Boris Johnson was “ambushed” with a cake at Number 10, while he was working there. The celebration wasn’t premeditated or organized, said a Tory minister tonight.

Conor Burns (MP for Bournemouth West) defended the Prime Minster after it became clear that he was present at an event, including a Union Jack cake as well as singing, organized by Carrie, in the Cabinet Room. It was held on June 19, 2020.

The man said that Mr Johnson was in the room working before people arrived and presented the cake to him.

These comments sparked a flood of memes across social media. One person wrote: “Next, Lockdown Parties featuring their latest single, Ambushed by a Cake.”

Senior Cabinet ministers, including Nadine Dorries, Culture Secretary, downplayed how serious the PM was at the bash. 

According to them, the 30+ people who gathered in June 2020 for the 56th birthday celebration of Prime Minister Tony Blair could be considered an extension of the office. 

Today was full of chaos and drama at Westminster. This morning, Scotland Yard Chief Dame Cressida Dim announced that the Metropolitan Police would investigate any lockdown incidents in Whitehall or Downing Street. 

Conor Burns, MP for Bournemouth West, defended the Prime Minister after it was revealed he attended a gathering, complete with a Union Jack cake and singing, that was organised by his wife Carrie in the Cabinet Room on June 19, 2020

Conor Burns (MP for Bournemouth West) defended Prime Minister After it was discovered that he had attended a gathering with Union Jack cakes and singing which was hosted by Carrie in Cabinet Room on June 19, 2020

Boris Johnson holding a birthday cake presented to him by staff during a socially distanced visit to Bovingdon Primary School on June 19, 2020 - the same day as the birthday bash

Boris Johnson holds a birthday cake that staff presented him during the socially distant visit to Bovingdon Primary school on June 19, 2020. This was the same day of the party.

The comments led to a flurry of memes on social media, with one person writing: 'Next up, Lockdown Parties with their latest single Ambushed By A Cake'

There was a lot of social media memes resulting from the comments, including one that said: Next up Lockdown Parties, their new single Ambushed BY A Cake.

Channel 4 News’ Mr Burns said that you can describe these things in many different ways. Based on what I have seen, my understanding is that the Prime Minister was visiting.

“He returned, he was in the Cabinet Room. On his birthday, many people came to him and gave him a cake. They also sang Happy Birthday. He stayed there for approximately 10 minutes.

The Prime Minister did not decide to send it out. 

“He was, so far as I can tell, ambushed by a cake. He was at his desk for 10 minutes when they brought a birthday cake and sang Happy Birthday to him.

“I doubt most people would consider that a party if they were to look at it at home.” 

The Northern Ireland minister answered the question about whether he thought the defence of the PM was “farcical”. He must continue his role as Prime Minister. 

‘I want him show the British people that we have the power to improve their lives and communities.

We want to make a distinction and we are asking for the Sue Gray report as soon as we can.

Downing Street has conceded staff 'gathered briefly' in the Cabinet Room following a meeting after it was alleged 30 people attended and shared cake despite social mixing indoors being banned

Downing Street admits that staff met briefly in Cabinet Room after a meeting at which it was claimed 30 people were present. Staff shared cakes despite indoor social mixing being prohibited

Scotland Yard chief Dame Cressida Dick announced that the force has now launched a probe into lockdown breaches in Downing Street and Whitehall over the past two years

Chief of Scotland Yard, Dame Cressida Dick announced that the force is now investigating lockdown violations in Downing Street (and Whitehall) over the last two years

They are said to have celebrated his birthday after his return from a visit to Bovingdon Primary Academy in Hemel Hempstead (pictured), where the PM showed children how to social distance

According to legend, they had celebrated his birthday following his return from Bovingdon Primary Academy (pictured), which was where the PM demonstrated how social distance can be achieved.

Timeline for chaos on Downing Street

9:30am: Boris Johnson holds weekly Cabinet meetings in Downing Street. While he knows that Dame Cressida is going to make an announcement about a police investigation into Partygate, he does not reveal it to them other than an ‘allusion’ at end. Their mobile phones let them know.

10.10am: The Metropolitan Police Commissioner uses an appearance in front of as London Assembly committee to confirm the Met had launched a criminal probe into Partygate allegations.

12:45pm:No10 indicates that Sue Gray won’t be publishing or investigating any allegations made by a party to the police, but she is allowed to make other public statements in her investigation. Official spokesman for the Prime Minister stated that while they will not publish information that is related to police work, Sue Gray can continue to investigate other issues.

1:20pm:Boris Johnson told MPs that he was happy for the Met to launch its own investigation. He believes this will give the public clarity and allow them to make a decision.

1:46pm:The Guardian reports that the Metropolitan Police are open to having the entire report published along with their investigation.

4:10pm:No10 confirms that discussions are ongoing between Sue Gray’s inquiry team, and the Metropolitan Police regarding what publication can be done. Officially, No10 insists that the Prime Minister was not trying stop publication.


“We ask the Met to continue looking at what they are looking at and to then make their findings available to the public, so that the public can decide.” 

The Met’s decision to probe the alleged breaches, announced at a London Assembly committee, represents a step change in the seriousness of the situation facing the Prime Minister and senior staff at No10, who could face £100 fines, and, more seriously and the end of their political careers.

Now it has been revealed that civil service inquisitor Ms Gray has obtained pictures of the parties, showing Mr Johnson and others close together next to wine bottles, reports Sky News.

Even though events were a mess by noon today, No 10 maintained that the criminal probe would mean that portions of Ms Gray’s internal report wouldn’t be released until that was complete. 

This tactic, which seemed to throw the most harmful parts of the report in the long grass was quickly abandoned after Scotland Yard declared that full publication would have no effect on its inquiries. These inquires carry the highest penalties, including fines.

Sources within government insist that Ms Gray will make the final decision after consulting with lawyers and without any pressure from Downing Street. Tonight, sources suggested she might release the entire report on Wednesday.

This would make it necessary for the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom to attend the Commons next week, and may intensify the efforts of Tory backbenchers in order to remove him from office. 

Following the revelations surrounding the birthday celebration, Ms Dorries was among the first to stand up and defend the PM. 

Twitter: She wrote, “So, office employees buy cake for someone in the afternoon and sing happy birthday for them. Then they go back to work. 

And Jacob Rees-Mogg walked out of No10 shortly after 10.30am and straight over to cameras to vow loyalty to Mr Johnson.  

He added: “The leadership of the country, Boris Johnson’s had, was so brilliant that they have got us through this very difficult period.

Boris Johnson came out fighting in the Commons today after police dramatically launched an investigation into Partygate

Boris Johnson was seen fighting today in the Commons after police launched a shocking investigation into Partygate

“He’s made all the important decisions right, and our country has opened up quicker than any other European nation thanks to Prime Minister. I am honored to have been under his leadership.”

On Monday, Environment Secretary George Eustice also went out to bat at the PM. 

Reporters were informed by him that the real story was that the Prime Minister’s staff brought in a cake for the occasion. It took about 10 minutes to share a piece.

“I don’t think it really counts as a party, in the same way other serious accusations that are being investigated may.

Other normally loyal ministers, like Transport Secretary Grant Shapps, were less supportive of the PM’s agenda this morning. 

He admitted to being upset by these latest claims during a morning media conference.