Donald Trump on Friday told pro-golfer John Daly that he got along ‘great’ with Vladimir Putin and Russia didn’t invade Ukraine under his watch because he threatened to bomb Moscow. 

Trump spoke out in an audio recording during a conversation with Daly. He was a good friend and I enjoyed getting along well with him. Vladimir, we will be hitting Moscow. Moscow will be our target. I was able to convince him that 10%, 5% is enough.

John told me that he never made it happen during his time. It was all discussed, “Why didn’t John do it during my time?” It was because he knew it couldn’t. 

Former president said that Chinese President Xi Jinping did not mess with him.  

Xi also didn’t bother my mind. He understood that it was next. It’s obvious that it will be the next. Taiwan is the next step,’ he said. 

You won’t own any computer chips. They’ll wipe them from the face of this earth. 

Taiwan is the largest producer of semiconductor chips, with 60%. The fear among Taiwanese is that Putin’s incursion in Ukraine will lead to a Chinese invasion. spotted Trump on Friday in black pants and a white shirt with a polo collar and red Make America Great Again cap. He was also golfing at the West Palm Beach club with several of his partners. 

Playing alongside the president were Allan Kournikova, the Russian-born half brother of former pro tennis player Anna Kournikova, golf coach Eduardo Miquel and Chilean PGA golfers Mito Pereira and Joaquin Miemann.  

Trump said that Putin believed he would bomb Moscow '5% or 10%, but that was 'enough' to deter a Ukraine invasion

Trump said that after Russia's invasion of Ukraine, China would try to take over Taiwan

Trump called John Daly the golf pro, and he stated that Putin would not have invade Ukraine while he was watching. He threatened to bomb Moscow.

Trump was spotted by wearing black pants, a white polo shirt and his signature red Make America Great Again hat and golfing with several partners at his West Palm Beach course captured Trump in black pants, white polo shirt, and his red Make America Great again hat. He was also golfing at the West Palm Beach Course with several other partners

Trump is pictured above with Allan Kournikova, center, and golf coach Eduardo Miquel

Trump, left, is shown above, with Allan Kournikova (center) and Eduardo Miquel (golf coach). 

Trump was spotted playing golf at his Palm Beach course as press sec. Jen Psaki said Americans were 'grateful' the White House  didn't take a page out of his foreign policy playbook

Trump, who was working as press secretary at Palm Beach Golf Club, was seen playing on the course. Jen Psaki said Americans were ‘grateful’ the White House  didn’t take a page out of his foreign policy playbook

Trump has repeatedly insisted that Vladimir Putin would not have invaded Ukraine under his watch

Trump insists repeatedly that Vladimir Putin would never have invade Ukraine under his supervision

Trump is pictured putting his ball as Joaquin Miemann, second from left, and Mito Pereira, second from right, look on

Trump is pictured putting his ball as Joaquin Miemann, second from left, and Mito Pereira, second from right, look on last saw Trump at West Palm Beach’s club before he spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference. 

'The American people are grateful, a majority of the American people is that President Biden has not taken a page out of his predecessors playbook,' Psaki said in her daily briefing

Psaki in her daily briefing stated that while the American people were grateful for President Biden’s actions, they are not impressed by his predecessors.

While Trump was on the course to victory, Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary claimed that Americans are ‘thankful’ that Biden’s foreign policy strategy has not been used by the Biden government. 

Psaki spoke out in her daily update, answering questions on Russia’s invasion Ukraine. 

Trump insists that Vladimir Putin would never have invade Ukraine under his supervision. 

Trump declared that he was the 21st Century’s only President on whom Russia has not invaded during his CPAC speech last Wednesday. Bush invaded Georgia. Under Obama, Russia took Crimea. Russia invaded Ukraine under Biden.  

“I don’t doubt Putin decided to invade Ukraine after seeing the pathetic withdrawal of Afghanistan.”

Trump added that he was often with Putin and spent lots of time with him. He also said that he got along well with Trump. The ex-president responded, “It is a good thing that people get along, it’s no bad thing.”

Trump said, “It would’ve been so simple for me to prevent this from happening,” ‘He understood me, he understood I didn’t play games.’ 

Trump made the following statement in recent times:  

“There shouldn’t be a war in Ukraine now, and it is horrible for humanity that Biden and NATO have so horribly allowed it to begin. Instead of showing strength, toughness and determination, they made the Global Warming Hoax their #1 security threat, decimated American Energy Independence, then made Europe, America, and other parts of the World dependent upon Russian oil. Russia was granted the opportunity to enter, and Putin is now able to get everything he desires, and Ukraine and the rest are paying the price. 

Trump has been slamming Bill Barr this week, calling him a lazy and coward in his most recent media hit and for his memoir. 

Bill Barr, the former Attorney General of Texas, recounted how Trump slammed his hands on Barr’s desk before ordering him home immediately after disputing Trump’s claims about election fraud.

Barr resigned his post shortly before Christmas in 2020, just weeks before the end of Trump’s term – in an event that has since been revealed to be a sign of inner White House turmoil over Trump’s efforts to push his fraud claims even after they were thrown out of a succession of courts. 

‘I told him that all this stuff was bulls*** about election fraud,’ Barr told NBC in an interview.

“And it wasn’t right to push it out as his team did. He began asking me questions about other theories. The answers were there for me. I was able to tell him, ‘This is wrong because of this,’” Barr said.

Barr is currently promoting a book and also spoke about his confrontation with Trump.

