There’s nothing quite as exciting as cracking open a pristine new diary, yet, after the past couple of years, we’d be forgiven for feeling a little anxious as we look at its empty pages. Are we going to be able fill the pages in 2022?

Last year I received a flood of requests from magazines and newspapers around the globe for similar assurance. Is 2021 better than 2020? The problem was, I simply couldn’t tell people what they wanted to hear. The 2021 year was going to have a series of unpleasant clashes between Saturn the disciplinarian and Uranus the deceitful, saboteur.

What about 2022? It’s a completely different story. Good news for this year. Not only are there no major nasty planetary clashes causing havoc, but the most active of the highly influential so-called ‘outer’ planets is Jupiter, which brings luck.

Overall, 2022 is a year when change isn’t just possible, it’s almost inevitable — on the world stage, for humanity as a whole, and on a personal level, too. Think not about superficial baby steps, but rather transformational strides forward — a rebirth, even.

What can you do to get the best out of these powerful energies. This year, I’ve decided to share my year planner to give you a peek at the crucial astrological dates for 2022. This will allow you to harness their powerful energies. You want to transform your life. This is the time to make a change in your life. . .

There’s nothing quite as exciting as cracking open a pristine new diary, yet, after the past couple of years, we’d be forgiven for feeling a little anxious as we look at its empty pages. Will we finally be able to fill them in 2022?

There’s nothing quite as exciting as cracking open a pristine new diary, yet, after the past couple of years, we’d be forgiven for feeling a little anxious as we look at its empty pages. Are we going to be able fill the pages in 2022?


We’ve started the year in a reflective mood, with Venus, the planet of love and abundance, retrograde. Retrograde is when a planet appears to be in reverse of the Zodiac, from Earth’s vantage point. It’s an optical illusion, with a lot of symbolic astrological meaning.

Venus is the planet that represents value and worth. Therefore, this is a good time to reflect on what truly matters.

Follow your gut feeling, don’t think too hard, and note down the five most important people, places, concerns or goals in your life. Once you’ve done that, you’ll have a clear idea of what’s most important to you, and you can prioritise those things.

There’s a very special day coming on Sunday, January 9. Every ten to 12 months, the Sun and Venus meet, forming a so-called Venus Star Point (if you trace the Sun and Venus’s meetings in the zodiac over eight years, they form a beautiful five-pointed star).

This is a highly feminine energy that puts our feelings in the spotlight — love is in the air. The first point is located in Capricorn which is considered a serious sign. Sunday can be a great day to reflect on your relationships. Are you giving as much as you’re getting and vice versa?


On February 18, lucky Jupiter meets tricky but exciting Uranus, creating what’s called a sextile. This is when the planets are 60 degrees away from each other, and it’s a very happy alignment. This is fantastic news for the pandemic. If Jupiter signifies joy and Uranus evolution, paired together they very likely spell freedom — at last!

Make a list to make your life happier. What circumstances did you feel trapped? And what are the best ways to get out of it? If you feel your willpower is slipping, refer back to this list.

The box to the right will tell you which area of your life has been most affected and what positive changes can be expected.

MARCH: Make it easy

Mars and Pluto are furious, so March starts with volatile energy. Breathe if your temper is getting out of control with another person.

It’s a good time to be honest about how you feel, but don’t be brutal.

One of the best things about March is its two melodic and beautiful alignments on the 13th or 23rd. They are great for relaxing.

You can set aside some time each day to reconnect with your spiritual side. You can do simple yoga poses or a guided meditation. You can also use your oracle cards to draw one.

Consider making these rituals a Sunday practice to boost your mood before you start a new week.


On April 12, lucky and free-loving Jupiter will form a rare combination with Neptune (the planet of dreams, soulmates), to create the next major planetary alignment.

When two planets have the same degree in the zodiac, a conjunction occurs. Jupiter/Neptune conjunctions occur approximately once every thirteen years.

Neptune represents poetry, dreams and following your bliss. So expect to be creative.

The alignment may also offer travel opportunities that are dream-fulfilling and romance.

It would be negligent of me to not mention the two-sided nature of Jupiter-Neptune conjunct. Neptune’s negative side is all about illusion, deception and disappointment, so don’t be surprised if you suffer a letdown. I hope there’s no pandemic-related disappointment.

The New Moon in Taurus on April 30 is a partial solar eclipse, though it’s not visible in the UK, and also a Black Moon — the second New Moon in a single calendar month (the first is on April 1). This means that we have two new moons in April, which doubles the power of our wishing.


The last big alignment for the year is on May 3 — another harmonious sextile between amplifying Jupiter and powerful, passionate Pluto.

Pluto played a major role in the pandemic. Because it rules plague and pestilence (and Pluto, too), it has the ability to exert dark energy and difficult energies, such as 2020. This more optimistic 2022 alignment between Pluto and lucky Jupiter may signal the beginning of a new age. It’s about releasing what’s not working, and making space for something that will.

