Travis Scott’s Houston music festival was the scene of ten deaths on Friday. The victims ranged in age from 9 up to 27.

John Hilgert, 14 

John Hilgert, 14

John Hilgert, 14 

John Hilgert from Hunters Creek Village was one of the concert victims. Officials at Memorial High School recognized him as a freshman student.

Hilgert, along with Robby Henderson (his longtime friend), attended Friday’s concert.

Tracy Faulkner bought Henrix’s birthday ticket and she ‘ultimately regrets’ the purchase.

Faulkner said to Houston Chronicle, “Everything that happened on that night was a tragedy.” They were at the exact same location at the time, and both of them came home. One will be with us forever.

According to her, Hilgret was a friend of Hendrix for many years. They played together football.

John was polite, a great student and an athlete. She shared that he was the smartest, sweetest, and most intelligent young man she knew.

Brianna Rodriguez, 16 

Brianna Rodriguez, 16

Brianna Rodriguez, 16

Brianna Rodriguez was a dancer and junior in high school. Her family confirmed her death on Saturday.

Her family set up a GoFundMe account for her, describing her as a “beautiful and vibrant 16-year old.”

She said that dancing was her passion. Now she is dancing to the heavens. 

Jacob Jurinek (20).

Franco Patino, Jacob Jurinek’s best friend, was also present at the concert. Both were killed by tramples. They grew up together in Naperville, Illinois.  

Ana Lissa Marie (a friend) was devastated by Jurinek’s death. She was a student of art and media at Southern Illinois University and had been traveling to Houston to celebrate Jurinek’s birthday with Patino.

Twitter user, ‘I lost all of my respect for Travis Scott’

“What occurred was completely disgusting. RIP all those that have lost their lives. Jacob Jurinek, your memory will always be cherished. Thank you so much for the many laughs.

“My condolences to the families who lost their loved ones”

Jacob Jurinek, 20

Franco Patino, 21

Franco Patino (20 years old), a University of Dayton student, was at the event along with Jacob Jurinek (20-years-old). Both were also trampled. 

Franco Patino, 21 was informed by the University of Dayton that Franco Patino, a student from Naperville in Illinois, had attended Friday’s concert in Houston.

A major in mechanical engineering technology, the student was active in extracurricular activities on campus. She most recently worked as a part of a Mason co-op program.

Eric F Spina University extended his condolences and thoughts to Patino’s family and friends.

Alpha Psi Lambda (Patino’s fraternity) also sent condolences out to his family and friends.

The organization posted the following on Facebook: “It is with very heavy hearts, Alpha Psi Lambda National, Inc share that our brother, Franco ‘Cuauhocelotl’ Patino has passed away to Omega Chapter.

“We offer our condolences for his loss to his friends and family. Alpha Nu Chapter is also in our thoughts. His memory will be cherished forever.

This college senior joined last year’s University of Dayton Chapter of the fraternity. 

Patino (left) and Jurinek grew up in the same Illinois town and were best friends

Jurinek (left) was born in the same Illinois village as Patino and they were close friends.

Axel Acosta 21  

Edgar Acosta and Tony Buzbee, a Texas lawyer, held Monday’s press conference to announce that he is suing to recover the loss of Axel Acosta. Acosta had traveled from Washington for the festival to see his first concert.

Axel Acosta, 21

Axel Acosta 21

He said, “They must make these types of events change.”

“Today it’s me. I lost my son. Acosta stated that it could have been him.

“When you want your child to have fun and because no one else provides the right, it’s a good idea. It’s not something I know how to explain. You have the right security.

“Because it’s not the first time he has participated in large events.

“You can have fun at Disneyland. A baseball game can be fun. Because of their security measures and because they employ the best people who can assist those in need.

“It is hard to explain.”

Rodolfo ‘Rudy’ Peña, 23 

Peña, from Laredo, Texas, died of cardiac arrest after being injured at the show.

His major was in criminal justice and medical assistance. He aspired to be a model, and he dreamed of becoming a US Border Patrol agent.  

‘What happened this past weekend is a direct result of what happens when the pursuit of financial gain and fame take precedence over protecting the lives of the innocent,’ said Almaraz Law Firm, representing the Peñas, in a statement.

It is an ode to live events’ current condition and greed in the industry.

“Nobody should be afraid to enjoy something that they love,” and this unfortunately is what happened.

‘We vow to work diligently and responsibly to bring justice to the Peña family and to all afflicted, and we will not rest until these voices have been heard loud and clear.

“We will make sure that this disaster is not repeated. It is time for something to change. Something will shift. 

Rodolfo 'Rudy' Peña, 23

Rodolfo ‘Rudy’ Peña, 23

Madison Dubiski, 23

Madison Dubiski from Cypress (Texas) was the eight and last victim to be identified..

Former Ole Miss student, Ty, was pulled from the clutches and pulled her away. She then disappeared into the crowd.

Between 2016 and 2017, Dubiski was a student at the University of Mississippi and worked as an advertising and marketing professional. Cy-Fair High School was where Dubiski attended. She was Varsity cheerleader at the school and a member National Charity League. It is a service organization that supports mothers in their middle- and high-school years.

Friends claimed that Michelle, her mother was her best friend. Ty was also close to her after she graduated from Cy-Fair.

Madison Dubiski, 23

Madison Dubiski, 23

Danish Baig. 27  

Basil Mirza Baig announced Saturday on Facebook that Danish Baig had died at Astroworld.

Baig stated that his brother died in the horrendous incident, which was poorly managed and was supervised by so many horrible people.

“People were trampled, walked, and stomped all over.” My brother saved my sister in law from all the terrible acts she was witnessing. In doing so, he ended his own life.

Baig described Danish a lovely soul that put others before herself.

“Last night, he saved my sister in law from the horrible things being done. He added that he was in complete trauma and lost of words from the event.

‘I was there but couldn’t save my brothers. “People were pushing and pulling and not caring about the lives of anyone.

Baig also claimed that the rapper provoked chaos by calling for people to get on the stage and jumping in the crowd.

Baig stated that he was not going to let this be the end. Baig stated, “My family and me will go to every extent possible to bring him to justice.”

Danish Baig, 27

Danish Baig. 27

Bharti Shahani, 22

Bharti Shahani, a senior at Texas A&M, died from injuries sustained at Astroworld

Bharti Shahani, a senior at Texas A&M, died from injuries sustained at Astroworld

Shahani, a Texas A&M senior, was critically injured at Astroworld and was on a ventilator at Houston Methodist Hospital, where she was taken after the concert.

After being declared brain dead, she was immediately taken off the ventilator. The crowd surge left her as the ninth victim. 

Her family stated that it was the first festival Shahani attended.  

James Lassitier her attorney said, “Bharti was shining stars in the community.”

‘She was a sister, a daughter, a high-achieving college student about to graduate from Texas A&M University with high, high grades.’ 

Ezra Blount, 9

Blount was the tenth (and youngest) person to succumb to injuries received at Astroworld Festival.

The injuries he sustained from being trampled on the stage were severe.

Treston Blount, Treston’s father, sat the young boy on his shoulders throughout the concert.

Treston lost consciousness due to lack of oxygen. We were unable, after he regained consciousness and was revived, to find him.

By the time the father-son pair were reuntied, Blount had suffered  swelling in his brain as well as ‘trauma in nearly all organs.’ 

Ezra Blount (right) and his father, Treston Blount (left), are pictured at Astroworld

Astroworld has Ezra Blount (right), and Treston Blount(left).