Trump, the former president of the United States, spoke yesterday about windmills and birds killing birds. He also blamed Joe Biden to the decline in vaccine intake. But he neglected January 6, during an interview the day before the anniversary.

In a Blaze TV special entitled “The January 6th Distraction”, Trump stated that one of the dangers of wind power is that it can ‘kill birds’ or ‘decimate landforms.    

Biden is to blame for the decline in vaccine intake, claiming President Biden’s jab mandations have damaged economic trust and damaged faith in treatment. 

Only Beck himself mentioned the last year’s ‘stupid’ breach of the Capitol by pro-Trump protesters in the interview’s introduction, describing the January 6 Committee as ‘a complete sham’ and a ‘witch hunt’. 

He criticized the left for using the January 6th as an opportunity to denigrate Trump, and stated that discussions about an investigation were distracting Americans away from the true issues.  

It comes after Trump yesterday issued a statement calling for MAGA supporters to ‘rise up’ against Democrat overreach and criticizing Biden’s handling of the pandemic.

Former President Donald Trump yesterday chatted about 'windmills killing birds' and blamed Joe Biden for a decrease in vaccine uptake - but ignored January 6 during an interview on the eve of the anniversary

Yesterday, Donald Trump was spouting about “windmills killing bird” and blaming Joe Biden for the decline in vaccine use. However, he ignored the January 6th during an interview the day before the anniversary

Trump, speaking to Blaze TV's Glenn Beck in a special titled 'The January 6th Distraction', said one of the pitfalls of wind power was that turbines 'kill birds' and 'decimate landscapes'

Trump spoke to Blaze TV’s Glenn Beck about the “January 6th Distraction” special. He said that wind power can lead to ‘death of birds’ and destruction of landscapes.

Trump spoke out about oil and said that “other technology doesn’t have the power” to ignite our plants.

Wind is expensive. The turbines are made in Germany. They’re also made in China.

However, he claimed that turbines do not make any difference to the ‘dirty air’ and ‘atmospheric dirt’. He added however that ‘assuming you believe this’. 

He said that wind turbines can be very expensive and are not reliable.    

And by the by, it kills all of your birds and destroys your, I mean these majestic landscapes that have just been decimated.

He also criticized solar energy, saying that it does not have enough power to supply electricity to US plants. 

The renewable energy system was described as ‘dirty’ by the man who said that it wasn’t a sustainable solution for long-term because panels must be replaced every ten years. 

They then discussed Joe Biden’s pandemic handling, and Trump complained that the Democratic President hasn’t ‘fixed anything.   

He stated that ‘Actually he scared people away from the vaccine. This is very interesting. 

“When I was there we came up with…” [the vaccine]Everyone wanted it. People didn’t really want it when I was gone, and they then do mandates which are terrible.

Trump answered the question, “No. And they shouldn’t have done that either.” They terrorized everyone, and caused severe economic harm. 

“You know what? Mandates are the reason you cannot get anyone to work for your company. Mandates have proven to be a catastrophe. 

I would love them to have the vaccine. But they need to decide if they are willing to. The vaccine is available to many.  

Donald Trump is seen on January 6, 2021, at a rally shortly before his supporters stormed the Capitol

Donald Trump seen at the rally on January 6, 2021 just before his supporters stormed Capitol

People protest against vaccine mandates in Huntington Beach, California, on Monday

On Monday, Huntington Beach residents protested against mandatory vaccines.

Trump also touched on oil prices, which he wrongly claimed had hit $7.77 per gallon in California – one station in Gorda has reportedly charged $7.59 in recent months, though it is thought this is because it is 40 miles from the next gas station.

For the high prices, he blamed the Biden government’s decision not to permit drilling in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.   

He also discussed the history of Covid-19, and stated that he stopped funding the Wuhan Institute of Virology. This institute has been accused of leaking deadly viruses. 

Also, he claimed that he ignored Dr Fauci’s advice. He described him as “not a great physician” but “a great promoter”.

Trump stated that he did not do everything he asked for, and claimed Dr Fauci controls Biden.   

The comments come after he released a statement yesterday calling for MAGA supporters to ‘rise up’  in a statement that raised eyebrows on the eve of the anniversary of the Capitol riot.  

Trump was planning to have a Mar-a-Lago press conference, but his advisors cautioned him not to. They felt that it was too provocative, and could be harmful.

Instead, he issued a statement criticizing Joe Biden’s handling of the Covid-19 pandemic.  

Trump claimed that there was talk again by the Biden Administration about closing schools or mandating vaccines for children in school. 

“This outrage is unacceptable, MAGA Nation should protest this gross federal government excess.” 

Thousands of Trump supporters are seen on January 6, 2021, marching towards the Capitol

On January 6, 2021 thousands of Trump supporters marched towards the Capitol.

The riot of January 6 left 150 members of law enforcement injured, and cost five their lives

February 6th riot left 150 law enforcement personnel injured and five of their lives lost.

Joe Biden will address the Capitol on this morning.

Biden, according to the White House would counter Trump’s assertions, which many of Trump’s followers have adopted, that Trump lost his election due to widespread fraud.

Trump made a vicious attack on his successor Wednesday night, without making any reference to the anniversary. 

Trump stated, “The Democrats are so incredibily mandate happy.”

“The Biden Administration’s reaction to COVID keeps getting worse by the day. Joe Biden stated that there is no federal panacea for the pandemic. However, he federalized distribution of antibodies and the red states have been left with the brunt of the consequences. 

“In my administration we respected Governors’ role to care for their states. They could also request therapeutics and antibodies depending on the situation. This is how our country should be run.

Trump claimed that his government created “vaccines in record-time”, but mandates proved to be wrong.

“People should be free to make their own decisions about how to take care of their health. It is important to reduce the federal government’s influence and allow the citizens to choose whether or not they wish to get vaccinated.

“Joe Biden claimed he would not issue mandates. But he still did it like so many others.