After getting a haircut from his father, he decided to shave half his head.

Otis Morgan aged two, Ashbourne, Derbyshire managed to reach the clippers as his mom Faith, 37 folded his laundry.

Otis gave himself a trim before crawling into the bedroom of his parents, where his mother spotted him.

She noticed the baby-hair tufts on the floor when she entered the hall a couple of minutes later.

Otis Morgan gave his parents a shock when they discovered bald spots after he took his father's beard trimmer to his head

Otis Morgan surprised his parents by discovering bald spots on his head after trimming his father’s beard.

Otis was taken to the hairdressers to get his DIY haircut and subsequent bald patches fixed by a professional

Otis went to the salon to have his DIY cut and subsequent treatment for bald patches done by a professional.

“I just had to smile.” Faith explained that you can choose to either laugh or cry when faced with situations such as these.

“He was having fun with his sibling’s unicorn toys, which make a buzzing sound as they spin around. I did not hear the buzzing of the clippers.

“Seeing his father shave his head every other day, he was inspired to do it.

“He wandered into my bedroom, and I noticed that he was wearing hair up his sleeves.”

The scene of the crime! Otis' hair was discovered lying on the carpet after the toddler crawled into his mum's bedroom with hair all over him

This is the scene! After Otis crawled into the bedroom of his mother with all his hair on, he found Otis’ hair lying on the floor.

“I thought that he was hugging my cat, but I was shocked at the amount of hair he was shedding.”

“But it didn’t take me too long to notice that it was way too hairy for the cat to handle!

“And then I noticed the destruction he’d done, and I asked him about what’s happened.”

‘I will admit, I was a little saddened by the thought that he might need to have his hair shaved.;

Otis pictured before the DIY haircut. Despite having good humour about the situation, Faith admitted to crying after imagining how different Otis would look with a shaved head

Otis before his DIY haircut. Faith confessed to weeping after seeing Otis with a freshly shaved head. Faith was able to keep his wits about it and even laugh at the whole situation.

“Just to see how different he’d suddenly appear!

Faith snapped photos of Otis’ creativity snipping and posted them to a Facebook parent group for help. Other users were stunned at the creative skills of her son.

It has received 4,300 hits so far.

These things do happen, my daughter did it a while back with a pair scissors. But why does this always happen to me? It will grow back, but I don’t know why. Can you share pictures of your child’s style to show me how it looks?

despite online suggestion that Faith should keep Otis' new mullet look, the mum took her son to the hairdressers the next day

The mum went to the hairdressers with her son, despite the fact that Faith’s new look was suggested online.

“I’m not sure he wants to have his hair shaved off.” [sic]

Otis’s mishap was funny to Facebook users, one of whom commented: “Bless him!” Everyone has had their kids chop their hair. Each child has to go through this as a part of their rites of passage. It’s a great way to send hugs.

The second user on social media added, “I’m sorry for laughing but this was hilarious.” He is a blessing. It will be taken care of by the hairdresser. These photos should be saved for the groom’s 18th/21st/wedding.

“I am impressed that he found a way to use them!” Bravo, little fellow! You are clearly an incredibly resourceful man. Added another.

A family picture showing Eden (left), Faith , Otis (centre), Ben and Aria. The family have now had two unlucky dalliances with hair cutting tools— because previously their daughter also cut her fringe

The family photo shows Eden (left), Faith, Otis and Aria (centre), The family have now had two unlucky dalliances with hair cutting tools— because previously their daughter also cut her fringe

Many others shared the same experiences with their young children.

A parent said, “My son cut his hair so low to the scalp when he turned 3. His entire head had to be shaved. A man approached me when we were out and asked him if he had cancer. My heart broke. You are my sympathizer.

A dad shared the following: “Got to laugh. My daughter shaved her eyebrows, cut her fringe. I thought my wife would die of panic attacks. I thought that I would die laughing so hard.

Another user added, “I have six children and all of them have done it my second oldest even shaved her dog when she was younger.”

Otis reached the offending trimmer after his dad left it charging. Originally, faith thought the buzzing noise was coming from Otis' unicorn toy

After his father left the trimmer charging, Otis reached for it. Faith initially believed the buzzing sound was Otis’ unicorn toy.

Faith booked an appointment with the hairdresser the following day, desperate to save her son’s hair.

“Many people believed he looked like he had long mullets and suggested he keep them because they were making a comeback!”

Others claim that he wanted to style his hair in the same way his dad did, with a straight shave.

“There were some suggestions to style it like Peaky Blinders, or even a mohawk. But we did not go as extreme.

“I feel so lucky that we got away from that path.

It won’t be long before it grows back.

“It’s not too obvious now, and it’s something that people can smile about.”

“He’s a cheeky monkey and they’re used to him antics!”