The woman charged with murdering her 2-year-old son accidentally recorded her boyfriend hitting her in “harrowing” audio clips, which were later played before jurors.

Phylesia Shirley was said to have recorded the phone conversations at her 1-bedroom apartment to see if Kemar Brown had been secretly contacting women.

Kyrell Matthews died after her child was killed. Police found disturbing evidence in the audio recordings that Brown, the boy’s nonverbal son, had been repeatedly hit. Brown said’shut down’ which caused the toddler’s to cry out and scream.

Kyrell, who had suffered a series of injuries internally including 41 fractures in his ribs and an 1.6in (4cm wide) cut to the liver, died at home on October 20, 2019.

Phylesia Shirley (and her ex-boyfriend Kemar Brown), who are not the boy’s father, denied murdering Kyrell at Shirley’s Thornton Heath, south London, home. 

Edward Brown QC (prosecutor) outlined the prosecution case today at the Old Bailey. The secret recordings gave a glimpse at the alleged abuse occurring at Shirley’s home in Thornton Heath in south London months before Kyrell was killed.

According to him, jurors would hear Kemar brown hitting Kyrell repeatedly on different days.

According to the prosecution, Kyrell was heard on one recording becoming increasingly upset amid “slapping sounds” and “hitting noises”, as Brown tried to tell him not too. 

Kyrell Matthews, two, suffered months of abuse at the hands of his mother Phylesia Shirley and her boyfriend Kemar Brown according to recordings found on her phone, prosecutors said

Kyrell Matthews was two years old when he suffered abuse from his mother Phylesia Shirley, and Kemar Brown, according to recording evidence on her cellphone. Prosecutors said Kyrell had been abused for months by Shirley’s boyfriend Kemar Brown.

Brown admitted to the jury that it was his voice.

Shirley was then said to have asked Brown if he had done anything.Brown replied, “He got up!”

According to the prosecutor, “Plainly she (Shirley), has experienced distress at best, anticipating punishment for Kyrell being taken by Kemar Brown.”

It is evident, according to the prosecution, exactly what you are able to hear.

According to the prosecution, this case was a “determined pattern of significant and repeated assaults against a young and defenseless child”.

Jurors were also told by Kyrell that he was reluctant to move back in his mother’s home on the occasion when he had been elsewhere the previous day.

Jurors learned that the toddler didn’t attend nursery but was instead in full-time custody of his mother (then 21).

The court found that neither defendant had been employed during the time leading to Kyrell’s death.

They also claimed they had left the apartment at different times and briefly the morning of the boy’s death – though only Shirley could be confirmed by CCTV.

Shirley stated that she called the NHS non-emergency number 111 after Shirley got back from work to raise the alarm. Shirley explained that her son was floppy, had trouble breathing, and his eyes were rolling back.

‘The ambulance arrived just 12 minutes later and Kyrell was rushed to hospital. Shirley and Brown deny that Kyrell was hurt.

A court sketch of Phylesia Shirley, and her partner, Kemar Brown, at the Old Bailey in London

Court sketch of Phylesia and Kemar Shirley at the Old Bailey, London

Only after his death, did forensic analysis reveal any clues as to how he died.

According to Mr Brown, the Prosecutor: “This happened behind closed doors.

‘After the initial investigations, it was time to begin the tedious task of examining a large amount of telephone data. This was done over several months. What was discovered was a section of Phylesia Shirley’s phone which contained a few recordings.

They are quite harrowing, indeed.

Phylesia Shirley may have recorded what was happening in her flat, or at most when she was not there.

She said that she checked in on Brown to find out if Brown was having affairs with other women.

Judge Mark Lucraft, QC said that the audio footage was ‘difficult to listen’. 

The court heard earlier that Brown was on his mobile phone as A&E doctors fought to save Kyrell’s life. 

“Phylesia Shirley was seen as distressed at both the hospital and in her flat,” continued the prosecutor.

“When she was told that the decision had been made to end life, she got hysterical.

The descriptions of Kemar brown’s behaviour at the hospital flat and in the hospital were those of a quiet person.

‘The CCTV at the hospital shows him on his mobile phone whilst the A&E staff were trying to treat Kyrell and save his life.

The prosecution says that Brown’s reaction (or lack thereof) to the death of the child may have been surprising if he was not aware of the terrible circumstances. 

Phylesia Shirley, Kemar Brown, or both are accused of inflicting injuries on the very young child. Mr Brown stated.

Shirley, from Thonton Heath (south London), denies the crime of murder. However, she admitted to permitting the death of a child as well as allowing severe physical injury.

Brown of Thornton Heath in south London denies murdering, causing, or allowing the child’s death, and causing, or allowing, serious bodily harm to another child.

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