Amerie Jo Garza (right)

Amerie Jo Garza (right)

Amerie Jo Garza, 10

Fourth grader Amerie Jo Garza was killed in an attack by Ramos on Tuesday morning. Ramos was reportedly carrying both a gun and an AR-15, according to cops.

Her grandmother, Berlinda Irene Arreola, said the 10-year-old was killed as she tried to phone 911 while sitting next to her best friend, who ended up ‘covered in her blood.’

Arreola said Ramos told the students and staffers inside the room, ‘You’re going to die,’ before opening fire – shooting her granddaughter dead as she tried to phone for help.

‘So the gunman went in and he told the children, ‘You’re going to die,’ Berlinda told The Daily Beast.

‘And [Amerie]She had her cell phone, so she dialed 911. Instead of taking her phone and breaking or taking it away, he took her gun. Her best friend was right beside her. The blood of her best friend covered her. 

Uziyah Garcia

Uziyah Garcia

Uziyah Garcia, 8

Uziyah Garcia (age eight), was the youngest victim of the attack.

Hours after the family had announced that the tragedy left many other children unaccounted, they said the boy was dead.

The boy’s grandfather, Manny Renfro, broke the news early Wednesday after being notified by authorities.

‘[He was]Renfro described Renfro as the “sweetest little boy I have ever known.” “I don’t just say that because he’s my grandkid.

Renfro remembered when Uziyah visited him last spring break in San Angelo.

“We began throwing footballs together, and I started teaching him how to pass.

The grieving grandfather said, “Such a quick little boy, he could catch the ball so well,”

“There were some plays I called that he would recall and that he would perform exactly as we had practiced.”

Makenna Elrod, 10

Makenna Lee Elrod

Makenna Lee Elrod

Makenna Elrod (10) was among the victims of the mass shooting. Brandon Elrod had told reporters at that time that his daughter thought’she might not be alive’.

On Wednesday, a close family friend confirmed the death of his daughter. The girl’s father, KTRK reported that he was saddened by the state of this world after the shooting.

Makenna’s friend’s mother posted a Facebook post in which she was saddened by her loss. 

“Sweet Makenna Rest In Paradise!” As my little girl Chloe so loved me, it breaks my heart! Mom wrote. On Wednesday, a relative confirmed the fact that the little girl was among those who were killed.

Xavier Lopez, 10

Xavier Lopez

Xavier Lopez

Xavier Lopez (10 years old) was first victim of Ramos.

Felicha Martinez was the child’s mom. She told The Washington Post Tuesday Just hours before the attack, her mother was at the school to watch her son take part in the shooting. A ceremony honoring the members of the Honor Roll 

She captured a photograph of her son displaying his certificate.

The mom told him that she was proud and loved him in the final exchange. She gave him a goodbye hug, not realizing that it would be his last.

‘He was funny, never serious and his smile… that smile I will never forget,’ she recalled after learning of his death from police. It would cheer up anyone.

Lisa Garza of Arlington (54), said that Xavier liked swimming and looked forward to this summer.

“He was just an innocent, loving, 10-year old boy. He was simply enjoying life. Not knowing this was about to happen,’ she stated. 

He was very bright and loved to dance with his brother, his mom. All of this has had a devastating effect on our family.

Lopez’s grandmother Amelia Sandoval stated: “It’s so difficult…you send your children to school hoping they will make it back home, but they don’t.”

Eliahana Torres, 10

Eliahana Cruz Torres

Eliahana Cruz Torres

Eliahana Cruz Torres (10) had been missing for many hours, until finally she was found among the dead.

Adolfo Cruz was her great-grandfather. She said that she did not want to go to school on the day of shooting, but her family told her she must.

He claimed he was outside school during the night, until he learned of his daughter’s fate from the local authorities.

He stated that he hoped she was still alive at the time. 

Torres enjoyed playing baseball in his youth and participated in local Little Leagues. 

Ellie Lugo, 10

Ellie Lugo

Ellie Lugo

Ellie Lugo was identified as a victim by her parents. Jennifer Lugo and Steven Garcia confirmed her death shortly after her missing status was updated. 

‘It’s hard to issue out a statement on anything right now my mind is going at 1000 miles per hour… but I do wanna send our thoughts and prayers to those who also didn’t make it home tonight!!! Steven Lugo stated Wednesday that Ellie was an adorable doll who was one of the most happy children he had ever seen.

Please remember that Mom and Dad are there for you.  

Nevaeh Bravo 10

Nevaeh Bravo

Nevaeh Bravo

Nevaeh Bravo was confirmed to be among the dead late Tuesday, after her cousin posted on social media following the shooting to ask for helping the girl. 

She broke the news via Twitter at 9:59 pm.

