Ministers were accused by a leading Conservative party donor of fuel poverty worsening after they blocked his cross-Channel cable project.

Businessman Alexander Temerko, 55, said he will seek a judicial review after the Government refused the £1.2billion link between England and France in a move which he said created a ‘very bad precedent’.

Mr Temerko, a British citizen who was born in the Soviet Union, has donated more than £1million to the Tories and is listed as a director of Aquind Limited.

Kwasi Kwarteng (Business Secretary) last week ruled against Aquind’s plans of establishing a new link for electricity between Portsmouth, France and Normandy.

It was controversial. Penny Mordaunt (ex-defense secretary, current MP for Portsmouth North) claimed that the proposal posed a security threat to energy. She celebrated its refusal, tweeting ‘we did it, before Mr Temerko called her ‘an absolutely uncontrollable woman’.

Temerko claimed that energy investment was a “long-term investment company” but said: “Regulation in Europe is more stable, more effective than in Britain,” as the UK faced obstacles to renewable energy products. 

His comments come as households prepare to face at least a £3,000 spending squeeze in 2022 as soaring energy bills send inflation through the roof

Experts predict basic household spending will be £2,440 higher than at the start of the pandemic. But on top of this, families are facing the added burden of a £600 national insurance hike and other tax rises. 

Alexander Temerko (pictured with the PM), a British citizen who was born in the Soviet Union, has donated more than £1million to the Tories and accused ministers of worsening the fuel poverty crisis after blocking his cross-Channel power cable project

Alexander Temerko (pictured with the PM), a British citizen who was born in the Soviet Union, has donated more than £1million to the Tories and accused ministers of worsening the fuel poverty crisis after blocking his cross-Channel power cable project

Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng decided to dismiss Aquind's plans (pictured) to provide a new electricity link between Portsmouth and Normandy in France

Kwasi Kwarteng, Business Secretary, decided to reject Aquind’s plans (pictured), to create a new electric link between Portsmouth in England and Normandy in France.

Mr Temerko told the Telegraph: ‘Five million people in this country will not be able to afford electricity – for the first time – and they refuse this application and postpone two others.’

He accused the UK, of not living up to its promises of being ‘the most green’ and a’very brave, and very bold’ country.

A public letter from the Planning Inspectorate showed that Mr Kwarteng had decided to “refuse development consent” for Aquind’s Project after weighing his obligations under the Energy National Policy Statement.

Penny Mordaunt (trade minister), the MP from Portsmouth North celebrated the decision and added: “Thank you everyone who campaigned against Aquind’s ridiculous proposal that would damage our city and harm the country.

It shows that even with all of the odds against you, you still have the power to change things if you are strong and determined.

“Thank you very much. It was a great service, not only to us but the entire country.  

Mordaunt opposed Aquind’s plans to build the channel interconnector between Normandy (where she is an MP) and Portsmouth. M Temerko responded that she was an “absolutely incontrollable” woman.

Stephen Morgan, the Labour Frontbencher in Portsmouth South, stated that the Government has finally made sense of the Aquind disaster and have stopped it.

“This victory over years of uncertainty and Torycronyism is a win for Portsmouth.”

Anne-Marie Trevelyan from Berwick-upon-Tweed was elected as the International Trade secretary in July. She had been denied funding by the Northumberland Conservatives.

Mr Temerko, who has praised Prime Minister Boris Johnson for the vaccination programme, had proposed the 2GW electricity link to balance out electricity supply from wind and solar, to help meet up to five percent of the UK’s demand.

However, opposition to the project was raised in Portsmouth by Ms Mordaunt, Mr Morgan and others who voiced concern about the potential environmental impacts of cables and substations.

Alexander Temerko is pictured with former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom David Cameron

Alexander Temerko and David Cameron, former Prime Minister of Great Britain are pictured

Aquind's website said the cabe 'will make energy markets more efficient, improve security of supply and enable greater flexibility as power grids evolve'

Aquind stated that the cabe would make energy markets more efficient and secure supply, as well allow for greater flexibility when power grids change.

Ms Mordaunt, who claimed the project would have made the UK more reliant on France for electricity, was ready to quit if the cable was approved, government sources said.

The examining authority had recommended that Mr Kwarteng approve the application. He said, “adverse consequences weigh against the development.”

Aquind was suggested by him to connect it to substations in Dorset rather than taking the route through Portsmouth. 

Temerko described the rejection as ‘absolutely incorrect’ and added, ‘Between populism and real jobs, we have to take a decision. This is an issue for the government.

Penny Mordaunt, an absolutely unpredictable woman and the greatest threat to national security, is the true danger. 

Mr Temerko, who previously ran a firm producing weapons for Russia’s military, and Aquind have given more than £1 million to the Tories and he has regularly featured in photos at fundraisers with Prime Ministers and their Cabinets. 

In 2020, Temerko had previously stated to MPs that Russian-linked businessmen are ‘zero political influence’.

He made these remarks amid concern about Russian-linked oligarchs at the top of British politics and business. 

Telegraph was told by a spokesperson for the Government that “The Secretary of State” had denied consent to development. It is not possible to comment on legal proceedings.