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After footage of his niece punching and kicking a horse in distress, the RSPCA condemned her uncle as a Foxhunter. He said that he was only disciplining his niece. 

Sarah Moulds (37), is said to be terrified of going back to her home in a upmarket Leicestershire village, after shocking footage of the incident on Saturday sparked outrage. 

The sickening video was filmed Saturday afternoon. Mrs Moulds kicks the pony first, then hits it around the face repeatedly as she leads the pony back to the horse box during a hunt. 

MailOnline exclusively heard from David Kirkham that Ms Moulds is her uncle. He said to MailOnline that his niece loves horses ‘absolutely’. 

He stated that she was a great person and a strong believer in her horse. I’ve seen the video but we don’t know what the horse had been doing and if it was out of control. We do know that the horse ran onto the roadway and was yelled at. It was not malicious.

“She was disciplining the horse. I don’t know if it is her horse. It was probably by her horsebox. 

This revelation comes just as Mrs Moulds was exposed to have gone into hiding following receiving death threats, and fear for her safety. 

During an investigation into the incident, the teacher of Somerby Primary School and the director at Knossington and Somerby pre-School were both suspended. 

Kirkham said, “Sarah has the best horseman skills and is one of the most upright and stable people I have ever met.” She is respected and highly valued. 

The married mother-of-two, who was involved with her local Pony Club, has closed down her social media and is staying at a secret location away from her semi-detached £350,000 property after receiving abuse and threats.

Pony Club, which boasts to have more than 35,000 members from the UK, has fired her as team manager, while condemning her behavior as “unacceptable”. 

One neighbor and fellow rider at Mrs Moulds’s village home in east Leicestershire said that she had received death threats and vile abuses and needed to leave. This is terrible and it has gotten out of control.

She fears for her own life. Her children are young and she worries about their safety. Her reputation in the equestrian world is well established and respected. After her viral video was posted, many people were very upset and she had to delete it. 

A neighbor added that she didn’t know the context of what had happened, but Sarah’s current situation is terrible. In case of a target on her family, she is afraid to be in her home. 

A woman foxhunter who was filmed appearing to punch and kick a horse has been identified as mother-of-two Sarah Moulds

One woman who appeared to be a foxhunter and was seen punching and kicking a horse is Sarah Moulds, whose mother-of-two Sarah Moulds has been identified 

From Bonsall (Dereshire), Mr Kirkham stated that he was not in touch with his niece after the disturbing footage became public.

He said: ‘I’ve not spoken to her and I don’t want to blow things out of proportion, and I don’t want to comment on the RSPCA investigation.’   

A RSPCA business card and a handwritten note were pinned on the front of Daniel’s empty home. This card reads: “Please call us immediately. Quote incident number 00748573.’

The animal cruelty charity is now investigating Mrs Moulds after her footage has been viewed more than 2 million times. It was described by the RSPCA as “really disturbing”. 

Mowbray Education Trust has released a statement this evening confirming that one of its staff members was suspended while an investigation is conducted into the incident at the weekend.

“We won’t be making any more comments while we investigate. 

MailOnline was informed today by a Pony Club spokesperson: “We are conscious of the viral video showing unacceptable treatment of ponys and condemn it wholeheartedly.”

The Pony Club regards the welfare and well-being of horses as an important concern. Therefore, the Pony Club removed the concerned lady from her volunteer position as team organizer at a Branch.

The Pony Club is an organisation for youth and she is not a Pony Club member.

Mrs Moulds rides alongside Rutland’s Cottesmore Hunt, one of Britain’s oldest horses. She is also the team leader for the Pony Club’s Cottesmore branch.

Somerby Primary School is her school. She also serves as a teacher and as a director for the Knossington and Somerby preschools. She has received a leave of absence from her job, it is believed.

The rider from Leicestershire appears to kick and repeatedly slap a horse after a hunting event organised by Cottesmore Hunt

After a Cottesmore Hunt hunting event, the rider from Leicestershire seems to repeatedly kick and slap his horse.

Primary school teacher Mrs Moulds is said to be 'terrified' of returning to her home in an upmarket Leicestershire village

Mrs Moulds, a primary school teacher in Leicestershire is said to be terrified of going back to her village home.

Andrea Brown, the school’s headteacher declined to confirm whether Mrs Moulds is working today as normal. The headteacher of the school, Andrea Brown, said that she had received many media queries but could not comment on the issue.

Barbie Coulson today, Cottesmore Pony Club District Commissioner said: “I can’t make any comments.” It is currently in the possession of PCUK (Pony Club UK).

Hertfordshire Hunt Sabeurs shared the video of her attacking a horse. It was condemned by Chris Packham, an activist and UK national hunting body.

The footage shows a white horse running from a trailer to its destination before being stopped by a young rider.

After grabbing the handle of the animal, a woman wearing navy pants and cream trousers grabs it and kicks it around.

They claimed that the incident happened during a Cottesmore Hunt meeting and they had ‘violence running in their veins.

Hunt claimed it was not supportive of the actions in the video.

A neighbor of the horsewoman stated that she hadn’t seen her in a while. People are talking about it. It’s shocking. As a neighbor, she is fine.

