Infuriating puzzle that challenges players to spot a tropical snowflake among an unorthodox scene. 

The French Bedroom Company and Elizabeth Ockford created the seek-and-find puzzle. It features gorgeous tropical birds, flittering butterflies and palm fronds as well as ornate bird cages. 

Unseen, however, is one snowflake that is nearly impossible to see in the tropical photo. 

According to the creators, it is so hard that players have to search for it in an average 7 minutes and 23 seconds.   

The seek-and-find puzzle, created by The French Bedroom Company in collaboration with wallpaper designer Elizabeth Ockford, features beautiful tropical birds and flittering butterflies, as well as palm fronds and ornate bird cages. But hidden among the tropical picture is a single snowflake, which is almost impossible to spot

The French Bedroom Company and Elizabeth Ockford created the puzzle in search-and-find mode. It features beautiful tropical birds, flittering butterflies and palm fronds, along with ornate bird cages. Hidden amongst the tropical pictures is one snowflake that is nearly impossible to find. 

The picture  shows colourful budgies, butterflies, parrots and golden cages – but where is the snowflake?

Brits have struggled to locate the snowflake amongst elegant illustrations of butterflies, birds and leaves.

Focus your eye on the top  corners of the painting – can you see it yet? You will find the answer below.

Answer: The delicate snowflake can be seen in the top left hand coner of the picture beneath one of the palm leaves

Answer: You can see the delicate snowflake in the upper left corner of the photo, just beneath the one of the palm leaves

Elsewhere, Feel Good Contacts have launched their Christmas brainteasers for the festive season.

The average time it takes to solve their puzzles is 20 seconds. How can you beat that?

Today’s puzzle challenges you to locate the doe in the Christmas scene. Scroll down to get the solution, but please don’t cheat! 

In the first puzzle, the retailer challenges you to find the doe among the reindeer in this Christmas inspired scene - scroll down for the answer, but no cheating!

You are challenged by the retailer to identify the doe from the group of reindeer in the Christmas scene.

 The scene sees dozens of reindeer clearly identifiable by their antlers, some leaping and some grazing in a forest.

One doe is missing from the picture, and it’s not antlerless.

Concentrate your attention to the top of the photo and you might spot it. Otherwise, scroll down for the answers. 

The doe can be seen circled  in the top left-hand corner, standing under the tree and surrounded by reindeer

The doe can be seen circled  in the top left-hand corner, standing under the tree and surrounded by reindeer

And elsewhere only the most eagle-eyed participants can spot the Christmas tree hidden within the festive-themed scene in this tricky seek-and-find puzzle. 

Brainteaser by UK-based 247blinds. Challenges you to find the item in a variety of flowers and leaves. 

This vibrant graphic will test the ability of puzzlers to observe details. 

Only the most eagle-eyed participants can spot the Christmas tree hidden within the festive-themed scene in this tricky seek-and-find puzzle (pictured)

 Only the most eagle-eyed participants can spot the Christmas tree hidden within the festive-themed scene in this tricky seek-and-find puzzle (pictured)

The surrounding elements are all in the same shades of green. This makes it easy to conceal the Christmas tree. 

However, if it’s difficult to focus on the top right portion of the busy image, you can try this: 

Do not give up. Scroll down and you will see the circled Christmas tree. 

The Christmas tree was hidden towards the bottom right-hand section of the vibrant puzzle

It was located in the lower right section of the lively puzzle.

This autumnal quiz will test your ability to locate the hidden hedgehog. 

British blinds retailer 247 Blinds has created this brainteaser that tests your ability to pay attention and focuses on seasonal themes.  

Try focusing on the bottom image if you are having trouble finding a clue. You might be able to find more success. Still struggling? Scroll down to find the solution.

Scroll down to see the reveal 

Can you find the tiny hedgehog hiding in this leafy scene for a brainteaser created by British blinds retailer 247 Blinds?

Is this the hedgehog that is hiding amongst the leafy foliage? This brainteaser was created by 247 Blinds in Britain.

The hedgehog’s shape makes it difficult to find him.  

Are you having trouble finding the tiny critter? The bottom portion of the photo is the most important. 

Do you feel discouraged? Scroll down for the solution.

Try these brainteasers to see if they are more challenging!

The small hedgehog was hiding at the very bottom of the picture. It was hard to locate, because it was shaped like a pine cone

It was hidden at the very bottom. The shape of the pine cone made it difficult to spot. 

