Two teens were trapped in a trolley and had to be pulled out by firefighters while filming an episode of TikTok.

  • Adelaide Firefighters gave two firefighters the opportunity to free two young girls from an Adelaide shopping trolley  
  • The friend listened to some music on the carpark, and then decided to hop in the cart. 
  • They realized they weren’t free and called Triple Zero who dispatched firefighters 
  • Sunday was a good day for the girls, with only a few embarrassments. 

Firefighters had to free two girls who got trapped in a trolley on joyride and were forced to remove them. 

Danielle Harmer, Adelaide, went with two of her friends to Munno Para Shopping City Sunday night. The lure of the shopping cart was too much for them. 

“We chose to walk to the carpark, listening to music. There were trolleys nearby so we thought that we could push each other,” Ms Harmer shared with 7News. 

The three friends from Adelaide decided to jump in the shopping trolley for a joyride but got stuck (pictured)

Three friends from Adelaide decided that they would enjoy a joyful ride in the shopping cart, but ended up getting stuck. 

Ms Harmer stated that she was nervous about getting in one for herself, so her friend joined the fray and pushed them all around. 

They were then stuck when they tried to escape. 

“She” (my friend) said, “Oh no, I’m too tired,” she remembered. 

When she realized that she was being trapped as well, the couple decided to dial triple zero. They were initially skeptical but then asked if it was a joke. 

Firefighters from South Australia Metropolitan Fire Service were dispatched to assist with the task.

They just laughed. They tried six times to get us out of the water, and couldn’t. 

They told the girls that they’d use an angle grinder for a part of their shopping cart and then get them out. 

Within 15 minutes, the girls had escaped the trolley. 

Ms Harmer uploaded a TikTok video showing her ordeal, saying that she “never wanted another shopping cart again”. 

Amused firefighters arrived and had to cut off part of the trolley to free the girls because they were so stuck (pictured)

Because the girls were stuck, amused firefighters came and cut some of the trolley (pictured).