Meanwhile, Trump this week turned on Bill Barr, calling his former attorney general 'lazy' and a 'coward for his latest round of media hits and his forthcoming memoir

Trump also slammed Bill Barr during this week’s media storm, calling Barr ‘lazy’, a coward, and for the latest rounds of hits on social media and his forthcoming memoir

'Boom!' Former Attorney General Bill Barr says former President Donald Trump slammed his hand on a desk as he accepted his offer of resignation after Barr refused to accept his election fraud claims, which were tossed out of a succession of courts

‘Boom!’ After Barr rejected his claims of election fraud, Barr claimed that former Attorney General Bill Barr slammed his hands on a desk when he accepted his resignation offer.

Barr said that Barr was able to recall him saying, “He was evidently getting very mad about this.” He said that he was getting upset about the situation and that he could understand. I accept your resignation.

Trump reacted furiously to this.

‘And then, boom! He reached for the keyboard and said, “Accepted!”  Accepted!”‘

‘And then, boom! Barr said that he “slapped” it yet again and slapping himself for emphasis. ‘Accepted! Return home. You shouldn’t return to the office. Return home. Trump said, “You’re done.”

Trump attempted to cover up the dramatic encounter between Barr and Trump in tweets announcing Barr’s departure. However, it became clear that Barr would remain on his payroll until December 23rd.

“Just had a very nice meeting with Attorney General Bill Barr at the White House,” Trump Tweeted Dec. 14th. “Our relationship was a good one. He has done an excellent job!”

In a Friday statement, Trump described Barr as ‘weak and ineffective’. 

‘Former Attorney General Bill Barr wouldn’t know voter fraud if it was staring him in the face—and it was. He was ineffective and scared of being impeached by the Democrats, who were always threatening to. They “broke” him.’ 

And in a  statement to NBC he said he demanded Barr leave for failing to do his job, calling his former AG ‘Lazy’ and a ‘coward.’ Interview airs at 9 p.m. on Sunday.

An inquiry by a House committee examines Trump’s attempt to overturn his election on January 6. 

Barr also ridiculed Trump's infamous 2019 call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, where Trump asked him to 'do us a favor' and investigate Joe Biden's son Hunter. Zelensky has since become a hero of resistance to the Russian invasion

Barr ridiculed Trump’s 2019 phone call with Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine, in which Trump requested him to do ‘us a favor’ by investigating Joe Biden’s son Hunter. Zelensky became a heroic resistance hero to the Russian invasion.

Barr did it as a last act with Trump. He had infuriated congressional Democrats after he released a summary of the Mueller report – which when viewed in full spelled out 10 areas of potential obstruction of justice by Trump.   

Barr reacted to Democrats’ criticisms that Barr’s summary did not reflect all the important admonitions in the entire report. This included questions about Trump’s firing as FBI Director James Comey, and possible obstruction of the Mueller investigation.

‘That’s not true. Barr explained that this was just a rumour by people who hoped Mueller would bring down Trump.

Barr mocked Trump’s famous 2019 call with Volodymyr Zelensky the Ukrainian president. In that conversation, Trump demanded that he ‘do us all a favor’ by investigating Joe Biden’s son Hunter. At the time Zelensky was calling for arms, Barr laughed at this request. Zelensky said that Ukraine is’ready buy more Javelins for US defense purposes’ during the conversation with Trump.

This conversation was a crucial part of Trump’s first impeachment. Zelensky’s pleas for arms during Russia’s invasion have brought the topic to new attention. Zelensky is now an international hero because he stood up against the attack.

“This whole maneuver of trying to get the Ukrainians to investigate Biden. It was an ill-conceived scheme. Barr stated that it was absurd. 

He stated that he was furious at Trump’s statement to Zelensky about having Barr and Rudy Giuliani call Zelensky. Barr denied knowing anything about the situation at the time that the call transcript was released by the Justice Department. 

Barr records the event in his memoir, “One damn thing after another.”  

Barr also claimed to have yelled at former President Donald Trump after he asked the attorney general about Hunter Biden’s laptop, a new excerpt from Barr’s explosive forthcoming memoir revealed on Wednesday.

Barr wrote in his own account of Trump White House entitled One Damn thing after another that the ex-attorney General and his boss didn’t speak for weeks following the election.

Barr spoke out about a Trump phone call in October 2020, according to Fox. This happened shortly after Trump had watched the Newsmax video clip concerning the laptop. The clips threatened to reveal explosive details about Biden, his son and recovering drug addict.

Barr said Trump had asked him to repeat the question: “You know that stuff from Hunter Biden’s laptop?” 

‘Mr. President, I cannot talk about it, and I will not,’ Barr responded.

Former Cabinet officials stated that Trump’s tone was dissatisfying and asked Biden to reconsider whether it was his son or one of his children.

Trump started by saying, “You know, If that were one of my children– ” according to the book.

Barr cut him off. Period!’

Barr and Trump (pictured together in July 2019) butted heads more than once during Barr's final months as Trump's attorney general, his new book reveals

Barr and Trump, pictured in July 2019, are seen together. His new book shows that Barr and Trump argued more than once over Barr’s last months as Trump’s attorney General.

According to the attorney general, his chief staff member was stunned when the conversation ended. 

Barr stated that he did not nod when Levi asked him, “You shouted at President?”

Barr stated that she attended an election-night party in the following month. However, Barr had never spoken with Trump before three weeks after the election. reached out to Trump’s spokespersons for comment. 

New York Post reported in October 2020 that Hunter had emails on his laptop and could have implicated Joe in international business transactions involving his son. discovered that the hard drive contained communication records. These communications included business deals and meetings between Hunter and his business associates.

Hunter Biden received a particular email that outlined a provisional agreement. It included 10% equity at a Chinese company to ‘the big man’, later identified as Joe Biden. 

Also included were videos and pictures of current President’s son using a crack pipe and performing sexual acts alongside prostitutes. 

Trump and his rivals hoped that the laptop would endanger Biden’s presidency campaign.