Transgender man speaks out on the reality of transitioning as a poor person without any job or state insurance. He revealed how he had to maintain his breasts due to the fact that it was too expensive to get them removed. 

The physical transition of a male from female or male to a woman usually requires two operations – one in the chest and one in the genital. These surgeries can cost thousands.

Adonis Zeigler (19 years old) is now transgender and reveals the severe consequences these can have on his financial health. 

Adonis from Ohio began his transition from male to female in 2017. However, he has not had any surgery to alter his body.    

He says that he gets asked questions like “You’re a boob,” and “You’re a slob.”[What the f**k]”Are you?” “Are you a man?” and “I am confused. Why do you bear a beard?” 

Speaking out: A transgender man has opened up about the realities of trying to transition as a 'poor person' with no job and state insurance

Talking out: Transgender man opens up about his struggles to transsexualize as someone who is ‘poor’ without a job or state insurance.

Adonis Zeigler, 19, revealed that he was forced to keep his breasts because he couldn't afford the surgery to have them removed

Adonis Zeigler (19 years old) revealed that he had to retain his breasts as he could not afford to have them surgically removed.

He spoke out about it in a now-viral TikTok video, which has been viewed more than four million times

When someone asked him, 'Why do you choose to keep them?' Adonis responded, 'I didn't. I'm poor, unemployed, with state insurance'

In a TikTok video, he spoke about the subject. One person asked him why he kept them. He replied, “I didn’t.” He replied, “I didn’t.” 

Then he answered one of those questions in an now-viral TikTok clip.  

“Why would you want to keep them?” The clip was written by Adonis. ‘I didn’t. I am only 19. I come from a poor background and am currently only 19.

‘Not every [transmasculine]One is often blessed with supportive families, privileged parents and lucrative business connections to be able to have top-quality surgery early in life. Now stop f**king asking us unless you’re footing the bill.’

‘Real tired of this s**t,’ he captioned the video, which has been viewed more than four million times since it was posted earlier this month.

A viewer asked Adonis to get to work after he said so. Adonis, who is a non-binary male, replied and showed another clip explaining that he recently had to give up his abusive job because of its ‘inconsistent hour, poor management and inconsistencies in pay.

He said, “I used to have a job but decided not to continue it as I felt abused at that place of work.”

“I was able to save a lot of money, but I’ve been constantly beaten back over the last year and half.”

Adonis explained that when he started his transition process at the age of 15, he was allowed to use hormones due to his dad’s union job. It was also covered by his insurance.

“We were still poor but he was able to get me hormones through union benefits. That was until he lost the job. He said, “I haven’t been on hormones for many years,” he added.

Adonis said he is often faced with questions and comments like, 'You have boobs,' '[What the f**k] are you?' and 'I'm confused, why do you have a beard?'

Adonis stated that he often gets asked questions such as, “You’re a boob,” etc.[What the f**k]”Are you?” “Are you a man?” and “I am confused. Why do you bear a beard?”

After one viewer said that he should 'get to work' Adonis, who defines himself as a non-binary man, said he was recently forced to quit his 'abusive job' because it had 'poor management'

Adonis said that one viewer suggested he should “get to work” after he said that. Adonis who describes himself as non-binary, stated that he had to leave his abusive job due to poor management.

Buzzfeed interviewed the 19-year old to tell Buzzfeed that his only motivation for allowing him to transition was his mental illness.


  • Male to female ‘top’ surgery can cost anywhere between $5,000 and $10,000
  • The cost of a top-of-the-line female to male surgery ranges from $3,000 to $10,000
  • Three types of “bottom” surgeries are available: a vaginoplasty (or phalloplasty), a metoidioplasty (or both). 
  • The cost of a vaginoplasty is anywhere between $10,000-$30,000
  • Phalloplasty costs anywhere between $6,000 and $30,000
  • The cost for a metoidioplasty ranges between $20,000- $50,000. In rare cases, it may be up to $150,000. 
  • Source: Healthline 

He said that not even years of therapy could stop my self-destructive tendencies, and it would only worsen my grades.

