Boris Johnson was last night warned against imposing even more stringent coronavirus curbs ahead of a Commons showdown tomorrow.

More than 60 Tory backbenchers are poised to oppose the Plan B measures to counter the threat of the Omicron variant – the biggest rebellion of Mr Johnson’s premiership. 

For large venues, proof of vaccinations or negative tests will be required. Today’s guidance on the return to work from home is also affected.

The Prime Minister will avoid an embarrassing defeat with the measures set to be voted through thanks to backing from Labour, but Sajid Javid, the Health Secretary, and Maggie Throup, the Vaccines Minister, are said to have been scrambling to limit a rebellion that could involve dozens of Conservatives.

This comes at a time when several Parliamentary Private Secretaries are facing resignation threats. The Telegraph reported that a WhatsApp group consisting of 10 secretaries from the Parliament was created by the Telegraph for discussing how to vote on new measures.

The PPS group includes two ministerial aides to Communities Secretary Michael Gove, Danny Kruger (and Angela Richardson) – and three MPs. Joy Morrissey (Ministerial Assistant to Dominic Raab) and Mike Wood are two of the three ministerial advisers.

The Prime Minister is feared by MPs to put even tighter restrictions in place before Christmas. But officials are working on a Plan C that would see the return of “checking into” a pub, restaurant or bar, wearing masks inside all indoor spaces, and having to prove a current vaccination status at more locations. 

More than 60 Tory backbenchers are poised to oppose the Plan B measures to counter the threat of the Omicron variant – the biggest rebellion of Mr Johnson’s premiership

More than 60 Tory backbenchers are poised to oppose the Plan B measures to counter the threat of the Omicron variant – the biggest rebellion of Mr Johnson’s premiership

The UK Covid alert level was raised from level 3 to level 4 after the UK reported another 1,239 confirmed cases of the Omicron variant

After the UK had reported 1,239 additional confirmed Omicron cases, the UK Covid alert level has been raised to level 4. 


Conservative party MP Danny Kruger - PPS to Michael Gove - is believed to be part of a WhatsApp group of rebel PPS discussing how to vote on new restrictions

Conservative party MP Danny Kruger, PPS to Michael Gove-is believed to have been part of a WhatsApp Group of Rebel PPS discussing new restrictions and how to vote

Tory MP Angela Richardson is also thought to be among the group of rebel PPS

Tory MP Angela Richardson could also be thought to be part of the rebel PPS

Joy Morrissey, PPS to the deputy prime minister, joined the group of PPS who may rebel

Joy Morrissey is the PPS deputy prime minister and joined the PPS rebel group

Who are the rebel PPS WhatsApp members? 

  • James Sunderland (PPS Defence Secretary Ben Wallace
  • Danny Kruger, PPS to Levelling Up Secretary Michael Gove
  • Angela Richardson (PPS Levelling Up Secretary Michael Gove).
  • Joy Morrissey (PPs To Justice Secretary Dominic Raab).
  • Mike Wood (PPS to Dominic Raab, Deputy Prime Minister)
  • Claire Coutinho (PPS-Chancellor Rishi Sonak).
  • Gareth Bacon (PPS-to Work and Pensions secretary ThereseCoffey).
  • Jonathan Gullis (PPS-North Ireland secretary Brandon Lewis).
  • Gagan Mohindra (PPS to Home Secretary Priti Patel)
  • Katharine Fletcher, PPS to Cop26 Minister Alok Sharma 

Source: The Telegraph 

Tory former leader Sir Iain Duncan Smith said last night he believed Plan B was a ‘stepping stone’ into another lockdown – and accused ministers of moving ‘without the facts’ on Omicron.

The proposals were criticized as ‘unnecessary and damaging’ by him. He added that further restrictions could ‘only amplify those effects’.

Conservative Peter Bone stated to the Daily Mail that vaccine passports are merely an identity card and don’t work.

“Testing” is the best way to prevent people from spreading Covid.

‘The problem is we are halfway between two things: the Government has done a bit by what they call Plan B – but in a way Plan B is a stepping stone to a lockdown. It is impossible to lock down again. “Schools cannot close again,” he stated.

Henry Smith, backbencher, stated that Plan B would be a “danger to civil liberties” and could’severely affect’ the economic recovery prospects. He added: ‘I think it is yet further distraction from other health conditions which require attention – such as the cancer backlog – and I don’t actually think (the restrictions) work.’

The proposals were criticized as ‘unnecessary and damaging’ by him. He added that further restrictions could ‘only amplify those effects’.

Conservative Peter Bone stated to the Daily Mail that vaccine passports are merely an identity card and don’t work.

“Testing” is the best way to prevent people from spreading Covid.

Rebel ringleader Steve Baker accused the Government of creating a ‘miserable dystopia’ and suggested his party was drifting into authoritarianism

Steve Baker, rebel ringleader accused the Government creating a “miserable dystopia” and said that his party was moving towards authoritarianism.

