It has been claimed that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle cannot now visit Britain to attend Prince Philip’s thanksgiving service if the legal dispute over the security of his family in the UK continues.

It was expected that the Duke and Duchess would attend the Westminster Abbey memorial event, which was first announced by Queen Elizabeth on December 23rd. The date for this year’s ceremony is still unknown.

Harry and Meghan who currently live in California were hoping to finally bring their seven month old daughter Lilibet to The Royal Family. Archie, however, will also be present.

The dispute with the UK Government may now have an impact on these plans. Harry threatens to have a judicial appeal of the Home Office’s decision against him paying for protection police for his family and him while in Britain.

A royal source told US celebrity news website Page Six last night: ‘If Harry goes, he will want to have security for him and his family. Security is essential for Harry if and whenever he chooses to return to the UK.  MailOnline reached out this morning to the representatives of Duke and Duchess Sussex for clarification. 

The judicial review is a challenge to the legality of a decision by a public agency and must pass a threshold test. Harry has now filed his claims. The Home Office needs to submit a document explaining their opposition. After examining whether the case is eligible for judicial reviews, the High Court will hold a hearing to determine if it should be granted. 

The bill for the process will almost certainly run into the tens of thousands of pounds, with each party in a case at a one-day substantive hearing likely to face legal costs of at least £25,000 to £40,000 and possibly even more.  The Home Office has previously given the cost on the Government of a substantive hearing as up to £100,000.

Meghan has not returned to Britain since the couple officially stepped down as senior royals in March 2020 – and did not accompany Harry to his late grandfather’s funeral last April because she was heavily pregnant at the time.

The couple has not said if they will attend the service. It will include family members, dignitaries, and representatives from many charities and organizations with Philip. 

However, it was widely believed that Harry and Kate would attend the event and be able to connect with other senior royals, including his grandmother Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles and Prince William. 

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are accompanied by security personnel in October 2018 in Rotorua, New Zealand

Security personnel accompanied the Duke and Duchess Sussex in Rotorua in New Zealand in October 2018.

The Queen and Prince Philip are pictured in June 2014. The Duke of Edinburgh died in Windsor on April 9 last year aged 99

Picture of the Queen and Prince Philip in June 2014. In June 2014, Prince Philip and the Queen were pictured. The Duke of Edinburgh was 99 when he died at Windsor in April last year.

The memorial service will take place at Westminster Abbey in London in spring this year on a date which is to be confirmed

This year’s memorial service will take places at Westminster Abbey, London, in spring 2013, on an unconfirmed date

Harry has not been engaged since he left the Royal Family almost two years ago. However, he requested that the Metropolitan Police ensure his safety on any occasions when he returns home with his family.

These visits were for private and charitable purposes, as well as social and business reasons. The man offered to pay the expenses.

Harry is being protected by the police Anne didn’t receive one… she almost was kidnapped! 


An expert suggested this week that Prince Harry could learn from Princess Anne. She is only granted security when she performs royal duties.

Harry has threatened legal action to stop him from getting Met Police security when he returns from California.

Dai Davies is the ex-royal protection head (pictured) said Princess Anne ‘doesn’t get full time protection now and yet in 1974 she was nearly kidnapped – her protection officer was actually shot’. 

“Her security has been adapted to the risk,” said the ex-chief superintendent. The pool of available officers is too small to select from. 

His words about Harry and Meghan were: “They both have such an ego that they expect to be treated. It is a fact that many of the senior royals have lost their protection. They won’t take any officers from other royals, or give them other duties.

Harry visited the country for the last time in July 2021, when he was invited to the unveiling at Kensington Palace of the statue in memory of his mother Princess Diana.

Meghan and Archie have not visited the UK in over a year. Archie saw their family last November as a baby in arms.

Lilibet, their daughter, will be one in June. She hasn’t been back to her home country, nor met her great-grandmother and grandfather.

Harry seeks to have the UK’s police protect him reviewed by the courts.

Harry’s lawyers have sent a letter of ‘pre-action protocol’ to the Home Office. It threatens to take him to court if his family is not given security in Britain.

Unnamed sources stated in a statement that “The Duke and Duchess Of Sussex fund their own private security team, however this security can’t replicate the required police protection while they are here in the U.K.”