An RSPCA business card with a hand written note has been pinned to the front door of Mrs Moulds's house in Leicestershire

A RSPCA businesscard with a hand-written note was pinned to Mrs Moulds’ front door in Leicestershire.

“She is involved in many children’s activities at school as well as at Pony Club, and that sends out an awful message. However, I have not heard her story and cannot comment.

According to sources close to Cottesmore Hunt, Mrs Moulds was anxious that the horse had “gone off with her girl” and had not responded to orders.

Huntingleaks site statement: Anti-hunt campaigners criticize the involvement of children.

It was stated that children shouldn’t be involved in hunting. They will be subject to extreme animal cruelty and there are always risks of injury while out hunting.

Although they may be considered ‘accidents,’ it could easily be avoided by simply refusing to allow children on hunts.

“Children shouldn’t be subjected to animal abuse. But it is even more traumatizing for them when the abuser holds a position that they trust. In this instance, a pony club leader and teacher attacked animals when they lost their tempers (something many fox hunters are susceptible too).

To date, The Pony Club has not replied to inquiries about their attitudes towards hunts joining by children.

All have condemned Mrs Moulds’ actions as the director and senior year 3 teacher at Somerby Primary School, as well as being trustees on the school’s charity board. 

The woman appears to repeatedly slap the horse in the video

The woman appears to repeatedly slap the horse in the video

RSPCA called Saturday’s incident ‘upsetting’, and asked for witnesses.

The Hunting Office condemned the video and stated that the victim does not belong in any way to the hunting association. It also said it expects the best animal welfare possible at all times.

Cottesmore Hunt also stated it was against the videos’ actions ‘under any circumstances.

The group claimed it would be reminding its supporters, according to ITV.

Anti hunting groups stated that the footage showed hunters with ‘violence running in their veins.

Chris Packham, a countryside activist, called upon the RSPCA “to urgently investigate and prosecute this appalling cruelty – so upholding our standards for animal welfare protection.”

Megan McCubbin, a BBC Springwatch host and Zoologist said that the footage displayed ‘disgusting behavior’. She stated: “Yet other ugly side of an activist some refer to as’sport.’

Anne Brummer is the CEO at Save Me Trust which promotes animal welfare. She said that it was ‘absolutely disgusting and she should be tried. Nobody around her is shocked at what’s wrong.

Following outrage on the internet about the video, RSPCA also confirms that they are investigating.

Last month a prominent huntsman was convicted of giving advice to countrymen about how to covertly carry out illegal fox hunts. Mark Hankinson, pictured on October 15, was found guilty of encouraging or assisting others to commit an offence

A prominent huntsman was found guilty of providing advice on how to hide illegal fox hunting to his countrymen last month. Mark Hankinson (pictured October 15) was convicted of encouraging and assisting others in committing an offense

The charity admitted that they were aware of it and added: ‘This footage was upsetting. All complaints regarding animal welfare are investigated, and we will continue to investigate them if required.

“We urge anybody with any information regarding this incident to call us at 0300 123 4999.

Meanwhile, a neighbour said Mrs Moulds’s house, which she moved into in February last year, is being turned into her ‘dream home’.

She lives in the 1960’s semi, which she bought for £245,000 with her plumber husband Daniel and their two young children. The house has seen significant improvements and is now undergoing further building work.

A neighbor said that they were always improving the house and had added a large extension. Dan has done most of the work. They will call it their dream home when it’s completed. They must have added £100,000 value to it.’

Redbrick house located in desirable village. This area is known for its horse-friendly nature and many people who own horses.

It is located just one mile away from Mrs Moulds’ primary school, which is also very close to her home.

This comes after hunting in Britain was damaged by a well-known hunter being convicted for giving tips to fellow countrymen on how to hide illegal fox hunts.

Mark Hankinson, the 60-year-old director of the Masters of Foxhounds Association, was found guilty at Westminster Magistrates’ Court of encouraging or assisting others to commit an offence and ordered to pay £3,500.

After anti-hunting activists obtained footage of two webinars in August 2013 for MFHA, they passed it on to the media.

According to the Hunting Office, Mr Hankinson instructed members of the Hunting Office that they should use legal trail hunting, where horseback riders or hounds follow a pre-determined scent. It was a “smokescreen” for criminal activity.

Trail hunting mimics traditional hunting without having a hunter chase, hurt or kill a fox. However, hounds should not accidentally scent a wild fox and they must be stopped in order to avoid it becoming a criminal offense.

He acknowledged in clips that the Act’s trail hunting was used as a cover to chase and kill foxes.

Horseback riding with dogs and dogs is allowed under the law. They can follow scent trails, not chase live animals. There are however no legal consequences if the trail is followed by hounds that pick up the scents of a fox or chase the fox.

One webinar was given by him.

“So, obviously, trail hunting is our major card. But that trail hunting must be visible and credible, and the people involved have to be strong when being questioned.

He also said that some people might ask, “What is the point of setting trails?” However, it is quite self-explanatory. Insurance won’t cover you if you don’t have a trail. Perjury is a more serious offense than the Hunting Act.

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