Far-Left Labour Party party supporters are branded ‘useful idiots ‘for spreading Chinese Communist Party propaganda throughout Britain.

In an effort to clean up the image of the totalitarian state, hardline activists who remained loyal to Jeremy Corbyn’s former leader have joined hands with pro-Beijing groups.

Left-wing activists, Chinese activists, and a coalition of Chinese campaigners blame aggressive Government statements against China for creating anti-Asian racism.

However, critics claim that this smokescreen is a deceptive one designed to ignore all criticisms of Beijing’s brutal regime.

Among the hard-left activists who have thrown their weight behind these pro-Beijing organisations is Fiona Edwards, a senior member in the Stop the War Coalition

Fiona Edwards (a senior member of the Stop the War Coalition) is one of the pro-Beijing activists among the hard left who has supported these proBeijing groups. 

The violence erupted after a demonstration against anti-Asian hate in Hong Kong, when pro-CCP activists were challenged by Hong Kongers.

A shocking video of the brawl revealed a vicious thug attacking a defenseless man’s head.

Tim Loughton is a Tory MP and acting Chair of the Home Affairs Committee. He was also a member the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China.

“And right out of the CCP’s playbook, they’ll try to caricature any criticisms of China’s government as Sinophobic, or claim it’s fomenting conflict, which is of course completely bogus.”

Many Hong Kongers have fled persecution at home and claim they were harassed, intimidated, and even assaulted by those who stood up against these UK groups.

Simon Cheng is a former British consulate worker living in Hong Kong. He claims to have been tortured in China. These shocking acts reveal only the nature of these groups, which claim they are not for ‘human rights’ and ‘antiracism but rather for oppressive regimes.

Dr Ping Hua (pictured), a senior academic at the University of Southampton, is a frequent apologist for the alleged atrocities carried out by the Chinese Government

Photographed is Dr. Ping Hua (pictured), who is a top academic at Southampton University and is often a defender of the Chinese Government’s atrocities.

John McDonnell, ex-Shadow Chancellor was scheduled to address the rally. However, he said that he had pulled out of the event at the very last moment after being made aware by some organisers that they supported the harsh security laws in Hong Kong.

Fiona Edwards is a prominent member of the Stop the War Coalition and one of the hard-left activists that has backed these pro-Beijing organizations.

Apart from speaking at Saturday’s rally, she also tweeted previously that Uighur massacre in Xinjiang by the US is a fabricated incident and praised China’s anti-poverty drive.

Murad Qureshi, a former Labour Member of the London Assembly who is now Chairman of Stop the War Coalition was also present at the rally.

Richard Burgon (Labour MP) was also asked last week five times by LBC radio if he believes the Chinese state are committing genocide to Xinjiang. However, he refused to answer.

This is despite the fact that the UK Parliament declared in April China’s genocide of the Uyghur population in Xinjiang.

Matthew Henderson, a former Foreign Office diplomat based in China, said: ‘It’s an entirely artificial construction, and fake outrage — the Chinese Government knows perfectly well that nobody, but nobody, has a problem with the Chinese people.

“Instead of this, puppets from the regime overseas jump to attention and get high and begin saying, ‘This is Racist’ — The Chinese Communist Party in fact is Racist.

Dr. Ping Hua is one of the organizers of the rally. A senior academic at Southampton University, he frequently apologises for the atrocities committed by the Chinese Government.

She wrote, for example, a piece in The Morning Star (the daily newspaper of Britain’s Communist Party), which stated that China had been the victim of “appalling lies” and “falsifications regarding human rights issues.”

She said that these unfounded falsehoods had led to a witch hunt against China. These included unwarranted accusations concerning Xinjiang, provocative subversions in Hong Kong and encouraging Taiwan independence to interfere violently in China’s internal affairs.

Bobby Chan was another key organizer of the rally. He led a picket in front of an October 2019 concert packed with Hong Kongers. There, chants like ‘China belongs’ and signs that read “everyone can play a part in eliminating cockroaches” were displayed.

Another key organiser of last Saturday's rally, Bobby Chan (pictured), led a picket outside a concert full of Hong Kongers in October 2019, where chants of 'China belongs to us' were heard and signs were brandished which read 'everyone has a role to play in exterminating cockroaches'

Bobby Chan, another key organizer of the rally last Saturday (pictured), led an organized picket in front of a concert packed with Hong Kongers on October 2019. There were chants of “China belongs to Us” and signs that read: “Everyone has a part in eliminating cockroaches”.

Both Chan and Dr Hua are directors of The Monitoring Group (TMG), which, since 2016, has received around £70,000-a-year project funding from Sadiq Khan’s Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) to investigate anti-Asian hate crimes.

The London Chinatown Chamber of Commerce was another group that organized the event. It published an ad in a pro Beijing newspaper supporting Beijing’s National Security Law. This legislation resulted in a violent crackdown on demonstrations and freedom of expression.

Yesterday night, TMG’s spokesperson said that it was absurd to claim Dr Hua and Mr Chan were pro-Beijing.

“None of our members were involved in any violence, threats or harassment,” they added.

“The Monitoring Group has no problem with people or groups criticizing the Chinese Communist Party.”

MOPAC didn’t respond to our request for comment.