Russia will “hold a gun against America’s head” if NATO attempts to place troops in Ukraine. This warning was made by a propaganda man known as “Putin’s mouthpiece”.

Dmitry Kiselyov (head of Russia Today, state-owned news service) said that Russia will not hesitate in going to war if NATO is kept from its borders.

Mr Kiselyov also warned against positioning missiles in regions where they can easily strike Russia, saying Moscow will respond in-kind even if it risks ‘everyone [being]Turned to radioactive Ash.

Putin is massing his forces at Ukraine’s Eastern Border in preparation for an invasion. He made the remarks as NATO handed a list to the Kremlin last week, including demands that all ex-Soviet states withdraw their forces.

Moscow states it anticipates an “urgent” response to those demands. They include made-in-stone guarantees that Ukraine won’t be permitted to join NATO. Today’s Kremlin statement stated that talks at high levels have started, but that no agreement was reached.

Russia now has 50 battalions comprising up to 94,000 troops stationed on the Ukrainian border with another 80,000 - 100,000 sitting in reserve and will be ready to invade within weeks, the US has warned

Russia currently has 50 battalions that include up to 94,000 troops at its border with Ukraine. Additional 80,000 to 100,000 soldiers are kept in reserve. They will soon be ready for invasion, according to the US.

Asked about those demands by the BBC on Monday, Mr Kiselyov responded: ‘If Ukraine ever joins NATO or if NATO develops military infrastructure there, we will hold a gun to America’s head. We are able to provide military support.

Russia has ‘one hundred percent’ willingness to use force in defense of its red lines. Mr Kiselyov said that this is a matter of life and death for his country. 

Also, he warned about the danger of another Cuban Missile Crisis in the event that NATO deployed missiles into regions which can strike Moscow.

He stated, “It would be great to harmonize and not place Russia in an position where missiles can reach us within four minutes.” 

Russia is prepared to pose a similar threat by positioning its weapons near decision-making centers. 

“But, we suggest a way to avoid this and not create threats. If this happens, everybody will become radioactive ash. 

Meanwhile a presenter on another state-owned channel, Rossiya 1, was warning viewers on Monday that ‘maybe we really are on the verge of war with NATO.’

According to the presenter, “The United States should sign off on its Hegemony. His hegemony ends.”

They can either voluntarily resign or they’ll be forced to. Russia does not guarantee the survival and security of Ukraine as a sovereign country. 

“Maybe we are really on the edge of war with NATO.”

Top diplomats of Russia and America have discussed the Kremlin’s demands but Moscow claims it has not received a substantive response.

Dmitry Kiselyov, known as Putin's mouthpiece, said Russia will 'hold a gun to America's head' if NATO forces are allowed to enter Ukraine

Dmitry Kiselyov is Putin’s spokesperson. He said Russia would “hold a gun against America’s heads” if NATO forces enter Ukraine.

Although the White House said it would ‘discuss the list’ with allies, the White House also stated that Russia could not be permitted to interfere in other countries’ security policies. 

Washington warned all Americans not to travel to Ukraine amid rising tensions because of the threat from Russia.

This warning was included in a Monday travel alert that increased the alert level to Ukraine to 4 – which is the maximum scale.

US citizens were warned about the danger posed by Russia’s planned military actions against Ukraine and the possibility that the security situation at border and in Crimea would deteriorate rapidly.

The notice was also issued simultaneously by the White House. Sources informed journalists that there’s a “four-week window” to stop Putin’s invasion.

CNN heard from a CNN representative that Washington is working closely with allies to create a wide consensus for action in the event of terrorism by Russia.

The White House has also been raising the stakes for Putin by drafting sanctions including so-called ‘nuclear options’ of cutting his regime off from international banking markets.

To ensure that they can handle any situation, high-level intelligence sharing was also done with Ukraine and other NATO members.

“What we’ve been doing has been very calculated.” CNN’s official said that there was only a four week window.

Pentagon officials had warned in the past that a Russian invasion might occur as soon as next years, after troops have left the border.

Putin has been reported to already have 75,000- 94,000 border troops, tanks, artillery, support vehicles, and other military equipment. An additional 100,000 are believed to be in reserve.

Russia stated Tuesday that contact with the US has begun regarding the question of security guarantee, however no agreement was reached.

Russia still has to decide how it will proceed if Washington-led NATO bloc doesn’t consider their position. Konstantin Gavrilov, senior Security negotiator said that Russia was not lying but Brussels is aware of this. 

A camp containing five battalions of Russian troops is pictured near Yelna, 150 miles from Ukraine's border, within the last month as US intelligence warns Putin now has 50 battalions camped out on Europe's doorstep

The camp, which contains five Russian battalions, was photographed near Yelna. 

Another view of the newly-built Russian military camp near Yelna, as US intelligence claims that Putin will be ready to invade Ukraine with an army of 175,000 men within weeks

Another view from the Russian military base near Yelna. US intelligence states that Putin may be in position to invade Ukraine with a force of 175,000 men.

Russian tanks, artillery pieces and support vehicles are seen at a newly-built camp at Novoozerne, in Crimea, which is located around 80 miles from the Ukrainian border

Russian tanks, artillery pieces and support vehicles are seen at a newly-built camp at Novoozerne, in Crimea, which is located around 80 miles from the Ukrainian border

It comes after the White House National Security Council said national security adviser Jake Sullivan had spoken by phone with his Russian counterpart, Yuriy Ushakov, to stress the United States is prepared to talk.

Sullivan’made sure that any dialogue must have a basis on reciprocity and address concerns about Russia’s activities, and be in full coordination and coordination with our European allies.’ A council spokesperson said.

“He noted also that substantive progress is only possible in an atmosphere of de-escalation, not escalation.”

Konstantin Gavrilov was a Russian diplomat living in Vienna and stated that there had been a “moment” of truth between NATO and Moscow.

According to RIA news agency, he stated that ‘The discussion needs to take place and all members of NATO must understand fully, despite their power and strength, that concrete political actions are required, or else the alternative would be a military-technical response from Russia.

Moscow will likely be influenced by the U.S. reaction to Ukraine’s crisis, now the most important in East-West relations.

According to the United States and Ukraine, Russia could be planning an invasion against its ex Soviet neighbour. Russia refutes this claim and claims that Ukraine’s relationship with NATO has led to the escalated standoff. 

It has also compared the situation to the 1962 Cuban missile crises, which brought the world to the edge of nuclear war.

Sergei Ryabkov, Deputy Foreign Minister, stated that Moscow has not received any response so far from the United States.

RIA quotes him saying that ‘I think the will attempt to turn it into a slow-moving proces, but we need to act urgently, because it is very difficult and acute, it tends become more complex,’

Although it is too soon to evaluate the West’s reaction, the Kremlin stated that there was good information available from “various sources” about the willingness to talk the ideas.

Dmitry Peskov of the Kremlin, when asked about Belarus’s proposal to host Russian nukes in the event that similar deployments were made in its area by the West was not the only answer.

“It is no secret that there are many types of arms near our borders. To balance this situation, it would be necessary to take appropriate steps. “There are so many choices,” he stated.