Tory MPs demand Scotland Yard investigate Keir Sterner’s lockdown beer as the heat increases on Boris Johnson over partygate

  • Conservative MPs demanded last night that the Met Police investigate Sir KeirStarmer
  • Picture of Labour leader drinking with his colleagues just before the last year’s local elections  
  • Sir Keir claimed that his actions were ‘no comparable’ to Prime Minister David Cameron’s. 

Conservative MPs demanded last night that the Met Police investigate Sir Keir Sternmer’s ‘beer party’ last April.

Pictured with his colleagues, the Labour leader was seen drinking inside just before last year’s local elections. Covid restrictions were also in effect.

David Morris, Tory MP from Morecambe and Lunesdale for Tory, stated to the Commons that there was no difference between Boris Johnson’s accusations and those of Sir Keir.

Alexander Stafford, Tory MP from Rother Valley said there should not be any “hypocrisy” and that “all sides must be investigated”.

He stated to the MPs that he would not allow beer bottles to be thrown at people living in glass homes.

The Labour leader was pictured drinking indoors with colleagues just before last year's local elections

Pictured with Labour leaders, the leader of Labour was seen indoors drinking with coworkers just before the local elections last year.

Sir Keir, pictured with fellow Labour campaigners at Durham constituency offices in April 2013, was seen drinking beer. This photo was taken days before local elections.

At the time, England was in ‘step two’ of the roadmap out of lockdown – when indoor socialising with people from outside the household was banned.

Sir Keir stated that there were ‘no comparisons’ between his actions, and the Prime Minister’s attendance in Downing Street Garden at an event where 100 people had been invited to “bring their own booze”. 

He still has questions about why he can have a beer at work, despite this being one of the charges levelled against No 10.

Following an urgent question from Paymaster General Michael Ellis about the No 10 revelations, Conservative MPs responded. 

Morris asked: “Would you consider the Metropolitan Police (or any other police force) looking into the activities by Leader of Opposition’s beer party?” There isn’t any difference, as far as I know. I wonder what he thinks of that. Ellis claimed that Ellis had made an interesting point.

He said, “Of course police investigations are independent of how they’re conducted.” “I’m sure they heard him.”

Stafford claimed that Mr. Stafford was shocked at the lockdown rule being broken by the leader of the Opposition.

Sir Keir has said there was 'no comparison' with his actions and the Prime Minister's attendance at an event in the Downing Street garden

Sir Keir stated that there were “no comparison” between his actions, and the Prime minister’s attendance at Downing Street’s event.

He also said: “Does the minister accept that there can’t be hypocrisy, and that all sides should be investigated?” He said, ‘Those in glass houses shouldn’t throw beer bottles.

Sir Lindsay Hoyle (Commons Speaker) intervened to ask about the definition of ‘hypocrisy.

Ellis said that nothing in the law prevented people from taking a 10-minute break to have a coffee. I’m sure people all over the country do that. My honorable friend is correct in his assertion.

Mark Jenkinson from the Tory Party said Labour Party members were in cahoots to depose the Prime Minister ‘undemocratically’ not because he was an electoral risk for them, but rather because he’s an electoral risk for us.

“One must wonder,” said the Paymaster General. This is quite unusual.