Drake hosted a party for Travis Scott after 8 people were killed at the concert. Travis Scott was able to join his friends and enjoy the party despite it being cancelled mid-show.

Scott, aged 30, was interrupted Friday evening by paramedics in Houston. The ambulances prevented Scott from finishing his set and the show had to be canceled.

During a song, at around 9:30pm, Scott stops the music and, seeing an ambulance arrive, says: ‘What the f*** is that?’

He continues on. 

Live Nation quit the concert about 30 minutes before it was scheduled, at around 10.10pm. This is 40 minutes after the officials of the city said that the’mass casualty’ event had already begun.

The ambulances and the “mass casualty” declarations had caused the show to be called off. Drake then went to Houston’s sports bar to celebrate with Drake, who was also on the stage.

Travis Scott, who was born in Houston, began the festival in 2018 to thank his hometown fans. On Friday night eight people were killed at the show, and dozens injured

Travis Scott was born in Houston and started the festival to show his appreciation for Houstonians. Eight people died and many were injured at Friday’s show.

Scott paused his show, and noticed the ambulances at around 9:30pm. He then carried on and later went partying

Scott stopped the show when he saw that there were ambulances in his area at 9:30 pm. Then he continued his show, and then he went to party.

The crowd surged towards the front at 9pm; at 9:30pm an ambulance was spotted by Scott pushing through the crowd

At 9pm the crowd surged toward the front. Scott saw an ambulance moving through the crowd at 9.30pm.

Drake is seen on stage on Friday night, performing with Travis Scott. He then went to celebrate at his favorite sports bar - unaware, he says, that people had been killed

Drake performs with Travis Scott on Friday night. After that, Drake went on to celebrate at his favorite bar. He was unaware of the fact that many people were killed.

First responders and other concert goers tend to a person crushed during Friday's show

Concert goers, first responders, and others tend to anyone who is crushed at Friday’s concert

Around 2pm Friday, hundreds of fans stormed the festival's VIP entrance. Seven hours later, the surge in front of the main stage killed eight people

At 2pm on Friday hundreds stormed into the VIP entry of the festival. Eleven people died in the crowd a few hours later.

A source told TMZ: ‘Travis didn’t know the severity of the situation when he arrived at the party. 

“As regards timing, this is consistent with the fact no one, including police, had publicly confirmed that the gravity of what had happened.” 

According to a source, Scott left the party after it became clear that many people had died. 

Scott’s presence at the party, however – held at Dave & Buster’s, a sports bar chain frequently used by Drake to host his events – will heap pressure on the Houston-born rapper.

Drake posted a photo of himself at the sports bar Dave and Buster's on Thursday night, the eve of his performance alongside Scott

Drake shared a picture of himself at Dave and Buster’s Sports Bar on Thursday, the night before his show with Scott

Relatives of victims who died in this tragedy are already suing him.

Scott promised to cover funeral costs, but the families feel that better security protocols should have been in place.

On Friday, victims aged 14-27 were killed by a large group of those in attendance at NRG Park. A timer was set to start the performance at 9pm. 

Rachel (a woman who will only be identified as Rachel) was angry at Franco Patino’s death. Franco Patino, 21, was an Illinois native and was studying at University of Dayton, Ohio.

She tweeted, “My friend is gone FOREVER due to Astroworld,” 

The anger over it is mad. Travis Scott must do so much more than a note-app apology.

Travis Scott stated that he would pay the funeral expenses for eight people who were killed in a crowd surge during Friday’s Astroworld Festival, Houston.

21-year-old Patino was a student at the University of Dayton in southern Ohio, where he studied engineering

20-year-old Jurinek was studying journalism at Southern Illinois University

Franco Patino, a University of Dayton student (left), was also among the victims. He was there with Jacob Jurinek (20 years old), when they were both trampled and killed. 

Patino (left) and Jurinek grew up in the same Illinois town and were best friends

Jurinek (left) was born in the same Illinois village as Patino and they were close friends.

Scott invited Drake to speak on Monday about his grief.

He wrote, “I have spent the last few days trying to understand this devastating tragedy,” on Instagram.

I hate that this forum is used to convey emotions such as grief. But, this is what I do.

“My heart breaks for all the people who have lost loved ones and anyone else who is in pain. 

He promised to pray for them and to be of service any way he could. 

According to new accounts, fire personnel lost contact with emergency medical staff when the severity of the situation overtook first responders.

USA Today reported that Houston’s fire chiefs were unable contact on-site doctors because their cellphones went silent amid chaos. 

One EMT that worked the event stated that his two-way radio had stopped working as emergency crews split to aid victims.

Eight people died and hundreds more were injured after the concertgoers surged toward the stage as rapper Travis Scott performed last Friday during the Astroworld Festival in Houston

Eight concertgoers were killed, and scores more injured when they rushed towards Travis Scott’s stage during last Friday’s Astroworld Festival in Houston.

Although the operations plan for the festival included protocols for numerous dangerous scenarios, it did not include information on what to do in the event of a crowd surge

The festival’s operations plan included procedures for many dangerous situations, but it didn’t include any information about what to do in case of crowd surges.

“To put it in context, the radio was not working,” the doctor said to TikTok using the username remi.rich. 

“The music was loud enough. I tried so many times to get help and backup, and nothing happened.

The scene quickly turned violent and he stated that the revelers moved toward the stage, apparently unaware of the injuries around them. 

