Dehenna Dehenna Davison, Tory MP and member of the Tory Plot to expel Boris Johnson in Partygate alleges that she was not part of the plot.

  • Dehenna was said to have been part of Boris Johnson’s ‘Pork Pie Plot.
  • Today’s Tory MP, John McDonnell, dismissed the claims, writing: “No, I’m no leader of a coup.” 
  • Bishop Auckland MP accuses Conservative colleagues of briefing her against her 

Tory MP Dehenna Davison today denied being involved in the 'Pork Pie Plot' to oust Boris Johnson

Dehenna, Tory MP and Denial of Participation in Boris Johnson’s ‘Pork Pie Plot’ to Execute Boris Johnson today denied involvement.

Dehenna Davison, Tory MP and today denied involvement in the plot to remove Boris Johnson with pork pie. 

There was a claim that Ms. Davison was one the leaders of rebel Red Wall Conservative MPs’ move to forcibly vote no confidence in Johnson due to Partygate. 

The MP for Bishop Auckland dismissed any suggestion she led the effort, accusing Tory colleagues that they briefed against her. 

The move against Mr Johnson is thought to have begun on Tuesday when around 20 of the plotters gathered in the Commons office of MP Alicia Kearns. 

This plot was named after Ms Kearns, Melton Mowbray constituency. 

The MPs were said to have discussed ways to rid Mr Johnson. However, a secret ballot showed that about half of those surveyed had sent letters of confidence to Sir Graham Brady of the Tory 1922 Committee.

The MPs were said to have concluded that the Partygate row was ‘terminal’ for the PM and discussed sending in their letters en masse to force a contest.

It had been claimed that Ms Davison was one of the ringleaders of a move by rebel Red Wall Conservative MPs to force a vote of no confidence in Mr Johnson over the Partygate row

According to some reports, Ms. Davison had led a rebellion of Red Wall Conservative MPs in an attempt to get a no-confidence vote for Mr Johnson. This was in response the Partygate row.

Westminster is still waiting for Sue Gray, a senior Whitehall official to release her report on Mr Johnson’s fate. 

In an interview with The Northern Echo newspaper, Ms. Davison stated that she learned about her coup from reading about it in the media. 

She tweeted a link to the article and said: ‘For the many people giving me grief over so called pork pie plots, here’s what I had to say. 

“Short Version: I am not leading any coup.  

She told the newspaper: ‘I also was surprised to learn today that I was apparently planning to defect to the Labour Party, something else that is totally fabricated and, as a proud Conservative, something I would never do.

“Frankly, it’s very disappointing that someone would criticize me this way. But, it’s a weird time in politics. 

Ms Davison said that she is ‘incredibly angry about the Downing Street parties and the Prime Minister’s response’.

She said that she has had a ‘number of conversations with colleagues about this’ but the suggestion that she was leading a ‘coup’ was ‘bonkers’.