A TANK was hired by two former soldiers to transport them to Remembrance Day. They were unable to turn the handbrake properly and drove into a war memorial.

  • Ex-military personnel hired a tank for Remembrance Day at Bollington in Cheshire.
  • They forgot to turn the handbrake and chaos struck. The memorial gates were smashed.
  • A town councillor admitted that he felt a little embarrassed by the whole thing
  • Royal British Legion members team are currently looking into the matter

Two ex-military personnel were left in disarray after renting a tank to transport them to Remembrance Day services. However, they crashed into the memorial before a stunned crowd after they “forgot to attach the handbrake”.

Bollington, Cheshire had seen many patriotic villager gather around their graveyard on Thursday 11 November to remember and share in the quiet of their grief.

Andy Langdon, former mayor and Mark Fearn, were able to bring a bit of drama to the 11am event by hiring an ex-British Army Scimitar tank to transport them.   

After one of them ‘forgot’ to turn the handbrake, the 7.8-tonne machine crashed into the memorial gates.

Fearn, Councillor admitted that he was responsible for the accident. He said that it left him feeling embarrassed.  

Town councillor Mark Fearn and ex-mayor Andy Langdon surprised residents of Bollington, Cheshire, by getting to the 11am remembrance event in a former British Army tank.

Ex-mayor Andy Langdon and Mark Fearn, a town councillor, surprised Bollington residents by making it to 11am in an ex-British Army tank.

Repairs being made to the memorial in Bollington, Cheshire, after a tank driven by a town councillor and an ex-mayor rolled in to it

After a tank being driven in by an ex-mayor and a town councillor, Bollington has been repaired.

Royal British Legion is angry at the error and has stated its membership team was investigating.

Un villager commented, “You could not have written it. It was something that Dad would be proud of.”

“Residents were told that there would be a surprise, and they had speculated for weeks about what it might be.

“Suddenly, I heard it have demolished the gates of the memorial garden.”

Councillor Fearn and Mr Langdon hired the tank – which costs from £950 per day – and appeared out the turret to drive to the minute silence.

A villager said that the vehicle had been parked near the entry to the memorial gardens, before rolling into the metal and stone gates.

A villager stated that they waved and laughed as they drove through their village.

“When they parked their car, I believe they forgot to turn the handbrake and the vehicle crashed into the gatepost at the memorial garden.

“They could have done it reverse, but I’m not certain what would’ve happened.”

A post was made on the community Facebook page by Councillor Fearn. Someone asked Fearn if Andy Langdon caused the tragedy.

He said, “Oops. I was embarrassed, to put it mildly. RBL will receive a donation from me.

“Repair work has almost been completed, and it actually looks better that before.

The pictures show how the gate was removed from its frame. There are also several concrete blocks that were thought to have been removed from the stone gatepost. 

Many applauded the act, regardless of the incident.

Despite criticism from the Royal British Legion, kind villagers helped clear the debris after the accident and some even applauded the duo's gesture

The Royal British Legion was critical of the actions taken by the villagers after the accident. Some even applauded their kindness.

Facebook user One commenter said: “Accidents do happen. With the kindness of a generous society, they are being corrected.

“Great idea, having an ex-operational vehicle present in the first instance.”

Others were disappointed at the sight, with one villager saying that he thought it was too bad.

They didn’t receive permission.

“They ought to have known better, but they did it because they wanted to look nice.”

RBL spokesperson said that they were aware of an incident at Bollington during Armistice Day. Our Membership team is currently investigating.

“We did not know this vehicle would be in use on Thursday. It is completely inappropriate.”

Andy Langdon did not respond to our request for comment. Mark Fearn couldn’t be reached for comment.