TikTok user remi.rich said he was working for the festival as a medic, and noted that his radio wasn't functioning as concertgoers began collapsing

TikTok user, remi.rich claimed he worked for the festival in his capacity as a doctor and that his radio was not functioning when concertgoers collapsed.

The Astroworld main stage where Travis Scott was performing Friday evening sits full of debris from the concert, in a parking lot at NRG Center on November 8 in Houston

On Friday night, Travis Scott performed on the Astroworld mainstage. It was surrounded by debris. The scene is located in Houston’s NRG Center parking lot.

He stated that he observed no crowd manners. 

“They were just trying to make the show more like Travis Scott. 

“They gave no thought to anyone else around them.”

‘It was an absolute s*** show.’

Officials claim that 50,000 people were present at the event.

According to his family, a nine year-old boy was one of the many injured and was left in an intubated coma on Tuesday at a Houston hospital.

Two people who knew an unidentified victim of a fatal incident at the Houston Astroworld concert embrace at a memorial on Sunday, Nov. 7, 2021. (AP Photo/Robert Bumsted)

At a Houston Astroworld memorial service on Sunday Nov. 7, 2021, two people from the Houston Astroworld community who were friends with a victim of a fatal accident at the concert in Houston embrace. (AP Photo/Robert Bumsted).

A man places a candle at a memorial in Houston for the victims of the Astroworld music festival on Sunday

One man lights a candle in Houston to remember the victims of Sunday’s Astroworld music festival.

Concertgoers are seen scrambling after multiple injuries were reported at the festival

After multiple injuries at the festival, concertgoers can be seen struggling to get back on their feet.

The concert was attended by about 50,000 people, authorities have said

Authorities have stated that approximately 50,000 people attended the concert.

A field hospital was established on the site, and over 300 were treated. At least 13 patients were also admitted.

Tik Tok’s user disproved claims that local medics weren’t qualified to aid the wounded. 

He said, “Everyone was an absolute A-team in the med tent.”

They had two physicians, one SWAT surgeon, and several SWAT medical personnel. Then there were seasoned paramedics. They were there if you could get an A-team of Houston doctors. 

“It was just an incident where perhaps just over 150 or 150 people were responsible for most likely over 50,000 irresponsible individuals. 

“Whose fault? It was the people.

A medic working the concert blamed the tragedy on '50,000 highly irresponsible people'

One medic who attended the concert attributed the tragedy to “50,000 very irresponsible individuals”.

Bernon Blount explained that Ezra Blount and his son had traveled from outside of the city to join him at this festival. 

Blount explained that the two became separated by crowd surge. Blount then described a frenetic search for Ezra which eventually led to Ezra being found in a hospital. 

Blount claimed that his grandson suffered injuries to his heart, brain and lungs in the melee.

Blount said that Ezra was able to pass out after he succumbed from the stress of the concert. 

“When my son awoke, Ezra was not there.”

Scott met with Houston's police chief to discuss safety concerns before Friday's show

Scott met Houston’s police chief before Friday’s show to discuss safety issues.

The Houston police chief stated Monday that Scott met him to address safety concerns prior to Scott’s performance on Friday. 

Houston Police Chief Troy Finner stated that Scott’s Head of Security was also present at the meeting. However, he didn’t provide any details in a statement by the department.

Houston fire and police officers have stated that they will be reviewing the surveillance footage provided by Live Nation. They also plan to review a number of other clips taken from witnesses at the concert, which were shared widely on social media. 

 A video circulating online earlier this week showed fans begging the stage crew to halt Scott’s performance, screaming: ‘There is somebody dead in there. Someone is dead.

Shocking video shows a woman imploring a cameraman to stop the show, telling him 'There is somebody dead in there' The crew member dismisses his concerns as he continues filming

This shocking footage shows a woman telling a cameraman that he should stop shooting the show. He tells her, “There’s somebody dead there.” The crew member ignores his worries and continues filming.

Another fan jumps on stage and screams 'stop the show' as the death toll began mounting during rapper Travis Scott's Astroworld performance in Houston, Texas on Friday

One fan jumps up on stage to shout “stop the Show” as Travis Scott’s Astroworld performance began in Houston Texas.

The video, posted by TikTok shows crew members acting apathetically and disregarding fans. It also features a cameraman operating his equipment while fans plead for him to assist.

Another fan shouted, “Stop the Show!”

On Twitter, a video shows people begging rapper to quit performing. They chant’stop this show’ while concertgoers are being crushed and knocked down by others.

“Fans were recording and CPR being done by CPR-ers, while people did CPR.” The crowd was shouting at us to stop, that people were dying, and called for the crew on stage. Madeline Eskins, an ICU nurse who was a concert goer and a patient at the ICU, said that no one heard her.

 ‘It was definitely overcrowded. This was truly insane. I knew it was just way too crowded – it just got worse and worse as I got closer to Travis Scott performing it got more crowded, more crowded, more crowded.’

They also wanted to meet with Scott and representatives of Live Nation.

Live Nation announced Monday in a statement, that they would offer full refunds to attendees.

Scott was not scheduled to appear at this weekend’s Day N Vegas Festival in Las Vegas. A Scott representative requested anonymity, as they weren’t authorized to discuss the matter publicly.

Scott, founder of Astroworld, promised to pay funeral costs. 

Harris County authorities say that the deceased ranged from 14 years to 27 years of age and were from Texas and Illinois. 

These included students in high school, an aspirant Border Patrol agent and computer science students.

Michele Arnold spokeswoman for Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences. She said that it could take several weeks for medical examiners to release causes of death.