Are you a good observer and able to spot mistakes quickly? You can test your knowledge with this brainteaser for the beat the tub.

Nuie Bathrooms from the UK has created a busy graphic showing a hidden rubber Duck amongst soap suds.

But with the average person taking 28 seconds to spot the classic bathtub accessory – how long will it take you?  

The average person take 28 seconds to spot the hidden duck - but how long did it take you?

It takes an average of 28 seconds for a person to find the hidden duck. But how long did you take?

It’s not in the usual bright yellow color, which makes it more challenging. 

Is it hard to understand? The bottom half of this picture is your focus. 

Are you still having trouble finding the answer? Scroll down for the answers. 

You might also be interested in other difficult find-and-finds. Femail has compiled a list of the most difficult. 

The little bath toy can be seen hiding in a left hand bubble at the bottom of the bath (pictured)

You can see the little bath toy hiding under a left-hand bubble in the bathtub (pictured).

The vibrant search-and-find puzzle requires players to locate the mushroom that doesn’t have a match. 

TThis brainteaser was created by Gergely Dudas (Hungarian viral cartoonist), better known as DudolfShe has developed a dedicated online following.

This puzzle requires players to look closely at mushrooms in order to identify which one is missing. 

A vibrant seek-and-find puzzle challenges players to find the only mushroom without a matching pair. T he vibrant brainteaser is the work of Hungarian viral cartoonist Gergely Dudas, better known as Dudolf, who has built up a devoted online following

The seek-and find puzzle is a fun and challenging game that challenges players to discover the mushrooms without matching pairs. The brainteaser’s vibrant design is Gergely Dudas (Hungarian viral cartoonist, also known as Dudolf), who has a dedicated online audience.

Dudolf only made slight changes in the markings of the mushrooms, making it more complicated. 

It is easy to get distracted by the subtle changes in colour patterns or shapes.     

Are you having trouble finding the perfect mushroom? Look towards the bottom half of this image. 

Have you got any questions? Scroll down to see the answer.   

The odd mushroom out has a blue cap with red spots and is situated in the lower half of the image

One odd mushroom is located in the lower part of the image. The blue cap has red spots. 

This comes just after another puzzle challenge players were challenged to identify the two safety pins concealed among vibrant sewing gear.

The brainteaser has been created by Dutch lingerie brand Hunkemöller, with puzzlers asked to spot the two tiny items in the sea of tools.

It is nearly impossible to see the safety pins missing due to all the brightly colored products that clutter the graphic.

According to the creators the puzzle takes an average of one minute and 23 seconds to solve, but with the mesmerizing colours, how quick can you spot the hidden items?

This new seek-and-find puzzle challenges you to pick out the two safety pins hidden among vibrant sewing equipment (pictured)

The new search-and-find puzzle will challenge you to find the safety pins among vibrant sewing items (pictured).

It’s easy to lose your eyes in so many details that it is no surprise puzzlers have difficulty finding the right pins. 

Try focusing your attention on the center of the image if you are looking for clues. You might be more successful. 

Still struggling? You don’t have to be discouraged.     

The answer: The two safety pins (circled) can be found near the centre of the picture

Answer: You can find the two safety pins (circled), near the center of the image.

Many of us have turned to gardening as a way to get outside this summer. A new puzzle can help you be more mindful about where your tools are going.

SGS Engineering from the UK, challenged nation to find the shears among the flowers. This brainteaser was designed to test observation skills.    

The creators estimate that the puzzle can be solved in 51 seconds. However, the patterns are so beautiful and the colours similar to each other, how fast will you find the shears concealed within the flowers?  

UK-based company SGS Engineering, have challenged puzzlers to spot the shears hidden among the flowers in a busy garden

SGS Engineering in the UK, challenged puzzlers for their ability to find the shears concealed among the flowers of a bustling garden. 

Even the most keen puzzlers struggle to locate the shears. Look at the bottom third of this graphic for clues.   

Dave Gordon is the General Manager of SGS Engineering and shared his top gardening tips with us. 

Dave stated that gardening requires taking each step one at a time, and knowing what your goals are. 

“Make sure that you are equipped with the proper tools and be willing to help others if they need it.” Although gardening can be therapeutic and fun, it is not for everyone. 

Scroll down for the solution to this brainteaser. It is just one of a number of puzzles that the Internet has been presented with.  

The shears can be spotted in the lower third of the graphic surrounded by pink flowers

In the lower third, you will see the pink flowers surrounding the shears.