Pluto operates on a psychological level rather than a practical one, so change something in your thinking. You might reevaluate how you approach money, or even start a new project. From May 10 to June 3 — when the retrograde goes back into Taurus — is the time to rethink your financial set-up.


The sign of Sagittarius will bring a Super New Moon to June on the 14th. A Supermoon is a New or Full Moon that coincides with ‘perigee’, the Moon’s closest point to Earth in her monthly orbit. Each year there are six. Use this as a reminder to think back to the wishes you made at the start of the year and see how well you’re doing with them.


This month, on the 13th, we get a Super Full Moon — different to last month’s Super New Moon because we can actually see it. It will indeed be 14 percent larger and 30% brighter than the non-Super Full Moon. So make sure you get outside to enjoy some moonbaths.

If you’re into crystals, then you’ll know that all Full Moons are the perfect time to cleanse and recharge them, and a Super Full Moon is even better for it.

Keep your eyes open for the opportunity to breath. It’s a well-documented fact that many of us go a little loony at Full Moon, so watch out if you find yourself feeling extra emotional.


It’s peak holiday season, and I hope we’ll all get a break. I have to say, August is intense due to the Mars-feisty action. Mars, the red planet in Astrology, is a symbol of drive, determination and blood.

On August 7, Mars will clash with Saturn. If you’re banging your head against a brick wall with someone or something, take a breather. Are you wasting energy on something that’s not worth it?

Mars will turn the corner after that and energy will follow. Mars has begun to harmonise with Neptune on the 11th. Therefore, even the most stressful situations will likely cool down. Meditation will help, or a ‘spiritual sport’ such as yoga or tai chi.


Mercury will begin to move backwards from September 10th, and remain retrograde through October 2. To make the energy work for you, take a look at your life as you enter the retrograde cycle. Consider what needs to be redone, reviewed, revisited, or redesigned in order to maximize the positive effects of the energies.

What are you looking for a second chance in life? This could be in your work environment or with your partner. What are you looking for?

You can now plan some retraining sessions or create a profile for a dating app. The retrograde period itself is for gathering information, rather than taking action — wait until the end of the retrograde for that and then make your moves.


On the 22nd the second Venus Star Point of the year occurs, but with a very different energy to that of January because this one is in Venus’s home sign of Libra.

It’s a time to shine a happier light on the love in your life. Or it could be a make or break period for relationships, taking place on a so-called ‘degree of fate’, which is the 29th degree of any sign.

There’s also a New Moon eclipse on October 25 in Scorpio. Now is the best time to make serious any wish for love and abundance. Send them by 11.50am, or as soon as possible.

What to concentrate on in the new year? Star by star 

Taurus will see a lot more action in 2022. That’s because Taurus is in everyone of our charts. To find out which part of your life is changing in 2022, take a look below at your Rising Sign (or your Sign).

  • Aries Rising, Aries Rising: Money & Self-worth
  • Taurus Rising, Taurus Rising: How you look and how your life is structured.
  • Gemini Rising or Gemini Rising: Your spiritual life and your fears.
  • Cancer Rising or Cancer: Your wishes for your social and professional life.
  • Leo, Leo Rising: What are your goals and career?
  • Virgo Rising or Virgo Rising: Travel, Study and Adventure.
  • Libra Rising or Libra Rising: Money and sex matters.
  • Scorpio Rising and Scorpio Rising are your love life.
  • Sagittarius Rising or Sagittarius Rising: Daily life and routines.
  • Capricorn or Capricorn Rising: love, creativity and children (yours or someone else’s).
  • Aquarius Rising, Aquarius Rising: Family and home.
  • Pisces Rising, Pisces Rising: How you communicate and interact with your neighbours.
  • Find your Rising Sign for free at

Take up to 3 wishes and make the largest one an affirmation. For example, if you’re looking for a new job, your affirmation could be ‘I love my new job!’, then close your eyes and imagine yourself in that job, chanting your affirmation. You will then be able to capture the Scorpio energy and set your dreams into motion.


On November 8, a Full Moon in Taurus will mark the close of 2022’s eclipse season. Note that this Full Moon stands out because it’s on the same zodiac degree — or conjunct — as the planet of chaos, Uranus.

You can see the box below to find which area of your life is most affected. However, be aware that sudden endings may occur. Even though they may seem difficult, it is almost certain that they are for the best.


Dec’s big news is Jupiter, the planet that brings good fortune and luck, will be moving into Aries, where it will remain until May next year. Here’s where you’ll see your luck shift for the better as the year ends. Read your Rising sign — which you can discover at

Your whole life, Aries!

Taurus, your spiritual life.

Gemini: socially.

Cancer: career-wise.

Leo: study, publishing, travel.

Virgo: sex, money.

Libra: your love life.

Scorpio: Daily life and health.

Sagittarius: romance, creativity.

Capricorn: home, family.

Aquarius: your mind.

Pisces: money, self-esteem.