Accused school shooter Ethan Crumbley is charged as an adult with two dozen crimes, including murder and terrorism

Ethan Crumbley was charged with two dozen felonies, including murder.

Ethan Crumbley was the accused school shooter. He collapsed at work in a local diner during an unexplained, bizarre incident that was caught on video. obtained exclusive footage that shows the teenager falling down to the ground after he stumbles into the backroom of Oxford’s 5-1 Diner.

The incident occurred  at 11am on September 20, 2020 as the boy had been filling in for another employee at the restaurant, where he’d worked on seven or eight other occasions, according to the owner. 

Ethan is seen in the video wriggling on his feet as he enters the room. Ethan moves erratically, flailing his arms and moving from one side to the other. He then falls headfirst into a cabinet. 

Video exclusively obtained by shows Ethan Crumbley stumbling into the kitchen of an Oxford, Michigan diner where he occasionally worked last year exclusive video shows Ethan Crumbley walking into a diner in Oxford, Michigan where he used to work last year.

The 15-year-old can be seen entering the room wobbly on his feet and sways erratically from side to side while flailing his arms

You can see the 15 year old entering the room wobbly and shaking on his feet.

He eventually loses his footing and falls, slamming head-first into a cabinet

He finally loses his balance and tumbles, hitting the ground headfirst against a cabinet.

He struggles immediately to stand before falling a second-time, and a fellow coworker steps in to help him. 

“Hold it. Are you okay?” He is asked by an older male worker. The older male employee asks him if he is feeling …’ Ethan. He murmurs almost incoherently. was told by his owner that Ethan appeared embarrassed after the incident. Staff called Ethan’s parents and asked them to collect him.

According to Ethan’s owner, Ethan was not eating on that particular day. The owner denied that Ethan’s mother was to blame and wondered if he might have been taking medication or if he had an underlying medical condition.’s owner stated that he had sent the dog home. “The mother said that it was because he wasn’t eating anything. This seems excessive for him to just not eat. 

Ethan immediately struggles to stand up before stumbling a second time, as a co-worker comes to his aide

Ethan struggles immediately to get up, before falling a second-time. Fortunately, a colleague comes to his aid.

An older male employee is heard asking him if he's alright. 'Yeah, I'm not feeling...' Ethan murmurs, almost unintelligibly. Diner staff then called his parents to pick him up

He is being asked by an older man if everything is fine. “Yeah, I don’t feel …’ Ethan,” he replied, sounding almost incoherent. The diner staff called Ethan’s parents to come and pick him up. 

James (left) and Jennifer Crumbley (right) were booked into the Oakland County Jail early Saturday morning after they were arrested in Detroit less than a mile from the Canadian border. The couple led authorities on a large-scale manhunt after fleeing involuntary manslaughter charges in connection with the deadly school shooting said to be perpetrated by their son

James and Jennifer Crumbley were taken into Oakland County Jail on Saturday morning. They were only a few miles from Canada’s border when they were first arrested. They led authorities in an extensive manhunt following their escape from charges of involuntary killing in relation to the school shooting that was claimed to have been committed by their son.

Ethan’s half-brother Eli (18 years old), also used to work at the diner.

According to the owner, there was another concerning incident that occurred last year with Eli. She described an incident last year in which she detected marijuana smoke from Eli’s backroom. 

She said she was calling his parents and that Eli was not concerned by her threat. He laughed, and she said that his father had given it to her.

“Where did you get it from?” He purported to tell the owner.

Eli and Ethan share the same father but have different mothers. The boys, originally from Florida, moved to Oxford later with James Crumbley, their father, and Jennifer, Ethan’s second wife.

An older brother suggested that there had been family trouble, which led him to suddenly move out abruptly in March 2020. He moved to Florida with his mother, where he was born.

Ethan's 18-year-old half-brother, Eli, also previously worked at the diner. The owner recalled confronting Eli last year after he was allegedly caught smoking marijuana in the back room in a separate incident

Ethan’s 18year-old half-brother Eli used to work at the diner. According to the owner, Eli was confronted last year by him after being allegedly seen smoking marijuana in the back of his car in an additional incident.

Eli (left) and Ethan have the same father, but different mothers. Originally from Florida, the two boys later moved to Oxford with their dad James Crumbley and his second wife, Jennifer

Eli (left), and Ethan are both from the same family, with different mothers. Originating from Florida the boys moved to Oxford after their dad James Crumbley married Jennifer.

Eli said that it was mostly due to the way he and my stepmother were getting along. 

Ethan lived with his parents at a tiny Oxford home, two miles away from the scene where he allegedly opened fire and killed four students.

He is currently being held in the same prison as his parents, with 4 counts of murder and 24 other charges. 

After a massive manhunt, his parents were taken into custody on Saturday.

James, age 45, and Jennifer (43), were both captured at the Detroit basement. They are less than half an hour from the Canadian border. 

Both Crumbleys have pleaded not guilty for all four involuntary murder charges – one each for the Oxford High School students who were killed on Tuesday.  

You could be sentenced to up 15 years in prison, $7,500 fine or mandatory DNA testing for each count.

They are being held on suicide watch and are now under $500,000 bail. 

Ethan's parents James and Jennifer are currently on suicide watch in jail as they are held in lieu of $500,000 cash bail

Ethan Crumbley and dad James

James and Jennifer Ethan (left), Ethan’s parents, are currently under suicide watch in jail.

In a tragically botched response to warning signs from Michigan school shooter Ethan Crumbley (above at arraignment), school counselors accepted his claim that a graphic drawing was a plan for a video game just hours before his gun rampage

Ethan Crumbley, a Michigan school shooter, was tragically misunderstood in his response. School counselors agreed that his graphic drawing was actually a plan to make a videogame just hours prior to his rampage.

Prosecutors claim that the father bought the pistol his son used to murder four for Christmas, but failed to get it back after writing a note saying, “Thoughts won’t Stop, Help Me.”   

Karen McDonald, Oakland County Prosecutor, alleged that the parents were charged with a number of crimes. Multiple warning signs were ignored by parents who refused to allow their son to go to school hours before the incident.

Jennifer tweeted about her trip with Ethan to try his new Christmas gift, a 9mm handgun. This was just three days after the shooting at Oxford High School and one day after James purchased it for Ethan.  

McDonalds claimed that Ethan searched for ammo in his cell as he was sitting at Oxford High School on Nov 29. He reported this to school officials. 

Madisyn Baldwin, 17

Hana St Juliana, 14

Madisyn Baldwin (17) and Hana Saint Juliana (14) were killed in the shooting rampage that took place at Oxford High School, suburban Detroit. 

Justin Shilling died in the hospital

Tate Myre died at the school

Justin Shilling (left), aged 17, died in hospital on Wednesday morning, while Tate Myre (right), died at school on Tuesday. 

Ethan was invited to meet with the school’s administrators. His mother Jennifer received a voicemail from school regarding her son’s inappropriate internet search.  

According to the prosecution, Ethan was also not asked by his mother or father if his gun was with him. 

The teen instead returned to school and was shot. 

Four students were killed in the shooting spree: Tate Myre, 16, Hana St Juliana, 14, Madisyn Baldwin, 17, and Justin Shilling, 17. 

Judge Julie Nicholson declared Saturday that parents must pay their bond in full and will require them to use a GPS tracker for bail.