Tyson Fury threatened LEGAL ACTION against the BBC if he was included on the Sports Personality of the Year Shortlist… heavyweight champion says the award’means absolutely nothing to me’ and that ‘I don’t want or need it.

  • Tyson Fury, one of our favourite sports personalities of the year is Tyson Fury
  • Heavyweight champion Fury enjoyed a stellar year after beating Deontay Wilder 
  • But he has, for the second year in a row, said he does not want to win the award 
  • He has stated that the BBC would soon hear from his lawyers if he was named. 

Tyson Fury threatens to sue the BBC for naming him on the Sports Personality of the Year Shortlist.

This heavyweight champion is one of the favorites for this award and will likely be listed among the other contenders. Officially unveiled next week, the list will also be available. 

However, he insists that he does not want to be part of the pomp and circumstance and even stated that the organization will hear from his lawyers if he was selected.

This is the second year in succession that he’s taken the position of being shortlisted. 

However, his dramatic victory against Deontay Wilder during their October trilogy match means he’s almost certain to be one of the most sought-after tips by bookmakers. 

Fury told The Telegraph that it means nothing to her and she doesn’t want or need it.

Tyson Fury threatened legal action if he is included on the Sports Personality of the Year list

Tyson Fury threatens legal action to prevent him from being included on the Sports Personality of the Years list

Heavyweight champion Fury is among the favourites to win the prize after a sensational year

Fury, heavyweight champion, is one of the favorite candidates to win this prize.

“In fact they will contact my solicitors to put me on their list. It should be given to someone who really needs it. You don’t.

We know the name of the sport personality of the year – that’s me. It’s me. 

“Who is the one who does the same thing as me, has a Las Vegas war, entertains fans and sings to them?” 

Fury defeated arch rival Deontay Wilder in October's thrilling trilogy showdown in Las Vegas

Fury defeated Deontay Wilder, fury’s arch-rival in the thrilling Las Vegas trilogy matchdown. 

But the Gypsy King has insisted he doesn't 'need' or 'want' to be crowned in the BBC's awards

However, the Gypsy King insisted that he didn’t “need” or “want” to be awarded the BBC’s prestigious crown.

To voice his objection to his inclusion, the Gypsy King used Good Morning Britain’s TV program to show that he had written to his lawyers asking them to send a letter to BBC. 

The corporation, however, refused to give up despite Fury posting an Instagram post in which he reiterated his views.

He said he did not need to be verified or awarded for his achievements, but he also highlighted that a self-declaration as the champion of the people was what prompted him. 

Fury made public statements to the BBC, saying that they would not allow him to continue on the list. 

Last year, Fury again took legal steps to ensure he would not be included on the shortlist

Fury took legal action last year to make sure he was not on the final list

According to a spokesperson, the panel of experts created the list. The selections were based on sportspeople’s ‘achievements in one year’. 

Fury faced a petition demanding removal from the list due to homophobic remarks and sexist comments in 2015.

In 2018, his surprise exit from the ring meant that he was not nominated. Deontay Wilder was his partner in crime that year.

Geraint Thomas was awarded the award. Fury stated that they wouldn’t grant it to him and credit me if I had 50 world titles belts.

Lewis Hamilton took home the 2020 prize, and this year's candidates are unveiled next week

Lewis Hamilton won the prize for 2020, while this year’s finalists will be revealed next week.

“I could have won it at least three more times.” My wife and kids are mine. Those are all I have to be awarded. That’s all I need. [the BBC]If they place me on.

Emma Raducanu, a tennis sensation is the favorite to win the award. The winner will be announced December 19.

In a field that included Ronnie O’Sullivan and Jordan Henderson as well as Hollie Doyle, Stuart Broad, Lewis Hamilton was the winner last time.