Six-year old tube fan is looking to become the youngest person in the world to reach all 272 London Underground stations.

  • Six-year-old Lewis Wing has been to all 272 London Underground stations. 
  • As the youngest person to successfully complete this mission, he hopes to set a world record
  • Six-year-old Can Recite Network Map by Heart and Has a Themed Bedroom
  • Three years after growing up in a nearby station, he was a dedicated tube fan.

Six-year-old Tube Super Fan hopes to set a world record for the youngest tube fan to travel to all 272 London Underground stations. He can also recite the Capital Network map from memory and has his own tube-themed bedroom.

Lewis Wing is a East Londoner who became an avid fan at the tender age of 3. He grew up close to a Tube station and was a keen follower. 

He is now six and has just finished a tour of all  272 of London’s stations and is hoping he has broken a World Record as the youngest person to complete the mission. 

Lewis Wing (pictured) is now six and has just finished a tour of all 272 of London's stations and is hoping he has broken a World Record as the youngest person to complete the mission

Lewis Wing (pictured), now aged six, just completed his tour of London’s 272 stations.

He began the project three years ago with the support of his parents Sheina Vasudevan (46) and Peter Wing (49).   

He completed his mission on September 20th when he reached the last station on his list, Nine Elms (Battersea Power Station) and Battersea Powerstation.

Guinness will inform the youngster if he broke it.   

He was told by his mother that he lived near the Jubilee Line Depot, so it is safe to assume that his love bloomed there.

“We took him to the Tube for transport starting at three months. As soon as he spoke, he asked to ride the Tube.

Pictured: Lewis smiles at Baker Street

Another stop on Lewis's mission- Wembley Park

Three years ago, the schoolboy (pictured right and left) started his project with help from his parents, Sheina Vasudevan (46), and Peter Wing (49).

Tube-mad Lewis said: “I love all trains. They’re awesome.’

He was just three years old when the mission to see all 272 London stations began. His parents had used the tube for travel and he started it.   

He began asking for visits to the Tube and memorising Tube maps.

Lewis became more and more interested and began requesting visits, as well as doing his own research, and even memorising the Tube map - which he can recite any route from by heart

Lewis started to become more involved and asked for visits.

His mother started decorating the bedroom of his son with London Underground themed decorations. These included bedsheets, cushions, and a clock. And his love for London Underground only grew.

He decided to capture Lewis at every station he visited. This quickly turned into an obsession and he was determined to see every London station.

Lewis crossed off his final stations on his his, three years after he started his mission. He did so on September 20,

Pictured: Lewis at Heathrow Terminal 5

Lewis smiling at Great Portland Street

His mother decorated her son’s room with various London Underground decorations, from pillows and bedsheets to hand-decorated clocks. He fell in love right away. Lewis in Heathrow Terminal 5, 

Sheina stated that she went to Nine Elms, Battersea Power Station and Battersea on the opening day.

“We needed to get in touch with Transport for London to confirm their availability to complete the set.

Lewis said, “We went straight to school — it was the most tiring Monday in my entire life.”

When he looked back at the three previous years, he stated that his favorite stations were Sudbury Town because it looks beautiful on the outside’ and Stratford?because it looks great on the inside.

Pictured: Lewis at Bow Road station

He was encouraged by his parents to snap Lewis at each station they visit. It soon became a daunting task for him to see every London station.

The six-year old is now waiting for Guinness to tell him if he’s the youngest person to ever visit all 272 stations.

Sheina declared: “He knows everything. We don’t even doubt his knowledge.”

“Every morning he looks at the Transport for London status report, and it shows.

Now he has completed his mission, the six-year-old is waiting to hear back from Guinness on whether he has become the youngest person ever to visit all 272 stations

He has now completed his mission. The 6-year-old waits to hear from Guinness if he is the youngest person to have visited all 272 stations.

“Lots and lots of 6-year-olds spend their days in front of the television or on a gaming console. It’s an intriguing passion!

“Now Lewis made it his mission, he visited every railway station in the country – there are over 2000.

“I think that he can handle this one himself when he is a bit older!

His mother said: Now Lewis has made it his mission to visit every national railway station - there are more than 2000'

His mother stated that Lewis had made it his mission visit all national railway stations – more than 2000!