Boris: Unhappy new year? After a grim series of allegations and infighting, six in 10 Britons would like to see PM removed.

  • EXC – Poll by MailOnline revealed that 60 percent support Boris Johnson getting ousted
  • PM endured an awful run of Downing Street Partygate allegations and sleaze allegations.
  • Tories, and more broadly voters consider Rishi sunak to be their favorite candidate 

Six out of 10 Britons wish to see Boris Johnson removed after some difficult months.

MailOnline conducted a poll and found that there was broad support for Mr Johnson being removed as leader of the Tories. 25% supported the idea, while 35% said they believed it to be the right thing.

A bad sign for PM is that more than 50% of Conservative voters in his 2019 victory want him to go, while 26% strongly support.

The research by Redfield & Wilton Strategies suggest that Rishi Sunak would be the preferred replacement in No10.

29% thought he’d be better, and 14% saw him as an upgrade to Liz Truss or Sajid Javid – figures that are superior to Liz Truss (two other ministers who have been lauded for top jobs). 

A poll for MailOnline found broad support for the Tories getting rid of Mr Johnson as leader

MailOnline conducted a poll and found that there was broad support to have Mr Johnson removed from the Tories’ leadership position.

Some 29 per cent thought Rishi Sunak would be better as PM, and a further 14 per cent saw him as a 'significant' upgrade - superior figures to Liz Truss

29% thought Rishi would make a better PM and 14% considered him a significant upgrade to Liz Truss.

48% viewed Keir Starmer as an improvement, and 25% thought he was worse. 

A third of Tory supporters voted for the Chancellor when they were asked to select a Tory leader among a variety of candidates. Only 9 percent chose Ms Truss.

Johnson was subject to a series of horrible allegations regarding sleaze in Downing Street and lockdown-busting parties.

The Tories lost the seat in North Shropshire, which was previously secure earlier this month. Meanwhile, the PM faced another setback after ally Lord Frost abruptly stopped slamming Covid curbs.

Mr Johnson has also been facing pressure to push through new restrictions to combat the surging Omicron variant, which would be deeply unpopular with many of his own MPs and ministers. 

In the weeks before Christmas, a Cabinet meeting was heated and discussed increasing restrictions.

Following the meeting, Ms Truss was subject to a vicious investigation by Mr Johnson and his allies. They complained about her anti-lockdown stance which received extensive media coverage despite the fact that she only spoke briefly during private discussion.

The MPs regard her as being ‘on maneuvers’. Rishi Sunak is also accused of positioning for a top-ranking job.  

:: Redfield & Wilton Strategies surveyed 1,500 adults in Great Britain online on December 21. These results are weighted in order to reflect the entire population. 

In a particularly bad sign for the PM, more than half of Conservative voters from his 2019 landslide want him gone, with 26 per cent strongly in favour

A particularly poor sign for the PM is that more than 50% of Conservative voters in his 2019 landslide want him to go, while 26% strongly support him.