Below is a map showing the 10 areas with the highest number of Omicron cases and suspicions in England. It was created by the UK Health Security Agency. Although West Northamptonshire, the nation’s most active area for this mutant strain is in London, eight of the ten other areas are located in the county.

The restrictions will see proof of vaccination or a negative test become mandatory for large venues this week, and today the return of work from home guidance (pictured)

These restrictions will make it mandatory to show proof of vaccination, or have a negative result for large venues. Today’s guidance on returning work from home (pictured) is also required.

What is the Covid rule in England for plan B?


Guidance on returning to work at home. If they’re able, people will be instructed to work remotely in England starting Monday.

Facial mask

From Friday, face masks are mandatory in all indoor public venues. This includes theatres and cinemas. These masks will be not required at bars, restaurants or gyms.

Vaccine passports 

To gain entry to large nightclubs or other venues that host large numbers of people, the NHS Covid card is mandatory. 

It will also apply to unseated indoor venues that hold more than 500 persons, outdoor venues with greater than 4,000 people, and all venues that host more than 10,000 people.  

To allow businesses to plan, this requirement will be implemented in a week. 

Get in touch 

Omicron contacts will be instructed to undergo daily coronavirus testing instead of self-isolating. If they are positive, they will be quarantined. 

Andrew Bridgen, Tory backbencher, slammed Plan B for being a ‘complete overreaction that is not supported science-based data.

I’m not voting to support Plan B. In fact, Plan A was not my vote. And I won’t be supporting further restrictions of liberty for British citizens.

Steve Baker, rebel leader and ringleader of the rebellion, accused the Government creating a miserable dystopia’ and suggested that his party was drifting towards authoritarianism.

Although he stated that at least 60 Tories would vote against Plan B, it was already a foregone conclusion. This is because the useless opposition will not stop supporting the government regardless of how authoritarian they may be.

Sky News’s He said that the disease would be around forever. There will be new versions, and that vaccine will continue to provide high levels of protection against severe illness and death. We just need to move on with our lives.

“We have to prove that there is a movement to support that mindset because the Conservative Party will drift further into authoritarianism if it doesn’t. I cannot sit by and watch that happen.”

Today’s Tory whips will continue to try and quell the rebellion. They engaged in a “massive round-robin” over the weekend.

Plan B, despite the size of the rebellion is likely to be passed as Labour will back the measures tomorrow.

Sir Keir Starmer said the party will vote with the Government – not to support the Prime Minister but the NHS.

Yesterday, Education Secretary Nadhim Zhawi said that the government isn’t introducing a vaccine passport.

The Andrew Marr Show on BBC Radio 4 said that this was not a vaccine passport. We ask that people attend these high-risk events and either take a free test for lateral flow or get vaccinated.

Johnson was also advised of the negative impact restrictions on hospitality. Clive Watson, chairman of the City Pub Group which operates almost 50 pubs in London and the South East, said: ‘Revenue could take a hit of around 30 per cent – it would be hugely damaging and without government support many businesses will be tipped over the edge.’

On Fridays, cinemas, theatres, and worship places made mask-wearing mandatory. Today, work from home guidance has returned. 

For large venues, you will need to prove your vaccination status or have a negative result.

Officials are already drawing up a Plan C which would see the return of ‘checking in’ to a pub or restaurant, using masks in all indoor spaces and having to show a vaccine status at even more venues

A Plan C is being prepared by officials. It would return the practice of “checking into” a restaurant or pub, the use of masks inside all indoor spaces, and the requirement to prove a current vaccination status in more locations.

Boris Johnson launched a massive push to get another jab in every 18-year-old by NEW YEAR’S DAY. PM begs for everyone’s support to “save our way to life” as he warned of an upcoming ‘tidal waves of Omicrons’ 

ByJack Madment, Mailonline’s Deputy Political Editor

Boris Johnson announced that he was speeding up UK’s coronavirus booster jab rollsout. He warned of a “tidal wave” Omicron threat.

This evening, the Prime Minister addressed the nation. He stated that he was moving forward with his January goal for all adults to receive a jab. 

This means everyone 18 years old and older will be eligible to receive their booster prior to the new year. Mr Johnson encouraged people to “get boosted now”. 

Johnson stated that the UK was facing an emergency with its battle against the new variant and that it must strengthen its vaccine protection wall to ensure the safety of loved ones and friends. 

The PM said the data was now clear that two doses of the vaccine are ‘simply not enough to give the level of protection we all need’ but the ‘good news is that our scientists are confident that with a third dose – a booster dose – we can all bring our level of protection back up’. 

Launching what he described as the ‘Omicron Emergency Boost’, Mr Johnson said that in order to deliver the necessary jabs by the end of the year ‘we’ll need to match the NHS’s best vaccination day yet – and then beat it day after day’.

According to him, this will be a “extraordinary effort” as some medical appointments may have to wait until 2022 to allow clinicians to give jabs.       

Johnson stated that anyone over the age of 18 and who received a second dose at least three months prior to tomorrow’s date will be eligible for a vaccination. 

