Tottenham and West Ham supporters violently clash again ahead of Carabao Cup quarterfinal. Police used batons to seperate the groups outside Spurs’ stadium. This is two months after the terrible scenes at London Stadium.

  • West Ham and Tottenham supporters clashed once more on Wednesday night
  • Both sets of supporters converged at Spurs’ Ground for the quarter-finals. 
  • A number of clips show the crowd fighting outside Tottenham’s stadium on High Road.
  • In October, West Ham and Spurs fans clashed during their Premier League match. 
  • Warning: This video contains disturbing scenes and some strong language.

Tottenham and West Ham fan clashed in violent scenes before Wednesday’s Carabao Cup tie. Police officers were forced to remove them from Spurs stadium.

They will face off in the London derby. This London derby has been a fixture with longstanding matchday fighting. 

Social media posted several videos of supporters fighting along High Road.  

Additional footage shows police standing in High Road while West Ham fans were kept to their left. West Ham fans are kept to the right, and officers using batons to separate the two groups of supporters.

West Ham supporters were heard singing chants like ‘Irons’ and ‘Tottenham gets battered everywhere they go’ while Spurs supporters used anti-Semitic terms such as ‘yid’ for their fans. 

Tottenham and West Ham fans clashed before Wednesday night's Carabao Cup quarter-final

Before Wednesday’s Carabao Cup quarterfinal, West Ham and Tottenham fans clashed 

Police were seen separating the two group on fans on High Road outside Spurs' stadium

Two groups of Spurs fans were separated by police on High Road, outside the stadium.

Officers detained a supporter amid clashes between fans before the 7.45 GMT kick-off on Wednesday

A supporter was detained by officers amid fan clashes before Wednesday’s 7.45 GMT kickoff.

Police managed to keep the situation under control but did use force to separate supporters

The police managed to control the situation but used force to seperate supporters.

Warning: This video has violent scenes and contains explicit language. Some readers might find it disturbing. 

These two teams will be competing for the Carabao Cup semifinals spot in January. 

The competition was won by Tottenham in 2008. However, the Hammers were runners up in 1982 and 1966. 

After a Tottenham fan kicked down an entrance separating them, the same crowd clashed at West Ham’s London Stadium for their Premier League clash in October. 

Amazing video footage of the October Spurs encounter shows the Spurs fan slipping past the four guards at the door and breaking down the barrier. Both sets of fighting were visible when the gate was opened. 

The fighting continued as both sets of fans approached the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

As both sides approached Tottenham Hotspur Stadium they continued to fight.

One fan was 'knocked out' in the middle of High Road as the fighting moved into the street

As the fight moved to the streets, one fan was “knocked out” in High Road.

Footage on social media showed police standing in the middle of High Road to break up fans

On social media, footage shows police standing at the High Road intersection to disperse fans

Police used force (right) to keep fans apart as the two teams' history of violence continues

Fans were kept apart by police (right), as both teams continue their history of violence.

The stewards from either side of each door managed to create their own barriers to try to keep fans separated. But supporters of both sides threw punches at rival fans and plastic cups with beer were also placed between the doorway. 

Tottenham supporters broke down the doors for the first time, and several Spurs fans tried to do the same to get to the Hammers side. 

Tottenham fans were heard singing ‘No noise from the p**** boys’ throughout the incident, while West Ham fans were chanting ‘Irons’ as they faced the prospect of taking on Spurs fans on Sunday afternoon. 

Both clubs have fierce rivalries in the Premier League. However, Spurs and Hammers fans are known for their violent past during top-flight matches. 

West Ham and Tottenham fans clashed in October of this year after Spurs supporters broke through a door separating the two groups

Tottenham and West Ham fans clashed after Spurs supporters broke through the door that separated them in October.

After Tottenham fans broke down the door, West Ham fans tried to fight Spurs fans who were trying to get through the doorway

Tottenham supporters broke down the doors and West Ham fans attempted to stop Spurs fans trying to enter the doorway.

In November 2015, a 35-year-old West Ham supporter was left hospitalised after being stabbed in the stomach, hundreds of fans from either club had to be restrained by police on horseback before kick off at Tottenham’s White Hart Lane ground.

According to a bystander at the time, a large contingent of West Ham supporters were being shepherded by police into the ground when a group of ‘half a dozen’ attempted to break away and punched a Tottenham fan walking by. 

As they were being escorted from the ground, two Tottenham supporters sat at West Ham’s London Stadium Home End were attacked and ejected.

They were verbally abused as they walked down the steps, before one fan threw water in their direction. Video footage captured punches directed at them as they walked on, and stewards eventually managed to get them out of the stands.