She wrote, “Unfortunately, my lovely Nevaeh became one of today’s many victims,”

Sje declared that the schoolchild was flying high and asked people to pray for them.  

Our Nevaeh is found. The angels are above her. We love you Navaeh so much, princess.

She wrote, “Thanks for your support and assistance.” “Rest in Peace, my dear girl. You didn’t deserve it.”

Bravo’s age cannot be immediately confirmed.  

Tess Marie Matta

Tess Marie Mata

Tess Marie Matta

Faith Mata posted on Wednesday that Tess Marie Mata was among the victims of the attack.

She wrote, “I honestly don’t have any words except sadness, confusion and anger.”

“I feel sad and disappointed that we never got to tag on with mom and dad to tell them how much our hearts are, but I am also confused and angered at how such a thing could have happened to my lovely, caring and beautiful sister.

Pictures shared with the blog showed Tess doing various activities, including snuggling up with her cat, performing gymnastics and flashing peace signs.

“Sissy, I’m so sorry, but I’m still missing you. I’d like to hug you and tell how beautiful you are. I’d love to see you play softball. I’d also like to have one more family vacation. I’d love to hear you laugh and to tell you how much my heart loves you.

Unfortunately, her age cannot be immediately confirmed.

Rojelio Torres, 10

Rojelio Torres

Rojelio Torres

Rojelio Torres (10 years old) was reported as missing at first by his father. However, his family confirmed his death on Wednesday.

Twitter user claiming to be the cousin of the boy wrote: “It breaks mine to say that my rojelio has now joined the angels. I will forever love and miss you, my angel.”

Federico Torres was the father of the child and told Houston reporters that his son had just finished work when he heard about the shooting. He then raced straight to school.

He stated, “They sent them to the hospitals, to San Antonio’s civic center and to the hospital again. “They didn’t give us any information, but a photograph, so we wait and hope everything goes well.

The news was delivered to the boy’s parents nearly half-a day later by cops.

Precious perez, Torres aunt, said, “Our whole family waited nearly 12 hours after the shooting to discover that Rojelio Torres was murdered in this tragedy.” “We are heartbroken and devastated.” Rojer was an intelligent, hard-working, and generous person. Rojer will be greatly missed and not forgotten. 

Jayce Carmelo Luevanos, 10

Jayce Luevanos

Jayce Luevanos

Jayce Luevanos (10) and Jailah (10), both died at the scene. His mother, Joanne, said Wednesday.

Unberto Gonzalez, uncle shared photographs of the children and offered a moving tribute in a Facebook post.

“My babies are going to be so sad!!,’ Gonzalez wrote. “We love you all so much!!! Right now, I am just confused! My beautiful Angels, Fly High!

Jailah Nicole Silguero, 10

Jailah Nicole Silguero

Jailah Nicole Silguero

Jailah Nicole Silguero, ten-year-old, was also shot dead in the incident. Her mother, Veronica Luevanos cried to Univision Wednesday.

Jayce, her 10-year old nephew, was also killed in the tragic accident.

Jailah, she said, loved to dance on TikTok and make videos.

According to reports, the child also asked her mother the morning before the shooting for permission to stay at home. This request was reportedly rejected by the mom who is now in mourning. 

“I brought her to school but she refused to go. He asked her to stay home. Luevanos replied, noting it wasn’t a typical request for her daughter. It was clear that she expected something to happen.

Luevanos’ mother confirmed her loss via Facebook on Wednesday.

Fly high my angels. We are going to miss you all so much,” wrote Veronica Luevanos, whose father had just died a week before.

She wrote, “I’m so broken,” along with a picture of her nephew and daughter. 

‘My baby I love u so much … fly high baby girl.’

Alithia Ramirez 10

Alithia Ramirez

Alithia Ramirez

 Fourth grader Alithia Ramirez was confirmed dead early Wednesday by her father, Ryan Ramirez, who shared a post to Facebook showing the 10-year-old with angel’s wings. The same photo was used by Ryan Ramirez to plead for her rescue after the attack.

The same photograph had been used by him the day before as he tried desperately to find her.

“Trying to locate my daughter Alithia. He wrote that he had called every hospital and received no response.

During his mad search for answers, he also reported that ‘I’m trying find my baby’s whereabouts. 

Annabell Guadalupe Rodriguez 10

Annabell Guadalupe Rodriguez

Annabell Guadalupe Rodriguez

Annabell Guadalupe Rodriguez (10 years old) was also killed Tuesday by Ramos – together with her cousin who is yet to be identified.

Annabell was lost in the frantic search of her father after the shooting. 

Talking to KHOU11 Tuesday, the man lamented that he wasn’t sure what to do and had no luck in his search.

