BREAKING NEWS – Two men are killed at a Belfast social club. Police are on the ground to help.

  • Northern Ireland police are on the scene of a shooting at West Belfast 
  • According to local media, it is believed that two persons were shot.
  • Suffolk Road is still closed, but there are diversions.
  • Northern Ireland Ambulance Service was on the scene with an air ambulance.  

Northern Ireland Police are responding to a shooting at West Belfast.

It took place on Sunday afternoon in Suffolk Road.

According to Belfast Telegraph, it is believed that two persons were shot. 

This incident occurred in Donegal Celtic Football Club.  

According to the Police Service of Northern Ireland, a portion of Suffolk Road has been closed. Diversions have also been put in place.

In the aftermath, there was heavy police presence.

The grounds were home to two ambulances, while the PSNI helicopter watched the situation from the sky.

Numerous officers have been stationed at the spot, and the surrounding area has been cordoned off.

Officers from the PSNI stand beside an ambulance at the scene of a shooting at the clubhouse of Donegal Celtic Football Club, in west Belfast

At the scene of an attack at Donegal Cel Football Club’s clubhouse in west Belfast, officers from PSNI are standing beside an ambulance.

Belfast Live has reported that the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service received an emergency call at approximately 2.45pm following reports of a shooting.

There were two ambulance crews on the scene, as well as a helicopter crew from charity.

Belfast Live heard from a spokesperson of NIAS, “Following initial treatment and assessment, patients were not removed.” 

Paul Maskey, Sinn Fein MP for West Belfast said that there was shock following a shooting at a West Belfast club.

“I denounce those who are responsible. Guns are not allowed on the streets of our country.

“Anyone who has information about this shooting should contact the police immediately.”

Police in West Belfast made a statement on Twitter that said officers were attending the scene of a shooting incident in the Suffolk Road area

West Belfast police released a Twitter message stating they were responding to the Suffolk Road shooting.