According to the statement, Prince Harry’s family and friends are not able to travel to their home without protection. The UK will remain Prince Harry’s country of residence and the one he wishes his children and wife to feel safe. There is too high a risk for personal injury due to the absence of police protection.

Spokesman for the Government said that UK’s security system is ‘rigorous, proportionate’. It was long-standing policy to not provide details about such arrangements.

This is also a first for the judiciary, as it cannot be involved in matters related to royal protection. The matter of royal protection are approved by an impartial committee and the Home secretary.

According to royal insiders, there are no funds for Buckingham Palace. The palace spokesperson said that the matter was for the Home Office or the Sussexes.

An expert in security advised Harry earlier this week to follow the example of his strict aunt Princess Anne. She does not have full-time protection from police, even though she survived a kidnapping attempt where her bodyguard was killed.

It is believed that the Queen’s child will only be accompanied by armed Metropolitan Police officers when performing official duties for her father.

Harry and Meghan's family Christmas card released last month featuring pictures of their children Archie and Lilibet

Last month’s Christmas card for Harry and Meghan featuring photos of Archie and Lilibet was released by Harry.

Prince Harry was last in Britain in July last year for the unveiling of a statue of his late mother Princess Diana at Kensington Palace in London, on what would have been her 60th birthday. Harry attended the event with his brother Prince William

On what would have been his 60th birthday, Prince Harry visited Britain last July to unveil a statue honoring Princess Diana. Harry was there with Prince William.

Meghan has not been in the UK since March 2020, when she and Harry attended their last events as senior royals. The Sussexes are pictured attending the Commonwealth Service at Westminster Abbey on March 9 that year

Meghan is not in the UK for over a year. She was last seen there with Harry on March 10, 2020. Pictured are the Sussexes at the Commonwealth Service at Westminster Abbey, March 9, 2020.

Retired Chief Superintendent Dai Davies said the former head of Scotland Yard’s royalty protection division, that the prince needed to ‘do his homework’ in order to learn about other relatives’ arrangements.

Prince Harry, Meghan, and Andrew each receive a special Jubilee Medal 

Next month, the Queen is set to award Prince Harry and Prince Andrew special Platinum Jubilee Medals

To show our gratitude, commemorative medals were also presented to the five year-old service personnel of fire and police. Medals will also be presented to members of the royal family who have completed one year of qualifying services. 

As with past jubilees the Queen will privately pay for medals that are to be presented to her “wider” family members, working or not. This year, the number of non-working will also include Harry, Meghan and Andrew. Last week, as the US prosecuted him in a case involving sex and he was deemed a “private citizen”, The Duke of York had no choice but to relinquish all his royal roles.

As a matter, medals will be given to Harry and Meghan who left their jobs as royals in order to pursue lucrative commercial careers and repeatedly criticised the Royal Family.

According to a royal source, the Platinum Jubilee Medal will be awarded to wider Royal Family members as a commemorative. They are privately funded and can only be received by the Royal Family.

If they’re invited to an event that requires decorations, Andrew, Harry and Meghan will be allowed to wear their medals in a ‘civilian gown’.

However, the Queen might be unable to present Harry and Meghan with their medals. Harry threatens to challenge a Home Office decision to deny him the right to receive police protection in Britain.

According to a spokesperson, without security, the spokesman felt unable to travel in the UK. These medals will be given to personnel from Armed Forces and frontline prisons, and living recipients of the George or Victoria Cross.

We understand that Princess Anne doesn’t have full-time protection, but she was almost kidnapped in 1974. He stated that the protection officer she was assigned to her had actually been killed.

“And yet, her security is now adjusted according to the risk. It’s just that there isn’t much of a pool of officers from which to choose.

Anne’s two high-profile children Zara Tindall (and Peter Phillips), do not get any protection from the police in their daily lives. However, they live now on Princess Anne’s Gatcombe Park estate.

It is believed that the Earl and Countess, Prince Edward and Sophie’s children, were able to get round-the clock protection.

After much public discussion about why the taxpayer should pay for Harry’s globetrotting lifestyles, Harry’s cousins Princess Beatrice, and Princess Eugenie were also taken from their police bodiesguards.

Prince Andrew employs now private security guards to protect his daughters. These are often former police officers.