He now works for himself as a freelancer artist, making $200 per week. He has also lost contact with his father.  

“I have no contact with my father, and I do not have any mother.” On TikTok, he said that he didn’t ask his parents to assist him with the matter and even did not expect them.

I didn’t expect anyone else to help me. I did not post that message asking for or looking for assistance. It’s something that I have struggled with for many years.

“I am afraid that my work, savings, and then being hit by an unexpected emergency will make it difficult for me to transition.

Healthline estimates that top surgery for males and females can run between $5,000 to $10,000. To increase breast size, doctors may perform reconstructive surgery. This involves saline and silicone implants being placed on the chest.

The cost of male to female ‘top surgery’ is anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000. It involves the removal breast tissue in order for the chest to reflect a masculine, flat appearance.

The cost of ‘Bottom surgery’, also called sex confirmation surgery, or sex reassignment, is usually between $6,000 and $50,000. However, in rare instances it may be as much as $150,000.

Three types of “bottom” surgeries are available: a vaginoplasty (or phalloplasty), a metoidioplasty and a phalloplasty.

Now, he works as a freelance artist and 'barely makes $200 a week.' He said he struggles to save money due to having to spend it on things like 'car repairs and sudden moves'

He now works as a freelancer artist, making $200 per week. According to him, he has trouble saving money because he must spend his income on cars repairs and unexpected moves.

He said: 'I fear that I am never going to be able to transition because of the pattern of working, saving, then getting hit with an emergency I couldn't have predicted'

He stated that he was afraid of not being able to change because of his work, saving and then becoming hit by an emergency which I didn’t anticipate.

Buzzfeed added Adonis: “When it comes access to gender-affirming surgery, I wish people would think about the individual and their circumstance.

“Aside from the financial limitations for people who seek surgery, there are many situations where surgery is necessary not only for their mental health but also for their survival.

2021 was a terrible year for transhomicide statistics. I know from personal experience that I’ve felt unsafe and outed in my workplace, even though I was wearing a simple work uniform.

“Every trans individual is unique. Some trans people have the luck to be able to access what they require quickly. This makes my heart happy because their joy has become the standard image for trans lives.

“But, transgender people often don’t have the same opportunities and their struggles are rarely discussed.” 

The transition from male-to-female: What is involved and how can it be done?  

Each person is going through a different transition. Transgender women may choose to go under anesthesia to improve their physical appearance. Other transgender men rely solely on hormone therapy (including testosterone) to develop masculine features. 

Planned Parenthood says that many transgender individuals begin the transition by making several social and emotional steps. This includes asking friends to come out and then asking them to use the pronouns to describe their gender (him/he/she/them), she/he/they, they/them.

Some people find it important to change their name or dress differently depending on who you are. 

Gender transitional is usually a result of hormone therapy. In the case of transgender males, testosterone is used for more masculine traits, including a deep voice, greater facial hair growth and muscle growth. 

Transgender men can stop having their periods with hormone therapy.

There are many options for those who wish to have surgery. These include ‘top’, which involves the removal of breast tissue and breasts, and ‘bottom,’ which is used to build a penis.

They can choose to have a metoidioplasty or a phalloplasty for the “bottom” surgery. 

Phalloplasty is a procedure where doctors take skin from different parts of the body in order to create a penis. The metoidioplasty makes the clitoris work more like one; hormone therapy often causes it to grow bigger.  

Transgender men may also opt for a hysterectomy in order to take out their female reproductive organs. 

Transgender individuals may not choose to change, and some prefer to continue their social lives without any treatment. 

Planned Parenthood’s website notes that “there are many reasons why people may transition differently.” 

These medical procedures are expensive and not affordable for everyone. While some transgender individuals may be covered by health insurance, others may not. And finally, but most importantly — not all trans people want all of the available medical procedures.’