Uber will increase prices in London by 10% TOMORROW, and raise peak-time airport fares by 25%

Uber will raise its prices tomorrow by 10 percent for the first time since 2017 to try to encourage drivers back onto the app.

Drivers were informed Wednesday night that the taxi company would increase ‘peak-time’ airport fares by 25%.

It means Londoners face higher costs for even off-peak daytime journeys because the minimum fare in the capital will rise from £5 to £5.50, the Evening Standard reported. 

For those who travel via Heathrow/Gatwick, there will be a substantial increase in transport prices. This includes a 15% peak-time rise.

The base fare, which is currently £2.50, will be set to £2.75, and the per-minute and per-mile rates will rise by 10 percent.

2017 was the last year that taxi apps raised their base prices.

This is because a lack of custom in the pandemic caused countless drivers to quit ride-hailing apps.

Many of these people work at take-out delivery companies like Deliveroo or JustEats.

This shortage led to high prices and prolonged wait times. 

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