The Wall Street Journal publishes Trump’s ‘letter of the editor’ critiquing the outlet for failing ‘to realize ‘the electoral fraud was rigged’. It also contains 20 bullet points detailing voter fraud conspiracies that took place in Pennsylvania.

  • The Wall Street Journal published Wednesday a letter to editor written by former President Donald Trump 
  • Trump was offended that a WSJ op ed supporting a Pennsylvania state Supreme Court hopeful claimed President Joe Biden had won the commonwealth 
  • Trump stated to The Journal, “Well, actually, the election had been rigged. Which you, unfortunately still haven’t figured out.” 

Donald Trump, a former President, wrote a letter complaining to The Wall Street Journal’s editor that an editorial in the newspaper didn’t state that the 2020 presidential election had been ‘rigged’. 

In a letter published by The Journal on Wednesday, Trump took offense that a WSJ editorial backing Pennsylvania Republican state Supreme Court nominee Judge Kevin Brobson said that now President Joe Biden ‘won the state by 80,555.’

Trump said to The Journal that the election was rigged. 

Former President Donald Trump wrote a letter to the editor of The Wall Street Journal, which the newspaper published Wednesday, complaining that the outlet didn't agree with him that the presidential election was 'rigged'

The Wall Street Journal published Wednesday a letter from Donald Trump to its editor complaining that The Wall Street Journal didn’t agree that the presidential election was rigged. 

The ex-president presented a number conspiracy theories as part of the so called ‘big lie’. These include that Keystone State processed “10,515 mail votes from people who are not on the Pennsylvania voter roll at all.”  

Trump also accused his Attorney General BIll Barr of pressuring U.S. Attorney Bill McSwain not to investigate election irregularities.  

“And so many more! Fake News Media and Democrats don’t want a complete forensic audit of Pennsylvania. Trump stated that 80,555 ballots were nothing when there is so much corruption or voter irregularities. 

Trump presented 20 bullet points as his argument.  

The ex-president was relocating to Palm Beach, Florida after he signed the letter.  

The WSJ’s Editorial Board penned an op-ed Sunday endorsing Brobson, saying that while he wouldn’t upset the balance of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, which tilts Democratic, his election would send a message from voters that they disapprove of judges ‘who rewrite black letter election law.’ 

The Journal attacked the Pennsylvania Democratic-leaning State Supreme Court, saying that justices “conjured a COVID-19exception” to allow mail in ballots to arrive three days after election day. 

The op-ed stated that “State law clearly states mail ballots must arrive by 8 p.m. on Election Day.”   

The Editorial Board warned the Supreme Court that the presidential election could have gone to a second time if Pennsylvanians had voted more tightly.  

“This didn’t matter because Mr. Biden was elected to the state by 80.555, but the country is fortunate that the election wasn’t closer,” the opinion piece said.   

Trump however felt that the dig was important and he wrote the letter.