‘Use Me for Your Pleasure’: A vaccine skeptic doctor ‘puts GB News interview recording online’, without realising that Suzie Sub had sent him a very saucy WhatsApp text. It appeared halfway through the interview.

  • Patrick Christys interviewed Dr Samuel White after he won a legal case 
  • After being accused of spreading misinformation, a judge found that a tribunal was incorrectly directing him to cease discussing coronavirus through social media. 
  • The clip with the WhatsApp message was posted to his website
  • He did not seem to realise this until social media users noted it.
  • The site was made private by Dr White and the clip was removed.

An anti-vaccine doctor accidentally posted a video of his interview with GB News on his website. He also revealed a WhatsApp conversation that was apparently from a person called ‘SuzieSub’, prompting ridicule online. 

On Sunday, Dr Samuel White met Patrick Christys to discuss the case. This was following a ruling by a judge last week that a tribunal committed an error of law’ in ordering the GP not to talk about Covid on social networks. He had been accused of misinformation spreading.

A clip of Dr White speaking remotely with Jon Gaunt was uploaded to his website.

However, during the video the embarrassing message appeared at the top. It was most likely from a female.  

It said: “As your rest, just think about using me for pleasure.” I will be on my knees, doing what you ask…xxx.

Today’s Twitter users noticed Dr White’s error and shared the video clip. 

Today, the site was accessible once again. However, this embarrassing clip had to be removed. 

Indy100 was informed Monday night by a spokesperson for Dr White that hackers had uploaded the video clip. MailOnline reached out to the doctor directly for comments.

Mr Gaunt has since re-posted the clip onto his own social media account and said: ‘Oh dear someone forgot to turn their WhatsApp off! It’s very funny.  

As Dr White spoke out about his thoughts on the government’s response to coronavirus crises, the message was flashed in the video. 

We don’t know who Suzy Sub is.   

A Twitter user noticed the clip and joked that Dr Sam White had uploaded it to his site. However, in his eagerness to spread his message, he clearly didn’t view it first.

‘Unlucky Sam, unlucky.’

One joker said, “I’d love to hear Suzie Sub’s thoughts on this.” Dr Sam White appears to be a big fan.

One third said: “Maybe Dr Sam is trying to convey an important message regarding wearing masks? 

Vaccine sceptic doctor Samuel White, who put a recording of his GB News interview on his website, mistakenly revealed a WhatsApp message from 'Suzie Sub' - prompting ridicule online

Samuel White, a vaccine skeptic, accidentally revealed a WhatsApp conversation from ‘SuzieSub’ in a recording of his GB News interview. This led to ridicule online

He had apparently failed to notice that, while recording the clip, he received a message to his phone, apparently from a woman, which read: 'As you rest just give a thought to using me for your pleasure. Having me on my knees doing whatever you say... xxx'. Above: Dr White on the programme with fellow guest Jon Gaunt

It was apparent that he didn’t notice that while recording the video, he got a text message from his cell phone. The message read: “As you relax, just give a thought about using me for my pleasure. I will be on my knees, doing what you tell me…xxx. Above: Dr White and Jon Gaunt on Dr White’s programme

After Dr White had posted a June video online claiming that masks did nothing and expressing concerns over vaccines, he was ordered by the hospital to cease discussing coronavirus via social media. 

As a result, Dr White was not allowed to register as a general practitioner by the General Medical Council’s Interim Orders Tribunal.

The High Court however, stated that this ruling was wrong under the human rights laws.

Dr White's fellow guest on GB News, broadcaster Jon Gaunt, has since re-posted the clip onto his own social media account. He said: 'Oh dear someone forgot to turn their WhatsApp off! This is very funny'

Jon Gaunt from GB News was Dr White’s other guest. Since then, he has re-posted this clip to his personal social media account. He added: “Oh dear, someone forgot to turn off their WhatsApp!” It’s very funny!


After the mishap with the message sent by ‘SuzieSub’, Twitter users mocked Dr White. 

It also noted Dr White’s claim that the Government and NHS had responded to the coronavirus with’so many lies’ that he was unable to’stomach, or tolerate’ the lies.   

According to the tribunal, Dr White sharing his opinions’may have an impact on patient safety.

Judge Justice Dove stated that the Human Rights Act 1998 provided no protection for the tribunal and said it had not been subject to the requirements of the act. 

The GMC had to demonstrate that it would “probably succeed at any subsequent tribunal meeting in imposing these restrictions, which was now desired”. 

But, Justice Dove stated that it was clear the tribunal hadn’t done so and that there was an ‘error of law and a clear missdirection’. This meant the decision could not stand.