The 31-year old uncle who killed his nephew, aged three months, when the mother of the child was out on her morning run to school is found guilty for manslaughter

  • Arlo Breslin was killed in 2018, after sustaining a severe head injury in Stoke. 
  • A post-mortem showed that Arlo was suffering from catastrophic head injuries, which were not accidental. James Scott, his uncle, was taken into police custody.
  • Scott looked after his nephew during the absence of his sister. 
  • After a trial on Friday, he was found guilty in manslaughter and sentenced Monday, 12/12.

An accused man was found guilty for shaking the baby nephew to his death as his mother was running.

Arlo, a three-month-old boy from Coventry died following a “catastrophic brain injury” at home in Stoke in June 2018.

On Friday, his uncle James Scott was found guilty after a Warwick Crown Court trial.

Baby Arlo Breslin (pictured) died after suffering a 'catastrophic head injury' at a house in Stoke, Coventry, in June 2018. His uncle has been found guilty of manslaughter

Baby Arlo (pictured) was killed in June 2018 after sustaining a severe head injury at Stoke in Coventry. His uncle has been found guilty for manslaughter

According to the court, Scott was caring for Arlo, a three month old baby on June 29, 2021 when the fatal injuries occurred.

Scott’s sister took her older three children to school. She left Arlo with her brother, while Arlo was at work.

Scott was holding Arlo in both of his arms when she returned to her home an hour later. A doctor called an ambulance because the baby was not moving.

Arlo died in Birmingham Children’s Hospital after he suffered cardiac arrest. 

A post-mortem revealed that Arlo died from a severe head injury caused by non-accidental shaking.

Scott was detained by officers. A complex investigation led police to charge him with murder. 

Scott has denied that he shaken his nephew, or caused any injuries. 

Although he claimed that the baby was sleeping, he discovered that he was experiencing convulsive and violent fits when he checked on him.

James Scott, 31, was on Friday found guilty of manslaughter after a trial at Warwick Crown Court. Scott denied shaking his nephew or causing any injuries. He claimed the baby had been sleeping, but when he went to check on him he was convulsing and having a fit. But after a complex investigation, he was eventually charged with murder

After a Warwick Crown Court trial, James Scott (31), was found guilty on Friday of manslaughter. Scott claimed he did not shake his nephew and he didn’t cause any injuries. Scott claimed that the infant was asleep, but when he checked on him, he noticed that he was having fits and convulsing. But after a complex investigation, he was eventually charged with murder

Scott, from Coventry, was not found guilty of murder. However, he was found guilty of the alternate charge of manslaughter. Scott will be sentenced next Monday.

In a subsequent statement, Arlo’s parents said that Arlo was their special baby boy and our soldier. Arlo, our miracle baby, is someone we love so very deeply. Your sweetheart will always be our love. Sleep tight our angel. We are all blessed with the light of your love.

Michelle Allen, Detective Inspector in the West Midlands Police stated that “Little Arlo” was a happy, healthy baby. He was loved deeply by his family, who are now devastated at this tragic loss.

“This was a very sad case to investigate, and it has had an enormous effect on my family.

“No parent expects to lose their child. Especially not by another person, especially if they are trusted family members.

“I trust that they will find some relief and begin to accept their loss. Our thoughts are with them.”