The global trend for physical fitness has helped millions of people lose weight and become fitter than they were and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be a challenge during these troubling times. Many people are working from home and with gyms and fitness centres closed, making the time to work out sometimes gets overlooked, while your diet might be lacking due to the pandemic.

Here are a few tips to help you maintain good health while Covid-19 restrictions are in place.

Daily Exercise

It is oh so easy to fall into the trap of becoming inactive when you are at home all the time; you should compile a morning and evening exercise session of between 15-30 minutes. Invest in a couple of dumbbells and some suitable weights and find some suitable YouTube fitness routines (there are thousands). Failing that, you could sign up for a virtual fitness class, where you interact with the instructor via a Zoom call; most gyms and fitness centres now offer virtual classes, which works out much cheaper than attending a regular class.

The Importance of a Balanced Diet

Order real fruit juice powder from JoozeJuice, which only requires adding cold water for a delicious real fruit juice drink and they have some amazing flavours. If you search with Google, you can find small organic farms that sell their produce from their website and a weekly delivery is all you need to ensure that your diet contains all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that you need. 

Vary your Daily Activities

Simply changing your routine can make all the difference and this can prevent boredom. Everyone should have a little ‘me time’ during the day; half an hour a day doing something you love, which might be reading a book, watching a movie or relaxing while listening to soothing or rock music like the Foo Fighters. Click here for tips on how to stay productive and active while staying at home.

Mental Well-Being

It can be extremely stressful to spend long periods confined to your home, while you might be suffering financially, thanks to the Covid crisis. Your mental health is obviously critical for well-being and if you would like to talk to someone, a Google search will help you locate a remote mental health counsellor. Using a video call, you can spend time conversing with a qualified counsellor, which often helps when people are under stress. It is important to keep social contact with family and friends, which you can do with video calls.

Brain Exercise

We do need mental stimulation in order to remain sharp and focused; playing online chess is a great way to do that, or perhaps you are into crosswords, something to tax your brain.

It is a good idea to limit watching the news, as it is all bad and this can have an impact on your general outlook on life. If possible, do your workout in the garden when the weather permits, as we all need fresh air on a regular basis.