A Netflix hit, Emily in Paris, has been criticized for portraying Ukrainians offensively. 

Oleksandr TKachenko (the Ukrainian Minister of Culture) has complained to the streaming company giant regarding the stereotypes used in the show. 

Second series: Petra is a Kyiv-native thief who has poor fashion sense. Daria Panchenko, a Ukrainian actress, portrays Petra.   

The addition of the cast to the film hasn’t gone down well among Ukrainians who, according to Mr Tkachenko, find stereotypical behaviour offensive. 

The first series of the show, which stars Lily Collins was also hit by claims of stereotyping

The initial series, featuring Lily Collins as the star of the show was also hit with stereotyping allegations.

He stated that Ukrainian boys were often portrayed as gangsters during the 1990s and 2000s. This has all changed over time. But, this is not the case. 

“In Emily, Paris, there is a cartoon of a Ukrainian lady which we find unacceptable. It’s also offensive. 

“Is this the way Ukrainians are seen overseas? Whoever steals, wants to have everything at no cost, should be scared of being deported. It shouldn’t be this way. 

His comments have been backed by the likes of Ukrainian influencer Eugenie Hawrylko who questioned if there is ‘still a place for such ignorance and intolerance’ in the 21st century. 

Olga Matveieva, a researcher added that “nationality-based stereotyping” not only causes disbalance but also maintains aggressions. Let’s not laugh at offensive jokes but make peace. 

He expressed his concern to Netflix and said that he has agreed to keep in ‘close touch’ to him so as to avoid any future stereotyping.  

He stated, “They thanked me” for my feedback. They heard of concerns from Ukrainian viewers regarding the picture of a Ukrainian woman. 

The second series of the show features Kyiv-native Petra, an uneducated thief with poor fashion sense portrayed by Ukrainian actress Daria Panchenko

In the second season of the series, Petra from Kyiv is played by Daria Panchenko (Ukrainian actress). She’s an untrained thief and has poor fashion sense.

Despite negative reviews from the critics, the show has become a firm favourite with a large fan base who found it to be a ‘light-hearted’ antidote to the covid pandemic.

Despite negative reviews from the critics, the show has become a firm favourite with a large fan base who found it to be a ‘light-hearted’ antidote to the covid pandemic.

“We have agreed to keep in touch with each other in order to avoid such cases in 2022.” 

“Such an active public role will help ensure that Ukrainians are taken into consideration in future filming.” 

After being called rude waiters, philanderers, and mistresses by French people, the first series, which features Lily Collins (daughter of Genesis 2.0 frontman Phil Collins), was also under fire for stereotyping.  

‘Name a cliché about the French, you’ll find it in Emily In Paris,’ fumed French newspaper 20 Minutes.

And magazine Madmoizelle raged: ‘It reduces the capital’s inhabitants to vile snobs sporting Birkin handbags who light up a cigarette the minute they’re out of the gym.’

Despite negative reviews from the critics, it has become a firm favourite with a large fan base who found it to be a ‘light-hearted’ antidote to the covid pandemic. 

Many viewers said they recognised many of the well-worn themes about Parisians included in the series, whether the subject is long lunches, arriving late at the office, or the French belief that the Americans ‘live to work’ – while they themselves ‘work to live’.

Back again? Emily In Paris' Lily Collins sends fans wild as she appears to CONFIRM a third season

Are you ready to go back? Emily In Paris’ Lily Collins is wildly popular as she CONFIRMS a Third Season

Elaine Sciolino, 71, tweeted about the series, created by Sex and the City producer Darren Star: ‘Within the clichés were grains of truth.

‘The world is dangerous, and covid is resurging in France. Let’s allow ourselves to enjoy the pleasures of everyday life.’

Lily Collins sent her fans wild earlier in the week after she announced that there would be another season of her show. 

Lily shared a photo she took for Vogue Hong Kong and received an enthusiastic response from fans. I’m with you?

Lily Collins was the producer of season two and played Emily Cooper in Chicago. She is a social media strategist at Savoir despite not having learned French, much to some colleagues’ dismay.