Do you want to buy a police-bot for political correctness? Trigger warning device to be used in schools and parties that sound alarms when it senses jokes or offensive language 

  • Themis produces loud, irritating sounds when it finds offensive language
  • Current trials of the lamp-sized device are underway in universities and classrooms.
  • Zinah Issa presented the trigger warning detector at Dubai Design Week 

Dubai Design Week has revealed a new trigger-warning detector that sounds alarms when it senses offensive speech.

The Themis, a small lamp-sized device that modifies debate at universities and classrooms, and promotes political correctness in products.

The tiny device can even be used as a way to check language during family dinners. Themis’ developers claim that they hope Themis encourages’self-critique.

The Themis will emit irritating sounds when it detects offensive speech has been said around it

The Themis can emit annoying sounds if it hears any offensive speech around the Themis.

Zinah Issa unveiled the device at Dubai’s International Book Fair.

“Extremely troubling alarms can last up to two minutes. After that, Themis switches off, which allows for an open and understanding discussion between people about possible trigger matters and potential causes of Themis activation.”

Themis, The Greek Goddess of Justice and Social Order is the name of this device. 

Themis is currently being trialled for use in classrooms and universities to 'moderate' debate

Themis is currently under trial in schools and universities for’moderate debate’

Themis is currently being tested in universities and classrooms, with an eye to expanding its use.

These designs were revealed at the Global Grad Show, where students from North Africa and the Middle East were invited to present their work.

This year, due to the pandemic, the annual show at Dubai Design Week festival was moved online.

Yesterday marked the conclusion of graduation at the festival.