“They won’t let us into the hospital at this time so we don’t know where else to go.”

 She has since been declared to be among the dead.

Miranda Mathis, 11

Miranda Mathis

Miranda Mathis

Miranda Mathis, 11,  was also confirmed as another casualty from the mass shooting early Wednesday, in a Facebook post by an older cousin who earlier that day had posted a desperate plea for help in locating the child.

Deanna Miller wrote, alongside a picture of the angel-winged child: “My sweet little cousin. We loved u dearly.”

She said, “I am so sorry that this happened to you baby. Please keep my family in prayer.”

Miller’s family was also at the school when the shooting occurred, however they were able to escape the tragedy.

She was told by one of her children that they were forced out of the window during the attack. He then ran to the nearby funeral home, having heard him say he would kill the entire family.

Alexandria ‘Lexi’ Aniyah Rubio, 10

Alexandria Aniyah Rubio

Alexandria Aniyah Rubio

Alexandria Aniyah Rubio (better known to friends simply as Lexi) was found dead shortly before midnight Tuesday.

The 10-year-old victim was gunned down Just hours after taking a picture with her parents during the honors roll ceremony at school, she was back in action.

Kimberly Mata-Rubio wrote about the daughter’s loss, “My beautiful and smart Alexandria Aniyah Rubio was today recognized for All-A Honor Roll. The good citizen award was also presented to her. She was told that we love her and would take her to school. It was the end of our relationship. 

Maite Yuleana

Maite Yuleana

Maite Yuleana

Maite Yuleana, a student who had just attended an honor roll ceremony hours earlier, was also among those killed in the attack.

Ana Rodriguez, Ana’s cousin, reported the news Wednesday. 

“It is with heavy hearts that I speak on behalf Ana, my cousin who was tragically killed in the yesterday’s shooting.  

“We are very saddened about the loss. [sic] of this sweet smart little girl…. God bless her and may Maite Rodriguez rest in peace. We love you.

A relative sent Maite a picture of her with her honors roll certificate.

Unfortunately, her age cannot be immediately confirmed.

Jose Flores Jr, 10

Jose Flores

Jose Flores

Jose Flores (10) was also fatally shot after being at an honor roll ceremony. There, he was seen holding the certificate that celebrated his achievement.

After posting a Facebook tribute to his son, Uncle Christopher Salazar said Wednesday to Washington Post that his 10-year old nephew had been among the deceased.

Salazar posted, “I Love You and I Miss You”, in his post.  

CNN quoted Jose’s father as saying that Jose is an incredible boy, big brother and great friend to his siblings.

Jose Flores Sr. said that “he was always full of energy.” “Ready to play until the morning.

He claimed that the boy was a big fan of video games and playing baseball.

Jackie Cazares

Jackie Cazares

Jackie Cazares, 10

Jackie Cazares (10) was the other victim of the brutal attack at the elementary school.

Her father Jacinto confirmed she lost her life inside her fourth-grade classroom.

In an online posting, the father of the deceased said that “My little girl was taken from me and my family,”

“We are in total despair. This is something I hope that no one else ever has to go through.” … It is a terrible thing that hurts our souls.

Cazares stated that his daughter Annabell Rodriguez was also with him when she passed away.

Layla Salazar, 10

Last of the victims was identified as the 10-year-old student.

Vincent Salazar claimed to the Philadelphia Inquirer that his daughter, aged just six years old, was one of those who were killed.

He described her as a lot of fun and said that she sang along to “Sweet Child Of Mine” by Guns ‘n’ Roses every time he took her to school.   

Layla Salazar

Layla Salazar

Irma Garcia (46 – Fourth Grade Teacher)

Irma Garcia

Irma Garcia

Mireles was 23-year-old Irma Garca, and Mireles is her coteacher for the past five years. 

Married to Joe for 24 years, she was a mother of four – Cristian, completing Marine boot camp; Jose, attending Texas State university University; Lyliana, a sophomore in high school; and Alysandra, a 7th grader. 

John, her nephew, tweeted that “My tia didn’t make it. She sacrificed herself to protect the children in her class, so i beg you to keep me and my family, including her entire family, in y’all’s prayers. IRMA GARCIA IS HER NAME and she died a HERO.” 

“She was loved and will be greatly missed.”

Trinity University nominated her as Teacher of the Year for its 2018-19 Awards. 

Eva Mireles 44, fourth-grade teacher

Eva Mireles

Eva Mireles

Eva Mireles (a fourth-grade teacher) was one of the victims. Her 17-year career in education had brought her to this point. 

Ruben Ruiz is a former detective who served as SWAT team member and now serves as a school officer. He held frequent active shooter drills at schools, most recently at March’s end.