Steve Turner admitted to accepting a police caution in the 1990s while working at a grocery store.  

After Andy McDonald, Middlesbrough MP, raised concerns about Turner’s past and called for him to resign, Mr Turner was the center of a political row.  

Mr Turner wrote an open letter in the face of pressure to step down.

It read: “The last few hours were among the most difficult in my life because public allegations about a very private matter were made without any notice on behalf of Andy McDonald MP.

“He made the declaration at Parliament while I was attending the civic awards ceremony in Middlesbrough. It was very humiliating to be there, to find out what had been said, and then to have to leave to deal with the matter later in the night.

“Last night, I responded to Andy McDonald’s statement in parliament, specifically that the allegations made against me were incorrect. Today, I want to take this opportunity to provide additional information and clarification.

“In the late 1990s, a police caution was issued to me in connection with an incident at a supermarket where I worked. I voluntarily resigned shortly thereafter, and I want to emphasize that I was not ”sacked from this position.

“This life-changing lesson has been kept private over the years so that it does not affect my family or friends.

“I have carefully complied with all rules governing the appointment PCCs and can assure you that this historic incident, which occurred more than 22 years ago, does not disqualify me from being or remaining a PCC.

“In fact the insight it gave me about how people can make silly mistakes informs the way that I operate as a PCC. As a result of this insight, I have invested a lot of money in the rehabilitation and education of people in this field of work. I have maintained a successful retail career, and worked hard for many local communities as a parliamentary employee, and now as an elected official.

“I trust that Teesside people will put this minor incident of the last century in the proper context. They see it as a stupid mistake and support me in my efforts to do the job for which I was elected in a landslide.

“My time as PCC is not over. My first Police and Crime Plan is nearing publication. It outlines ten key priorities for improving policing and community safety in Cleveland. My immediate priority is to accelerate our response to serious violence, and its impact on young people’s lives and their families.