The public will continue to debate whether or not he is entitled security after he has taken a step back from public life in order to defend his US sex cases as a private citizen and given back any royal positions.

Anne, then married to Captain Mark Phillips was driving down The Mall when she was attacked.

Ian Ball made her stop her limousine, and shot Inspector James Beaton multiple times. He tried to defend the royal couple before trying to get the Princess out of her car.

A journalist and another police officer were both shot by Ball before he was tackled on the street.

Anne famously replied ‘not bl**dy likely’ as he tried to pull her out of the car and escaped out of the other rear door

Davies has more than 53-years experience in security and police work. [Prince Harry]He decided he did not want to be a member of the Royal Family. [with Oprah Winfrey]His behavior since then has been disgraceful and he is now a complete mess, as well as his wife.

“If they are interested in being royals, and want to continue doing royal business, then there’s a chance. 

‘But over the years royalty protection and the Home Office…have got reasonably good at making sure that the risk assessment is carried out throughly, in conjunction with the other security agents dictated [by the]Centre for threat assessment 

Pallbearers carry Prince Philip's coffin for his funeral service at St George's Chapel in Windsor Castle on April 17

The coffin of Prince Philip will be transported by his pallbearers to the funeral service in St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, April 17.

Cutting a solitary figure at the front of the quire, near the altar, the Queen sat apart from her children at the funeral last April

The Queen was a single figure in the centre of the qure near the altar. She sat alone at the funeral, away from her children.

‘They [Harry and Meghan]Both have such big egos they demand the best.

Prince Charles has invited Meghan and Harry not to visit the UK with them so they can meet Lilibet. This is because it would have been ‘awkward’, according to Queen’s biographer. 

The Queen’s biographer said that Prince Charles offered his house to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, but they are not likely to remain with him. 

A source claims that the Prince of Wales (73) offered to allow his family to visit him in the UK, in order to get to know Lilibet.    

According to Mirror, the offer was made right before Christmas. It would mark the first family reunion since Harry and Meghan left the US. However, royal biographer Angela Levin has claimed the couple won’t stay with Charles because it would be ‘too awkward’.

The Sun reported that she stated: “Of course, when you get married your spouse has the final say and I do not believe Meghan wants to return here.” Her staying with Prince Charles, the Dukess and Duchess would prove difficult. [of Cornwall]Because I believe she would find it quite awkward.

She continued, “I believe Charles is very brave and very honorable. Harry needs to apologise to Charles and try to get him back in good standings. However, this seems to be the opposite.” 

“The reality is that senior royals are being stripped of their protection. If you have become a common member of the general public, Scotland Yard and the police will not take any further action unless there’s a very serious threat.

‘At the moment it is considered there isn’t a threat, and so they’re not doing to take off officers from other royals, or other duties to safeguard him when his decision is to become a royal again.

On April 17th, nine months ago, Britain was silent to honor the Duke of Edinburgh. A funeral at Windsor Castle marked his service, devotion, and duty.

Philip passed away peacefully. Andrew, his son, hailed him as the ‘grandfather of the country’.

Covid-19 Regulations reduced the service’s scope. Public elements were cancelled, and the number of mourners was reduced by around 800 to only 30.

The UK paused for a minute to remember the Duke of Edinburgh, who was just a few months away from his 100th birthday.

Charles and Anne led the senior royals as they walked behind the coffin of their father for the short distance between the castle and St George’s Chapel.

Philip’s coffin travelled on the custom-built Land Rover Defender hearse, which was modified by 16 years of service.

It was followed for part of its final journey by the Queen, who travelled in a Bentley with Lady Susan Hussey, her trusted lady-in-waiting – with both wearing facemasks.

As it happened, royal mourners, including the Duchess and Duchesss of Cornwall and Duchess and Duchess and Duchess and Duchess and Duchess and Duchess and Duchess and Duchess and Countess and their children James and Louise, were there to watch.

Zara Tindall and Mike Tindall, Princess Beatrice with her husband Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi and Princess Eugenie with her husband Jack Brooksbank attended.

Peter Phillips separated the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge from each other. In the chapel, they were placed opposite each other.

She sat alone in a single spot at the top of the quire, next to the altar. The space where Philip would have been sat was available to her.