Two police officers try to arrest man for not wearing a face mask while ordering a sandwich at a Subway – despite him insisting multiple times he is ‘exempt’

  • Salford officer, two officers confronted him for his lack of a mask.
  • A man recorded the encounter, insisting that he was exempted from medical treatment.
  • One of his officers was wearing a mask below his nose, which he found offensive.
  • The police said that he would not wear a mask. He now faces a fine 

One man criticized two officers for trying to arrest him because he didn’t wear a mask when he went out, even though he said omitting it due to his asthma.

Elliot is the man who filmed the encounter with two police officers in a Subway store in Salford. It was recorded on December 5.

He had particular qualms about the one officer with a mask that was pulled down below his nose.

This video now has over 1,000,000 views on Twitter. It has also been shared by Nigel Farage and Laurence Fox.  

Elliot says in the video that he is exempt from wearing a mask. Take care of your business.  

During the confrontation inside a Subway shop in Salford on December 5, Elliot was especially scathing about one of the officers, who had a mask pulled below his nose.

Elliot was particularly critical of one officer, who was wearing a mask below his nose, during the fight at Salford Subway on December 5.

One of the officers replies, “It’s your attitude.” ‘What I’m going to do with you now – I’m going to ask you, are you exempt?’

‘You don’t need to worry – it’s my medical history, I’m not asking your medical history,’ he answers back.

Elliot is trying to leave, when a second officer comes in with his mask under his nose.

Elliot can be heard saying, “Look at that guy!” His nose is out, and he wants to say that I should wear a mask on the subway if I have asthma. Please mind your business, and allow me to continue on my journey.

Another officer informs the youth that the mask-wearing young man would be taken into custody.

Another officer took issue with Elliot's attitude when being asked to justify why he wasn't wearing a mask inside the shop

Elliot’s attitude was questioned by another officer when he was asked about why he wasn’t wearing a mask within the shop.

When the video was shared via social media, it divided opinion. Many commentators supported Elliot’s position while others disapproved. 

Elliot shared previously anti-masker views through Twitter. 

He said, “I was ordering a sandwich at my Subway.” I was interrupted by the rude interruption of my conversation with the Subway worker by the officer from the police.

“After I explained that I am exempt from wearing a mask, the officer tried to take me into custody. After intimidating me for a while, the police officer tried to arrest me. They took my details and threatened to charge me with a fine for not having a mask on. 

In the end, no arrests were made. 

The latest advice from the Government states that face covers must be worn at all times in England. This includes in shopping centers, transport hubs, and public transportation.

Greater Manchester Police spokesperson said that footage circulating on social media appears to show an officer discussing the use of a face-mask with someone.

“From the 30th of November 2021 there will be some areas where you have to cover your face, except for those who are exempt. You can expect police officers to investigate to confirm compliance.

“We will engage the public first and make the explanations to the reason for our inquiries second, before moving to enforcement.

The public is able and willing to witness our officers engage with them in these areas as we work together to stop the spread.