If you have chosen Vietnam as your 2021 holiday destination, you certainly wouldn’t be alone, as this is one of the go-to nations in Southeast Asia, with a colourful culture and stunning natural scenery. The key to a successful holiday lies in the planning and with that in mind, here are a few tips to ensure that your trip to Vietnam exceeds even your high expectations.

  1. Book your accommodation – The Internet enables you to plan every day of your trip and you can book a few nights at a 5-star hotel in Saigon via their website. Simply put, the best places are always booked well in advance and early reservations will avoid disappointment. Prices are such that you can afford to splash out on luxury accommodation while staying in Vietnam, one of the many reasons is it catching up with Thailand as the number one tourist destination in South East Asia.
  2. Do some online research – Things to look for include the climate and possible weather you might encounter, places of interest to add to your schedule, plus the culture and customs of this amazing country. Vietnam has a long history with its battles against colonialism and, of course, the Vietnam War in the 60s and 70s, and the more you know before you arrive, the better you will appreciate the experience. It is better not to mention the Vietnam War, unless, of course, a local introduces the topic; you should be aware that emotions still run high, even after 60 years. If you are still unsure about where to go this year, here are a few great holiday ideas to explore.
  3. Online visa application – A far better choice than a visa on arrival, this avoids long queues and paying top prices and a Google search will help you find a visa agent for Vietnam. The process can be completed online and this saves you having to go through the experience when you arrive.
  4. Do Barter – Outside of hotels and department stores, haggling is part of life and as long as you don’t go too far, everyone will give you a little discount. Learn the basics of the local language, which the local people respond to warmly and be careful with the local currency, the dong, as the denominations can be confusing. You will feel like a wealthy person with a few million dong in your wallet and when compared to the west, things are ridiculously cheap in Vietnam.
  5. Check for Covid-19 entry requirements – The virus does not seem to like tropical climates, which is reflected in the low number of infections, with only 35 fatalities at the time of writing this article. Click here for a government update on the current status of Covid-19 within Vietnam.

Vietnam is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world right now and if you plan your holiday, it should be a memorable experience and one that you treasure for many years to come.