Enter stage left: Tiny London ticket kiosk right next to famous Garrick Theatre in the heart of the West End hits the market for £3.3MILLION

  • For a multi-million pound, the famous Charing Cross ticket kiosk will be on sale
  • The small strucutre is bolstered by a sizable 1448 square feet basement which runs underneath the pavement
  • It’s located right in London’s Theatre Quarter, near the Garrick Theatre as well as close to Shaftesbury Ave.


A tiny London ticket kiosk near the Garrick Theatre has gone on sale – for a staggering £3.3million.

According to MyLondon, the Tourist Island also includes a kiosk that sells tickets near Charing Cross. It has cast iron stairs leading to a bigger basement.

250 sq. feet of property above the ground.

The former theatre tickets kiosk (pictured in 2018) stands in the shadow of the Garrick Theatre near Charing Cross and Shaftesbury Avenue - the heart of London's theatre district.

Former theatre ticket kiosk, pictured in 2018, is located in the shadows of Garrick Theatre near Charing Cross. This was the centre of London’s theater district.

The kiosk is on the market for a hefty £3.3million asking price - which doesn't even include the VAT on the price tag

The kiosk is on the market for a hefty £3.3million asking price – which doesn’t even include the VAT on the price tag

However, the basement is much larger at 1448 square feet. 

It is located near many iconic landmarks.

Traflagar Square and Leicester Square are minutes away from the kiosk with the £3.3million booth a short walk away from Shaftesbury Avenue – the heart of London’s theatre district.

The kiosk looks small from the outside but the Charing Cross structure includes a large basement underneath the surrounding pavement

Although the kiosk appears small, the Charing Cross structure has a huge basement beneath the pavement.

Social media users in the London Urban Oddities Facebook group were bemused at the hefty price tag on the small structure.

One person joked: “What’s your going rate?” £3 million per square foot or something?’

One person said that they looked forward to the kiosk appearing on an episode Grand Designs, a Channel 4 property.

It is part of West End’s most prominent landmark, and agents will try to capitalise on it to attract interest to sell.

Since the outbreak, theatres have been suffering a difficult time because of their inability to perform. The kiosk was closed down for many months.