“Only Fans” will soon be Matt Hancock’s next move. Twitter pokes fun at former Health Secretary’s icy dip in Hyde Park lake – as Serpentine swimming club hits out at him for breaking ‘members only’ rules

  • Matt Hancock went for an icy swim in Hyde Park’s waters yesterday. This prompted a number of Twitter replies 
  • Some seem to love the former Health Secretary. They call him heart-throb Hancock.
  • Other critics were less kind, and compared the Tory heavyweight with Creature from Black Lagoon
  • Yesterday’s tweet from the Serpentine Swimming Club criticised Mr Hancock. It showed a picture of Hancock in a pool with the caption, ‘Serpentine Swimming Is strictly for members and no guests’ 


Matt Hancock has been the subject of a flood of humorous tweets mocking him for his brisk swim in Hyde Park. The swimming club at Hyde Park took offense at the ex-minister for not following the’members only” rules. 

Social media users have been making light of the former Health Secretary after he sampled the icy cool waters of central London’s Serpentine lake – along with former Lord Chancellor Robert Buckland and Lord Bethell – at 7.45am yesterday.

Others seem to love the politician and call him heart-throb Hancock. They joke that it was only a matter time before he created a page at OnlyFans, where adult entertainers charge money for 18+ content. 

Some others compared Hancock’s picture emerging from London to scenes from James Bond films, placing it alongside one of Daniel Craig, an actor in the shirtless scene at Casino Royale.    

Hancock’s extravagant lengths seemed to have riled local swimmers, as the Serpentine Swimming Club tweeted yesterday a link to photos of Hancock’s swim. It also stated that “Serpentine Swimming is strictly for Members only and No Guests allowed.” 

Today, a Matt Hancock spokesperson told MailOnline that Robert and Matt were out running and Robert was invited to join them for an unplanned swim with enthusiastic members of the club – and even borrowed towels. Although it was chilly outside, the two were cheerful and grateful to each other for the warm hospitality. 

Matt Hancock has sparked a wave of lighthearted tweets poking fun at him for taking a brisk dip in Hyde Park waters - as the swimming club which operates at the site hit out at the former minister for breaking 'members only' rules

Matt Hancock has attracted a lot of laughter from his tweets, mocking him for taking a swim in Hyde Park. The swimming club at Hyde Park took aim at the ex-minister for not following the’members only” rules.

The former Health Secretary was mocked by social media after sampling the Serpentine lakes in central London at 7.45 am yesterday. Some seem to have fallen in love with the politician. They joked that it was “only a matter” before he set up a page for OnlyFans, a site where 18-plus performers are charged money. Some others compared Hancock’s 43-year-old appearance from London to an iconic scene in James Bond films, placing Hancock’s picture next to Daniel Craig, who was wearing a beach scene shirtless for Casino Royale. 

The Serpentine Swimming Club yesterday tweeted a link to pictures of Mr Hancock's swim, adding: 'Serpentine swimming is strictly for members only, and no guests permitted'

Yesterday’s tweet from The Serpentine Swimming Club included a link to photos of Mr Hancock swimming. It also said that Serpentine swimming was strictly restricted for Serpentine members and not open to guests.

Hancock, who was forced to quit last year after a lockdown-busting affair with a senior aide, had braved an air temperature of zero with chilly waters at just 4C following a jog with the Parliamentary Running Club.

A Twitter user claimed that the Tory heavyweight Matt Hancock was photographed in bare chest with water waist deep in water.

One person tweeted the black-and-white clip of the Creature from the Black Lagoon monster, and wrote: “Thought it were a trailer for a movie.”

According to the Standard, the former minister was seen getting into the water and paddling for about 20m. Then, he retreated to his towel.