According to the criteria, around 20million people may be eligible for boosters. To reach the PM’s target of ending the year at the end of the year, the rollout must administer about one million jabs each day. 

On Wednesday, the official NHS Booking System will open to younger age groups. However, Johnson indicated that you could still walk in some areas from tomorrow. 

The Prime Minister stated that vaccines are the best way to beat Covid, and it has worked over the last year in his speech

“The UK was first to offer a vaccine. We also had the most rapid rollouts in Europe. Yesterday, over half a million jabs were delivered.

These achievements were possible because of the incredible efforts of our NHS. Thousands of volunteers vaccinators and GPs have saved literally countless lives.  

‘But I need to speak to you this evening because I’m afraid we’re now facing an emergency in our battle with the new variant Omicron and we must urgently reinforce our wall of vaccine protection to keep our friends and loved ones safe. ‘ 

Johnson revealed that 42 military planning groups will be deployed in every part of the UK, while more vaccine sites and mobile units are also being set up. Clinics will have extended hours and will now be open seven days per week.

Full speech of the Prime Minister

“Over the past one year, we have demonstrated that vaccination is the best way to beat Covid. And that it actually works.

 ‘The UK was the first country in the world to administer a vaccine, we delivered the fastest rollout in Europe and we begun the fastest booster campaign too with over half a million jabs delivered yesterday alone.

“These remarkable achievements, made possible by our NHS’s extraordinary efforts including the thousands of GPs who volunteer their time to vaccinat others have literally saved many lives and saved livelihoods across this country.

“But, I have to speak to your tonight because I fear we are now in an emergency with Omicron. We must immediately reinforce our vaccine protection wall to ensure the safety of our loved ones and friends.

‘Earlier today the UK’s four chief medical officers raised the Covid alert level to four  – it’s second highest level- because of the evidence that Omicron is doubling here in the UK every two to three days.

“We have seen these curves grow from our bitter experiences. It is clear there will soon be a tsunami of Omicrons.

“But the good thing is that scientists feel confident that with a third dosage – a booster dosis – all of us can bring back our levels of protection.

“I’m sure there will be people looking at this who are wondering if Omicron has a lower severity than other variants, and if we need that booster. The answer to their question is yes.

Do not think Omicron will cause you harm, or make your loved ones sick.

‘At this point our scientists cannot say that Omicron is less severe  and even if that proved to be true we already know it is so much more transmissible that a wave of Omicron through a population that was not boosted would risk a level of hospitalisation that could overwhelm our NHS and lead sadly to very many deaths. We must now act.

“Today we launch the Omicron Emergency Booster National Mission unlike anything else in the vaccination program to be boosted now.

“I promised that every adult who was eligible would be given a booster at the beginning of January, a fortnight before. In light of the Omicron emergency, I am moving that goal forward by one month.

“Everyone who is over 18 years old in England can get their booster before New Year.

“And we have spoken to the devolved authorities to confirm that the UK government will offer additional support for Scotland’s vaccinations.Wales and Northern Ireland

‘To hit the pace we need, we’ll need to match the NHS’s best vaccination day yet – and then beat it day after day. 

“This will be an enormous effort. We will focus our efforts on boosters in order to reach this goal. It will also mean other appointments will have their appointment delayed until next year.

However, if this is not done now, Omicron’s wave could cause disruptions that would result in cancellations or even worsening of services, such as the loss of patient appointments. And I know the pressures on everyone in our NHS – from our GPs, doctors and nurses to our porters – all of whom have worked incredibly hard and we thank them for the amazing job they have done.

‘But I say directly to those of you on the front line, I must ask you to make another extraordinary effort now, so we can protect you and your colleagues – and above all your patients – from even greater pressures next year.

“So, from tomorrow in England we will open up the booster for every adult aged over 18 years who received a booster at least 3 months ago.

“The NHS Booking System for younger age groups will be available from Wednesday. This is the best way of guaranteeing your slot. However, in certain places, you may still walk in.

We will assist the emergency operation in other ways, including deploying 42 military planning units across the region, setting up more vaccine sites and mobile unit, expanding opening hours to make clinics open every day of the week, offering more appointments at the beginning and end of the working days, as well training thousands more volunteers.

“We’ll take further actions in the days to come.” Omicron’s threat was the reason I declared Wednesday that we would move to England plan B.

You must cover your face when you are in indoor public areas. If you are able, start working from home.

“For entry to nightclubs or large events you must show negative lateral flow tests, given that you have not been double vaccinated.

“These actions will slow down the spread Omicron. We must do more and be able to boost Omicron now.

“If you don’t have a vaccination, please make sure to get one as soon as possible.

Encourage your family and friends to get your booster if you haven’t already.      

“We’re an amazing country. There are vaccines available to help protect the people of this country. Let’s get boosted now. Get boost now, whether it’s for you or your family members. Protect jobs and lives across the country by getting a boost now. Receive a boost now to help protect the NHS, freedoms, and way of living.