Prisoners are suffering from obesity crisis: The Bosses demand that prisoners eat healthy meals and get exercise, despite ordering thousands of 8XL overalls for their prison cells after they were kept there during the pandemic.

  • In prisons, supersized clothes are in high demand due to overweight prisoners
  • In prison, jail bosses order thousands of overalls with sizes as large as 8XL
  • Following previous demand for 6XL and 3XL jackets in 66in, orders were placed for 66in waist pants

Government data shows that prisons are experiencing an increase in supersize clothing demand due to overweight prisoners.

According to figures provided by the Ministry of Justice, prison bosses ordered thousands of overalls up to 8XL in size.

Trousers with a waist up to 66in are ordered. Jackets of sizes 3XL-6XL will be accepted.

A Prison Service spokesman insisted that offenders receive ‘healthy meals and the opportunity to exercise’.

Overweight inmates are fuelling a surge in demand for supersize clothes in prisons, according to government data

Government data shows that prisoners who have excess weight are driving a spike in the demand for larger clothing.

Obesity in prisoners appears to have worsened during the pandemic, which has left inmates locked up for hours at a time

The pandemic has seen obesity in prisoners rise, leaving them locked up for long periods of time.

However, obesity among prisoners seems to have increased during the pandemic that has kept them locked up for many hours.

Tam Fry, of the National Obesity Forum, said: ‘The statistics are horrifying but serve well to illustrate the result of being locked up.

‘Covid has shown that whole populations are now experiencing obesity through lockdown.’

This report follows an investigation into a prison that revealed how transgender prisoners also have difficulty accessing larger sizes of female clothing. 

HMP Bristol’s Independent Monitoring Board said: ‘Issues have occurred with the delayed provision of kit from the female estate for transgender prisoners.’