Some people have a white Christmas! Snow in North Wales and Pennines greet families as they wake up on Boxing Day. There will be more snow on Boxing Day, along with ice.

  • Some parts of the Scottish Highlands, Wales, northern England saw snow fall overnight and on Christmas Day.
  • Photos show Braemar, one of the highest towns in Britain, with a healthy covering of the white stuff today
  • Southern England had hoped for a white Christmas, but it was replaced with rain in the morning
  • However, forecasters issued a yellow warning about snow possible in the north west England for Boxing Day 


After the hope of snow-covered Britain, families in Scotland and northern England woke up this morning to see a white Christmas.

The cold weather advisory was issued by forecasters for this festive season. Temperatures could drop to below zero in Scotland Highlands.

Photos from Braemar at 1,110ft (339m) showed Scotland in white.

As snow continued to fall, the Fife Arms Hotel was in the heart of town.

Snow fell in Snowdonia (North Wales) and the Pennines, according to predictions.

Milder weather meant that parts of Devon, Cornwall, and England’s South Coast were in double figures today. Plymouth was at 11C.

Over the next day, rain will be expected in southwest England and south Wales. North east England will experience mostly mild conditions.

However, children’s hopes of a snowy Christmas are not lost as forecasters predict more snow on Boxing Day.

Families in northern England and Scotland have woken up to a white Christmas this morning - after hopes of widespread snowfall for Britain were dashed by a band of rain across the rest of the country. Pictured: Braemar in Scotland, one of the highest towns in Britain at an elevation of 1,110 feet (339m), is seen covered in snow this morning

Northern England and Scotland are enjoying a white Christmas after their hopes for widespread snow fell. However, the rains that fell across the nation have caused a resurgence in the weather. Pictured: Braemar in Scotland, one of the highest towns in Britain at an elevation of 1,110 feet (339m), is seen covered in snow this morning

Forecasters had issued a cold weather warning for the festive period, with temperatures dropping to below 0C in the Scottish Highlands

For the holiday period, forecasters issued a cold warning with low temperatures and below freezing in the Scottish Highlands.

While snow fell across higher areas of Scotland and north Wales, the rest of England saw only mild conditions with a band of rain expected for the southwest. Pictured: Dog walkers enjoy an early morning stroll along Sandhaven Beach in South Shields, South Tyneside, at sunrise on Christmas Day

Snow fell in higher parts of Scotland and North Wales but the rest of England was able to enjoy mild weather with rain forecast for the southwest. Pictured: A group of dog walkers take a stroll on Sandhaven Beach, South Shields at dawn on Christmas Day

The Met Office has a yellow weather warning in place, stretching from Leeds, Yorks to Perthshire in Scotland tomorrow, and have said snow and ice will probably disrupt some road and travel routes. The Met Office warned that there was also a possibility of a short-term power outage.

South Wales’s and South-West England’s motorists are reminded to drive carefully as downpours can cause havoc in both areas.

Between Christmas Day, December 27, and January 28, temperatures are likely to plummet as low as minus 2C. The Met Office is issuing a cold warning.

Simon Partridge, a forecaster, said that temperatures will remain slightly above average in the UK for this period of the year.

Southern England should see moderate temperatures between 7C and 9C. There will also be some rain and clouds.

Partridge stated that it was possible to have a white Christmas on Christmas Day or Boxing Day if we are high up.

“It’s not much snow. But we’ll likely see snow both days.”

Partridge predicted that Scotland would experience brighter, colder spells.

But, fog and low clouds will move in towards the Scottish Border and the Midlands. This could also include Northern Ireland.