Parts of the UK could see snowfall tonight, as the country experiences its first frost of this season, with temperatures as low 26F this week. 

After more than half of a month of rain, Monday saw the end of heavy rain and gusty winds of up 25 mph. It was clear through Monday.

Brits woke up to a frosty Wednesday morning after clear skies last night meant temperatures fell to as low as 28F (-2C) in Oxfordshire.

Daytime temperatures could fall to 41F (5C in parts of Pennines) later this week. This is chillier than Reykjavik (Icelandic capital), where daytime highs of 45F (7C are possible). 

The Met Office is forecasting snow tonight in parts of Scotland, with more expected later in the month.

Helen Roberts, Met Office meteorologist, said: “Will there snow from midnight tonight?”

Parts of the UK could see snowfall tonight as the country faces its first frost of the season with temperatures as low as 26F this week. Pictured: Sunrise on a frosty November start by the river Cam in Grantchester, Cambridgeshire, earlier this morning

Parts of the UK may see snowfall tonight due to the country’s first frost of this season with temperatures as low at 26F. Pictured: Sunrise at the Cam in Grantchester (Cambridgeshire) earlier this morning.

Pictured: A runner embraces the frosty weather this morning during a run by the river Cam in Grantchester, Cambridgeshire

Pictured: This morning, a runner embraces the frosty conditions during a run by Cam in Grantchester.

“Yes” is the short answer, but there are caveats. It won’t continue.

“There will be showers on and of, really over the highest parts of Cairngorms, and possibly also in part of central or southern Highlands.

“But, that will focus for the time being only on the highest peaks.”

Ms Roberts stated that it is “very likely” that there will be more snow this month. 

Brits will need time to rest on Bonfire Night as forecasters predicted temperatures would drop below freezing. Temperatures could fall as low as 26F in the south of England (-3C). 

Aidan McGivern, Met Office, stated that there would be plenty of sunny weather Wednesday, even though it might not be completely sunny in many locations.

Temperatures dropped this week after a deluge of rain at the weekend. Pictured: A frost covered leaf in Windsor, Berkshire

This week temperatures dropped after a torrential downpour at the weekend. Pictured: Frost-covered leaf in Windsor Berkshire

Forecasters have warned temperatures could drop below freezing this week. Pictured: a swan on the river Cam this morning

Forecasters warned that temperatures could drop to freezing this week. Pictured: A swan on the Cam river this morning

Pictured: People wrapped up warm while walking on Wimbledon Common blanketed by thick early morning fog earlier today

Pictured: People walking on Wimbledon Common in thick fog, wrapped up warm

Pictured: Joggers running on Wimbledon Common which was blanketed by thick early morning fog earlier today

Pictured: Joggers running on Wimbledon Common that was covered in thick fog earlier today

Pictured: The sunrise on a frosty November morning by the river Cam in Grantchester, Cambridgeshire, earlier today

Pictured: The sunrise over Grantchester, Cambridgeshire’s river Cam on a cold November morning.

‘There will be showers more often and it will feel very cold, particularly along the coast and under any cloud covers.

‘The wind is blowing north with temperatures below average across all regions. It’s been frosty in places and it will continue to feel that way throughout the day.

“The winds have changed direction slightly, so we’re seeing a few additional showers coming in to North Sea coast. A clump of clouds arrived from the North Sea overnight, so it’s going be largely cloudy across parts central and southern England.

“Towards South West, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland will see sunny spells. However, further showers are expected to affect coastal areas.

“Under the cloud in that brisk breeze, feeling cold which in certain places will not exceed 8 or 9C.

“Into the evening, the cloud tends to break apart and move south with clear spells emerging, but there will be further showers or cloud feeding into the northern and eastern coasts aswell as down the Irish coast and Cornwall.

Brits will have to wrap up warm as the week progresses with temperatures expected to drop. Pictured: Wimbledon Common

Brits will need to keep warm as temperatures drop. Pictured: Wimbledon Common

Pictured: People are seen walking on Wimbledon Common which blanketed by thick fog and frost earlier this morning

Pictured: People can be seen walking on Wimbledon Common earlier this morning, which was blanketed in thick fog.

A squirrel in Phoenix Park, Dublin, enjoys a sunnier start to the day than in other parts of the British isles which saw heavy fog

A squirrel in Phoenix Park in Dublin enjoys a sunnier start than other parts of the British Isles, which were buried in heavy fog.

“Where we have the cloud and the breeze off the ocean, temperatures should stay up to 5 to 7C. But inland, we are looking at low single figures with maybe some shelter spots a little under freezing.

“So, there is a little frost in the air heading into Thursday. It will be chilly for many, but it will be bright with lots of sunshine and plenty of sunshine across central and southern England.

“There will be more showers, but they will be confined only to the coast fringes, while those inland will enjoy sunshine. It will still feel cold.

‘Into Thursday night, once more widely clearing skies. We are in for a frosty night as Friday’s temperatures drop to -3C in some parts of the southern UK.  

Although it will be mostly sunny, it will feel cold with temperatures hovering around the double digits. 

The cold northerly airflow will continue until Friday. Winds are expected to swing to the west on Friday, bringing milder but more unpredictable weather.

Forecasters for Manchester predicting significant snowfall on Bonfire night, higher ground by the week’s end, today’s bookies made Manchester their favourite snowfall destination.