it have to be all?”

Comments on the video were mixed, with some pledging to wash their brushes immediately and others shocked that not everyone already washes them

The video received mixed reactions. Some people pledged to immediately wash their brushes, while others were shocked at the fact that not everybody washes it.

Some people revealed that they no longer use hairbrushes. A commentator said: “I’m glad that I don’t use any brushes and use only my hands.”

Many users were shocked to discover that not everybody knows how to brush their teeth.

One wrote, “The fact that some people don’t wash their hair regularly is shocking.” Wash your hair and wash your brushes at the same moment. 

Experts reveal the surprising things you might experience if your hairbrush isn’t washed every week

Sejal Shah M.D., dermatologist, and RealSelf contributor, said that bacteria buildup on hairbrushes can lead to yeast overgrowth and infection. Good Housekeeping was informed by Sejal Shah M.D. 

As she points out, even if you spend time and money creating a hair-care regimen, this could all be undone quickly once you get your dirty brush. 

She claims that residue buildup on your comb causes hair to become greasier, even just a few minutes after washing it.

Good Housekeeping suggests that you wash your hair once a week to remove any hair clumps and then take care of each brush, depending on its type.

For plastic brushes or combs they recommend using warm water and clarifying shampoo. After rinsing, let them dry.

Although wooden brushes seem easy to clean, it is possible for the wood’s finish to be damaged by harsh chemicals.

It is recommended that you give your brush a quick rinse with mild soap to maintain its cleanliness.